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sun tan factor - help please

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sun tan factor - help please

hi, going olu deniz in mid july.

what factor suntan lotion should i take because of the heat!!

thanks in advance

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1. Re: sun tan factor - help please

I too am wondering about this as in spain the most I ever use is 15 but for this holiday Im taking factor 30, but it all depends on your skin type aswell doesnt it.

Its going to be 40 celcius when we go so I have been told so Im going to use factor 30 and see how it goes, but I will remember this year that soles of feet can burn!!

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2. Re: sun tan factor - help please

I read an article the other day that anything above 35 does not have any extra protection.

What you need must depend on the skin type you are.

Very white with freckles borrow CF's frogman suit.

Rosehearty, United...
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3. Re: sun tan factor - help please

The heat has nothing to do with sun factor, but your skin type has, as has your previous experiences in the sun and your age. I would suggest going to your local chemist first to see if he has some info on that.

So asking others to answer that on TA will not get you a very accurate replies.

Durham, UK
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4. Re: sun tan factor - help please

It does depend on your own skin. We were there last week of May and first week of June.

I'm blonde with the palest skin in our family but I rarely burn. I used F15 the first week then F10 in the second week.

Husband (light brown hair) started on F30, dropped to F15 and burned a bit so he went back on F30.

Eldest son (dark brown hair) and daughter (blonde) were both on F50 cream as eldest burns very easily and my daughter is only 3. She did tan really well though even with the high factor cream on!

Other son (light brown hair) rarely burns. He started on F30 and then dropped to F15.

Wirral, United...
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5. Re: sun tan factor - help please


I have Olive skin and last July in Olu I was using 30 factor for face and chest and 15 for the rest. After a couple of days I dropped to 15 all over and only used the 30 on day trips as the sun was scorching. Finally ended up on oil & factor 6 but still used 15 on shoulders most of the time. Hubby and daughters (fair skinned) used 15 all the time, even after 2 weeks.

Newcastle upon...
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6. Re: sun tan factor - help please

As a Beauty Therapist im well informed on skin etc. My advice would be a trip to Boots to speak to one of the assistants there. It really does depend on your skin type (as previously mentioned above) The best thing to do is to take a good selection of factors, (starting with the hightest first) apply them frequently especially after swimming and moisturise well in the evening with a good quality body moisturiser. Also dont forget a sun hat that covers the tops of your ears as even floating around in the pool can get your scalp burnt very easily. The sun is unforgiving.

Yorkshire, United...
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7. Re: sun tan factor - help please

I use Reiman P20 once a day, it's expensive at the chemists, buy it on Amazon

apply it and leave 10 mins to dry and it lasts all day, I used it in Olu last year when it was very hot and also last week which wasn't as hot it was fine both times, I bought a big floppy hat from a shop on the seafront,it looks like a straw hat, you can fold it up to transport it and it really keeps the sun off you

My friend used P20 it in Turkey, Mexico, India and Egypt and did'nt get burnt at all.


Derbyshire, United...
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8. Re: sun tan factor - help please

Hi Emma

I tan easily with little effort but still use factor 50 in July and August.

I still have a tan from Easter so my skin is not starting off snowy white but I will still start off on the high factor cream! I will drop to 25 or15 later in the holiday

I always come home very brown and see no need to use lower factors to acheive a good tan! I see some people burning for the sake of a tan which is so silly!

Melton Mowbray...
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9. Re: sun tan factor - help please

I am amazed that people ask questions regarding their health on a non medical forum - and even more amazed that people reply with suggestions that may be suitable for someone they have never seen.

Please use a bit of common sense.

Derbyshire, United...
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10. Re: sun tan factor - help please


No one is offering advise on a medical condition for goodness sake!

You do not go to a GP and ask what sun factor cream should we use!! he no doubt would say avoid the sun altogether but will be sunbathing on holiday like the rest of us!

Go to the Doctor and ask about smoking and he will say quit yet he may be having a smoke himself later!!

People are just expressing an opinion! What is your problem!

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