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Rugby fixtures

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Rugby fixtures

I know everyone is Football crazy but what about rugby? In the winter there are rugby matches?

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1. Re: Rugby fixtures

Martin, here you have the rugby fixture, of Buenos Aires

Fecha 1: 21 de julio

Pueyrredón vs. Manuel Belgrano

Banco Nación vs. CUBA

CASI vs. Newman

Regatas vs. San Cirano

Pucará vs. La Plata

Olivos vs. SIC

Alumni vs. Hindú

Fecha 2: 28 de julio

SIC vs. Pucará

La Plata vs. Regatas

San Cirano vs. CASI

Newman vs. Banco Nación

CUBA vs. Pueyrredón

Manuel Belgrano vs. Hindú

Olivos vs. Alumni

Fecha 3: 4 de agosto

Hindú vs. CUBA

Pueyrredón vs. Newman

Banco Nación vs. San Cirano

CASI vs. La Plata

Regatas vs. SIC

Pucará vs. Olivos

Alumni vs. Manuel Belgrano

Fecha 4: 11 de agosto

Olivos vs. Regatas


La Plata vs. Banco Nación

San Cirano vs. Pueyrredón

Newman vs. Hindú

CUBA vs. Manuel Belgrano

Pucará vs. Alumni

Fecha 5: 25 de agosto

Manuel Belgrano vs. Newman

Hindú vs. San Cirano

Pueyrredón vs. La Plata

Banco Nación vs. SIC

CASI vs. Olivos

Regatas vs. Pucará

Alumni vs. CUBA

Fecha 6: 1 de septiembre

Pucará vs. CASI

Olivos vs. Banco Nación

SIC vs. Pueyrredón

La Plata vs. Hindú

San Cirano vs. Manuel Belgrano

Newman vs. CUBA

Regatas vs. Alumni

Fecha 7: 8 de septiembre

CUBA vs. San Cirano

Manuel Belgrano vs. La Plata

Hindú vs. SIC

Pueyrredón vs. Olivos

Banco Nación vs. Pucará

CASI vs. Regatas

Alumni vs. Newman

Fecha 8: 15 de septiembre

Regatas vs. Banco Nación

Pucará vs. Pueyrredón

Olivos vs. Hindú

SIC vs. Manuel Belgrano

La Plata vs. CUBA

San Cirano vs. Newman

CASI vs. Alumni

Fecha 9: 29 de septiembre

Newman vs. La Plata


Manuel Belgrano vs. Olivos

Hindú vs. Pucará

Pueyrredón vs. Regatas

Banco Nación vs. CASI

Alumni vs. San Cirano

Fecha 10: 6 de octubre

CASI vs. Pueyrredón

Regatas vs. Hindú

Pucará vs. Manuel Belgrano

Olivos vs. CUBA

SIC vs. Newman

La Plata vs. San Cirano

Banco Nación vs. Alumni

Fecha 11: 13 de octubre

San Cirano vs. SIC

Newman vs. Olivos

CUBA vs. Pucará

Manuel Belgrano vs. Regatas

Hindú vs. CASI

Pueyrredón vs. Banco Nación

Alumni vs. La Plata

Fecha 12: 20 de octubre

Banco Nación vs. Hindú

CASI vs. Manuel Belgrano

Regatas vs. CUBA

Pucará vs. Newman

Olivos vs. San Cirano

SIC vs. La Plata

Pueyrredón vs. Alumni

Fecha 13: 27 de octubre

La Plata vs. Olivos

San Cirano vs. Pucará

Newman vs. Regatas


Manuel Belgrano vs. Banco Nación

Hindú vs. Pueyrredón

Alumni vs. SIC


3 de noviembre

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2. Re: Rugby fixtures

wow alec.... what a work! i have another question because I really dont know Do you play rugby while snowing?

buenos aires
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3. Re: Rugby fixtures

and internationals, this season two against Ireland and one against Italy.

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4. Re: Rugby fixtures

no, Lakecrossing, during winter we stop with rugby games...till September...check our web


buenos aires
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5. Re: Rugby fixtures

Alec, do you know of teams that play in capital Federal. I would like to watch a game but the teams (like Belograno) all seem to play up north

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6. Re: Rugby fixtures

Mark, Belgrano Athletic and Liceo Naval, are the closest clubs in BA...but they play a different category, the fixture I´ve sent is First Division

Gainesville, Florida
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7. Re: Rugby fixtures

alecpatagonia, thank you for posting the rugby fixtures. I was wondering, though, are the matches all played on Saturday, or are some played on other days, as with football? I'm interested in attending a game on September 29, but might some games be played on Sunday? If so, when do they determine the date?

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8. Re: Rugby fixtures

mudoc, all games are played on Saturday...during September might be changes due the Rugby World Cup...Argentina plays during September 4 games to qualify

Gainesville, Florida
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9. Re: Rugby fixtures

Thanks. One more question: Do you know what time the games are usually played?

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10. Re: Rugby fixtures

games start almost at 3.30 pm...if you are a rugbier check our web