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Restaurants in Buenos Aires

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Restaurants in Buenos Aires

Many of you will think this crazy, but I actually developed a spreadsheet analysis based on the scores from three Buenos Aires restaurant review sites.

The three sites are:




I also used: http://www.saltshaker.net/

I found that Vidal Buzzi and El Gourmet the most reliable but Oleo is the most wide spread in terms of restaurant coverage.

Vidal Buzzi focuses on many of the top hotels as does El Gourmet. Oleo is voted on by younger locals who apparently do not frequent as many of the top hotels and therefore less coverage on the restaurants.

Saltshaker has by far the most comprehensive coverage on each restaurant that he reviews. The best reviewer of them all.

If I use my spreadsheet analysis, here are the top 10 rated restaurants by these review sites:

#1 Tomo 1, Panamericano Hotel = 171 points

#2 Le Sud, Sofitel Hotel = 162

#3 Sirop, in Barrio Norte = 158

#4 Rosa Negra, in Martinez = 158

#5 Agraz, Caesar Park Hotel = 156

#6 Thimus Restaurante at Lerma 525 = 155

#7 Resto, Barrio Norte = 154

#8 La Bourgogne, Alvear Palace Hotel = 154

#9 Cluny, on El Salvador 4618 = 154

#10 Katrine, Puerto Madero = 153

The above are only for restaurants rated by all 3 web sites of which many are not.

Ok, here is where we ate:

Maat, Sucre 2168, Belgrano 4896-1818

A superb choice and this one came from Saltshaker.net and not any of the 3 web sites for which no information is present since the restaurant opened only 3 months ago.

saltshaker.net has a superb write-up so please visit there for more information.

I will state that the service was by far the best we received during our stay. We ate at a table in the library of what Maat calls a "Private Gourmet Club". It's a restored home and truly beautiful.

We were both surprised when the brought out a birthday desert for my wife. Surpise because we hadn't mentioned it to them but apparently the Four Seasons had when they made the reservations for us. A+ Four Seasons & Maat!

I highly recommend this restaurant as you will not be disappointed. We splurged nad had wine, drinks, several courses and our total bill was 265 pesos for which I added a 35 pesos tip.

We were dressed in shirt/tie and a dress. Seems like the right dress although another table had a couple folks in blue jeans.

Thimus (Thymus) Restaurante, Lerma 525 4772-1936

Not fair to compare this place to Maat as they total bill was 141 pesos and no tip provided.

The food was very good and the service lousy. This was truly a pour your own water and wine establishment. They will take your plate away but don't expect any service beyond that.

The dining room is nice but relatively spartan and without any ambiance.

You will note that this restaurant is rated very highly so it may have been that we arrived on a off night or something. However, the place was empty outside of one other table at 11:00pm.

Oviedo, Recoleta 4821-3741 149 points

An excellent restaurant along the lines of a "power lunch" "power dinner" local for many locals. Many men in suits attending to "business" and mixed with well dressed locals.

Professional service, comprehensive wine selections, and a superb menu. Unfortunately, my wife doesn't drink so I stayed with "wine by the glass" which was by Trumpeter. Purchase by the bottle for the best selections.

Very busy, very professional and very pleasing. I would go again!

Cost: 172 pesos

Au Bec Fin De Paloma, Recoleta 4807-3765 (Only rated by one site).

A beautiful, restored home/mansion. A chance to dine inside of a Recoleta mansion. Unfortunately, that's where it ends.

The service was inexperienced and the food bland to unappealing. Probably the worst meal we had during our stay.

Cost: 274 pesos

If you've really wondered what it would be like to eat in a beautiful Recoleta home, then give it a try. Otherwise just keep wondering. Instead, go eat in a beautiful Belgrano home called Maat.


Posadas 1042 Recoleta

We had only 90 minutes before our remi was to pick us up from the hotel. I noticed across the street a group of restaurants and so we ran over. Glad we did!

A very nice place with a professional waitstaff, nice wine selection and huge portions of excellent food. When we entered, a local family was having a celebration with at least 15 people present. I think that to be a good sign.

We ordered the seafood platter for two. Ha! They should have stated for "4". Enormous pile of grilled squid, octupus, salmon, white fish, etc. Excellent seasoning and perfectly prepared. Couldn't finish it. Darn it!

Too bad we decided on this place in a rush for it's certainly worth extra time. It is directly in front of the Four Seasons hotel and highly recommended.

Lost my receipt however. I think it was around 90 pesos.

Harper, Kansas
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1. Re: Restaurants in Buenos Aires

Another useful post, and just in time: in 48 hours, I'll be on my way. I don't know if you're crazy or not, but do you want to do my taxes? lol

Buenos AIres
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2. Re: Restaurants in Buenos Aires

rarotonga posts:

"Maat, Sucre 2168, Belgrano 4896-1818

A superb choice and this one came from


I trust maestro saltshaker, but too expensive for my pocket. Anyway, thanks a lot for the Tip rarotonga !!

As for Oviedo and Piegari they are on my top´s for BA restaurants together with La Brigada and my home kitchen..

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3. Re: Restaurants in Buenos Aires

Rarotonga, Would you mind if I cut/paste your review in the sticky at the top of this section? That way it will remain at the top instead of being relegated to the back pages. LOL at your methodlogy....If you add Alicia Delgado and Maria Perez guide it could change your rankings...lol

Saltshaker writes the best reviews of a wide range of restaurants.

Well done!

Atlanta, GA
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4. Re: Restaurants in Buenos Aires

Happy for you to do it. I can send you the spreadsheet if you like. Not sure how to contact you off site however.

Adding a few more web sites to the score would certainly improve it!

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5. Re: Restaurants in Buenos Aires

Aww shucks. Actually, do any of the other sites even write reviews? Other than a sentence or two about the key dishes? It was part of the reason I started saltshaker.

Santi - you should really give Maat a try - yes it can get expensive, but note that he said they splurged on wine and drinks - you can get away far less expensively if you keep your wine choices moderate. I was impressed actually with how little we spent given the quality of food and service - you can get away for about 70 pesos apiece on the food - true, far more than most restaurants here, but far less than several that have, in my view, inferior food and service.

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6. Re: Restaurants in Buenos Aires

Oh, and you could add the sites:




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7. Re: Restaurants in Buenos Aires

Re: http://elcuerpodecristo.com/

The name of the site seems highly offensive to Christians, to put it mildly.

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8. Re: Restaurants in Buenos Aires


I'm a Christian (at least I try), and I'm intrigued, and not at all offended! Though the food best live up to the allusion!


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9. Re: Restaurants in Buenos Aires

Try Chila, it´s been open for only about 5 weeks and I´ve been twice so far. It´s in Puerto Madero, in the 500s or 600s.

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10. Re: Restaurants in Buenos Aires

GFWTRES: well, as with so many things, it depends on the eye of the beholder. I find it highly offensive, you don't, fine. Other opinions?