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Nerja some truths.

Nerja, Spain
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Nerja some truths.

Nerja is without doubt one of the most stunning coastal towns in Spain. Most people are enchanted by its coves, streets and balcon etc. I will not mention here the many points in Nerja s favour and there are quite a few of course, rather I think it is important to illude to the the other side of Nerja. The part that folks either dont see or dont generally talk about.

Some truths about Nerja ..

Dirty; yes very the town hall look after the two or three streets around the balcon etc where most tourists take thier pictures etc but the rest of the town is very undercleaned with in adequate rubbish collections in summer. Most of the outer lying roads and beaches are in a pretty dirty state for any that bother to look.

Noisy Dogs

Yes, Nerja is a very noisy town. I have lived in the very center af Madrid and had better nights sleep.

The main problem here is the number of dogs here, there are hundreds of them and you cannot avoid the sound of barking dogs in certain parts of nerja and it is more or less constant. Again I have lived in a number of towns around Spain during the last 20 years and have never seen a dog population to compare to Nerja.

I am not just talking about numbers here but also the fact that everyone just leaves on the balconies and terraces to bark at will when the owners are not there. So if you are at all bothered by constant barking dogs then be avised to skip Nerja

Dog soiling on the pavements. Given the sheer number of dogs in the town this is inevitable and ever present. You have to walk around more or less looking down at you feet to avoid surprises.


Visually beautifull of course but again very dirty, the locals are the main culprits here I have seen families actually buryig their rubbish in the sand when they leave the beach. The situation is improving slightly but even the Nerjeños themselves admit that they have a problem. The town hall unfortunatly do/can not dedicate the required resources to keeping the beaches clean.

Sea water quality; Well I wont dwell on this but I think most people are now well aware of the lack of sewage plant in Nerja and the resulting (allbeit occasional ) problem of sewage washing back to the bathing areas.

Well there it is, first hand esperience from a Nerja resident. So when you come to Nerja bring your earplugs, watch where you walk, and make sure you have all your jabs before swimming in the sea!!

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1. Re: Nerja some truths.

Is it really that bad? I'm coming on holiday in September! I have to ask, why are you still a Nerja resident if you find so many faults with your town?

Lake Vinuela...
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2. Re: Nerja some truths.

Although this report may seem harsh I have to agree that the town could do with a good clean up - especially in the Dog Dirt and graffiti department.

Perhaps most visitors don't move away from the Balcon area so don't see the back street problems but I was amazed to read a post recently where someone said they never saw any Dog Dirt during their holiday. Believe me, it IS a real problem.

Peeringmandy - you ask why cleanken chooses to live in Nerja if it has so many problems. I think this is answered in his opening statement when he describes the many attractions the town has despite the problems. He obviously is very fond of the town - as we are - but, like us, he doesn't see it through rose coloured spectacles.

It is still a great place to holiday but a great shame that the council can't redress the hygiene problems.

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3. Re: Nerja some truths.

Thanks casaianda for the reasurance. I have read plenty of nice reviews about Nerja so I am not put off, besides I have already booked.

I have to admit that I would have had second thoughts if I had read this post first.

CleanKen, your details are honest which I great and pleased that their are people out there that tell it how it is. However, I would have thought it can only do long term damage if it puts visitors off from visiting yout town which presumably relies on tourism.

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4. Re: Nerja some truths.

Hi just thought i would tell u about my holiday in nerja we just got back on thursday .We had a lovely time and it is a lovely town yes it is dirty in some places ie back streets but isnt places in england or anywhere for that matter .There does seem to be a problem with the beach ie the sea but again this was only a problem for us on one day the rest of the time we spent down the beach and loved it .

Torremolinos, Spain
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5. Re: Nerja some truths.

I have always thought Nerja the most over rated town on the Costa. I can see it has some attractions - any town has some - but I agree with most of the comments made. I would rate Fuengirola as far superior and cleaner and without taking your life in your hands swimming. It is much more accessible to lots more places to visit and closer to the airport and Malaga. These towns are similar enough to do a point by point comparison and Nerja wins out on almost nothing.

Nerja, Malaga, Spain
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6. Re: Nerja some truths.

Well, it's horses for courses, isn't it? I've lived here for 13 years and love it, whereas I've never found anywhere west of Málaga that I really like.

Of course we have problems here, as does *any* town anywhere. But the town hall collects rubbish daily, and in some places more frequently, which is more than happens in any UK town nowadays!

The dogs problem has improved vastly from the days when packs of strays could be seen in the town cantre, and the barking problem is not one I have come across before or have ever heard complaints about.

The beaches this summer have benefitted from a huge make-over and are great. The town hall must be doing something right if *two* of the town's beaches are eligible to fly flags signifying their quality!

Sure, we haven't got that water purification plant yet, but don't blame the town hall for that. They've have been messed around by the regional government for years on that one.

Don't be put off by negative comments which could apply to any number of resorts. Check out the town and discover some Nerja *Facts* for yourself. If you don't like it and decide not to come back, that's fine - we won't be offended! Strangely, the majority return year after year.

Worthing, United...
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7. Re: Nerja some truths.

I've been coming to Nerja for over 20 years & I too love it.

IMO no other town on the Costa Del Sol comes any where near to it on charm alone.

Possibly the Orange Square area in Marbella comes close but to compare it to Fuengirola.......well words nearly fail me.

I've visited Fuengirola a couple of times over the years & it's not my kind of place at all. Just the thought of that unattractive prom makes me shudder.

Of course we're all different & expect different things when we take our holidays in Spain. I like Nerja so much because it is still so very Spanish, despite the influx of foreign tourists. The town has a special charm that gets people coming back year after year.

Regarding the town being dirty.........we were in town one day when a posse of street cleaners were coming on duty, there must have been at least 10 of them all armed with carts, brooms and bin bags. They all headed off in different directions, cleaning the streets as they went. Coming from the UK, this would definitely be a 'pig flying' day for me. To see even one street cleaner in the UK is considered a miracle!

Nerja, Spain
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8. Re: Nerja some truths.


I am not trying to run Nerja down, just present some facts.

On the same day that the beaches were awarded the their Blue flags the

Ecologists in Action group for Andalucia denounced the beaches in Axarquia

awarding them their own Black flags - with a special mention for Nerja.

The information supporting the dirty beaches argument is overwhelming, here is

an article in Todays Nerja newspaper "Info" about the same.


The blue flag is just window dressing as you would well know if you have lived in

the town for a long as you say. Yes there have been a makeover and I must say

that Burriana is "looking" nice at the moment.

As for the dogs that may depend on the exact area were you live. I live the Chaparil

area and I can assure you that the place is completly saturated with dogs of all

shapes and sizes. And they do bark at certain times of the day and when the owners

go out for the night they are left to bark all night.

Again, I have lived and worked in Spain for 20 years and have spoken to other

Spaniards resident here in Nerja and most agree the dog problem here in Nerja

is real enough and not typical of Spain as a whole.

Rubbish collection should be twice a day in July and August one as day is not realy sufficiant in summer IMO.

The other day we were on the Playazo beach and saw a poor man from the rubbish collection department

trying to clean the whole beach on his own, by hand, bending down to pick up

every piece of litter. He was tasked with cleaning the Plazazo beach and el chucho.

We spoke to him as he past by and my daughter helped him for a while as the pool soul

was on his last legs. He said that he only had a couple of hours to clean the beach and

that it was an impossible job.

The town hall had not even provided him with a sharp stick to help him pick up the

rubbish. Please..this is just the bare minimum. Again as most of the cleaning team

are employed keeping the central balcon area clean there are no resources for the beaches.

The question about why I live here in Nerja if I hate it apart from impertinent is also

irellevent to my observations. In fact I work here as does my Spanish wife and

we moved here from another part of Spain. Of course you can only do so much

research for your holiday or a job move. I have property in Torrox and had been

comming to Nerja for years before deciding to live here. I dont regret it.

But as I said before the point of my post was not to promote Nerja but to

provide a little reality check.

Worthing, United...
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9. Re: Nerja some truths.

I can't understand why you think we all need a reality check as you call it?

Nerja, Spain
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10. Re: Nerja some truths.


This site is an INFORMATION site for travellers.

Its called Trip ADVISOR in case you did not notice.

That is why I have taken the trouble.

I am sure you already have holiday brochures for Nerja but if that is what you are looking for then I can send you one of those too. ;)

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