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Rubbish Holiday? Did You??

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Rubbish Holiday? Did You??

We just came back from Margareta, 24/10/08.and would like to tell everyone what a dump it was. No one speaks English so there is a translation issue all the time when you want to buy things, or ask for things. I asked for a cash point, And was led to a shopping trolly, whats that about? Another day we went for a meal and asked for a menu, we got two bottles of beer< so we gave up and just pointed,

We stayed at first in the Playa Cariba, and what a dump, it was lucky we had a thunder storm and flooded everything, because our rep up graded us to another hotel next door, the Isla Cariba, and that was better, no hot water, very very slow being served at the bar, if you got served. food was very poor. The good thing I can say, is that you can drink the water saftly, the rep says bottle water, but I did not see any one buying bottle water, and my tum tum was fine. Lots of stray dogs walking around, very friendly thou, we all fed then scraps, or was that us eating the scraps,,ha ha, Dont change your dollers at the hotel, you only get 2.13 bolivers to a doller, walk to a super market, or a big shopping mall, and do it there, you can get up to nearly 4 bolivers to a dollar, DO NOT, DO NOT hand your money to someone in the street saying they can get you a better exchange rate, they soon run off with your money, ( i was told this) take a few petrol cans with you to top up, you can fill your car up for approx £1.50p cheapest thing on the bloody Island, I hope you are reading this Mr Chancallor.Any way feel free to ask me any questions,



Weather-7 time of year,

Accomidation-3 first, second-7


Would i go back?, Not on your bloody nelly.

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1. Re: Rubbish Holiday? Did You??

Sorry you had a bad experience. The island does have it's dumpy side (which is apparently all you saw) however there are stunning parts of the island as well, and many many very nice people and super fun things to do.

Th is one of the reasons I am trying to be proactive on Trip Advisor. The island is a little peculiar, and requires some special handling. But it is certainly worth a vacation.

Most people should probably not stay in middle to low end all inclusives. Westerners are too picky. The upper-end ones are not much more expensive but significantly better. Even better are the Posadas run by either ex-pats or kind locals (look at Las Trinitarias in the hotel section on this site). You need to know which ones to go to though. These people can help steer you in the right direction during your stay.

The dining and entertainment on the island is equivalent to South Beach, if you know where to go and much cheaper. The beaches are very nice but if you can try to make it over to some of the smaller islands around (by fishing boat if you are adventurous)on one of the motor boats run by the tour operators, you will see some of the most beautiful in the Caribbean.

Once again, sorry for your horrible stay but please future tourists contact me for assistance. For the moment I am doing this for fun, but I am starting a company on the island, just for this purpose. So contact me!

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2. Re: Rubbish Holiday? Did You??

just cause the margaritan people don't speak english shouldn't be a negitive. you are visiting a south american country. if you want everyone to speak english go to spain.

i thought the margaritan peole to be some of the most helpful and loving people unlike some of my fellow english

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3. Re: Rubbish Holiday? Did You??

Hi snewman plymouth,

sorry to have to correct your posting but you mentioned playa caribe do you not mean pueblo caribe as that is the hotel next door to isla caribe. Sorry you had a bad experience but i have visited Pueblo Caribe twice and found no problems. As i have stated on a previous posting this is the cheapest hotel in the brochure. It is South America not the costas so yes the locals speak Spanish and a lot of these threads advise you to take a phrase book as not every country speaks English. Regarding going back you / we do not have a choice as first choice thompson are stopping going to M.I. because of a political issue re Chavez so unfortunatley those of us who do wish to go back direct from uk cannot.

london uk
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4. Re: Rubbish Holiday? Did You??

hi can you please advise me what you mean by thomson are stopping going to MI, I was thinking of booking up a flight only through them for jan 2009 to go kitesurfing, many thanks.


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5. Re: Rubbish Holiday? Did You??

You will be fine in Jan 09 Thomson/FC are pulling out in April next year

Weymouth, United...
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6. Re: Rubbish Holiday? Did You??

i love it when we get really well written and intelligent posts on here, "they didn't speak english" did you try shouting? that is what the english abroad usually do. i just find it so hard to believe the contradictions in the forum about costa caribe, perhaps peoples expectations are to high for a £700ish all inclusive holiday, we have been 3 times and are going back again in 2 weeks (can't wait) take off the price of a flight to the caribean about £600 and tell me where you could eat and drink all day for 2 weeks for about £100, i am sorry you didn't enjoy your holiday. American in margarita is right, there are some pretty run down areas just as there is in any south american country and most of the more popular caribean islands.

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7. Re: Rubbish Holiday? Did You??

Sorry you had a bad time.....you should have stayed at a different resort. I think you would have had a better time at the Dunes. Yes, there is trash on parts of the island but Margarita don't have any Hurricanes to blow the trash away like other islands.

Margarita Island
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8. Re: Rubbish Holiday? Did You??

You asked for a "cash point".

No wonder no one understood you.

I'm Canadian & have only heard that term from Brits.

I've been away for a long time so maybe it's different now.

Here in Margarita it's called a "cajero automatico" or automatic teller.

As has been said many times on this forum Margarita is not for everyone. If you have a low patience & tolerance level do not come. If you want to experience something different culturally then you will love it.

We deal with "independent travelers" at our two locations in Playa El Agua. Because these are not "all inclusive" guests they arrive with minds a lot more open. I can honestly say that 90%+ absolutely love it here.

As my nick indicates we are in Playa El Agua which is very different than El Tirano. As some one has suggested pick a higher end hotel like Dunes, Hesperia Isla Margarita or Hesperia Playa El Agua or come independent & really enjoy Margarita.

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9. Re: Rubbish Holiday? Did You??

I am sorry you had a horrible time.

I had the opposite experience that you had when I was there back in March. I have found the people there to be wonderful. Speaking spanish helped a lot.

It always helps to learn a bit of the language before travelling.

I just got back from Italy and although I am not fluent, speaking a bit of Italian helped me a lot and the Italians were appreciative of my efforts.

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10. Re: Rubbish Holiday? Did You??

I come from Torbay, so I know about rubbish holidays.

Picking and choosing is the most important thing with Margarita. I have been many times, and I have seen the feral dogs and loose rubbish.

Head to the village behind Playa el Agua and you will find cared for areas, with lovely housing.

Go to some of the quality appartment blocks along playa Caracola.

I see that you are from Plymouth. Its the difference between Stonehouse Street and The Hoe. You get differences in every town, or island.

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