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A Few Amusing/Touching Stories from our Tanzanian Trip

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A Few Amusing/Touching Stories from our Tanzanian Trip

Here are a few stories from our trip that I didn’t include in our trip reports but thought may interest a few of you.

The Unknown Boy

On our 2nd night in Tanzania we went to dinner at Robert's house. As Robert often has students staying and family visiting there is usually a houseful when we visit which is lovely. On this occasion there was a boy of about 9 there and when we asked Robert who he was he said he didn’t know but thought he must be a friend of his son Peter. During dinner the boy seemed relaxed, ate well, and happily accepted a football that we gave him. We thought nothing more of it.

Several days later Robert said he had a story to tell us. He said that the .day after we had been to dinner he asked Mama Diana (his wife) about the boy and she said that he wasn’t a friend of Peter’s, she had actually found him that afternoon at the market, dirty and crying and saying he had run away from his grandma who lived a long way away. So Mama Diana told the “local Authorities” that she had found the boy and as it was getting late she would take him home with her and then try and take him back to his home the following day. So when we arrived for dinner he had been washed, dressed in some of Peter’s old clothes and had happily settled in. Then the following day Mama Diana took the boy back to the market and found some older boys who said he actually lived close by with his aunt so Mama Diana took him home.

Then……..a few days later Mama Diana opened the gates to their home to find the same boy waiting outside, this time with a backpack on, and saying he wanted to move in with them permanently!!!! Not surprising I suppose as he had had a nice meal, clean clothes, a bed to sleep in and a football. Needless to say Mama Diana took him home again!!

Shopping with Emmanual

One day we went out shopping in Moshi with Emmanual to get him some tools. At the shops we let Emmanual go in on his own as I wasn’t sure if the price would go up if they knew we were paying. Anyway at the first shop where Emmanual found something he wanted he called out to us “Mr. Peter it is TSHxxx, is that ok?” and we said it was fine. Then, to our surprise he asked if we would actually pay for it now and when we said yes he looked really surprised and pleased and said “ So I can actually have it now?” and we said yes!!

He obviously wasn’t used to anyone going out and actually paying for something for him there and then

2 Lunches

At the end of our first week at ACTT we were invited back to Ebenezer School on the Friday afternoon to attend the final session of an ICT course that the teachers had been doing. At about 1pm Robert said we and Emmanual should all eat a quick lunch from Mama Irene and then we would set off.

We got to Ebenezer School shortly after 1.45pm and were met by the Deputy Headmaster who said the teachers were just doing the final bit of their course so he would show us around the school and then we would all have lunch!!! Robert gave us a smile and as we are walking round the school he quietly says “I hope you are ready for some more food!!”. Anyway when we got to the school hall, lunch was being served! They must have thought we all had small appetites as we all asked for small portions!! I had hoped I could give some of mine to Emmanual (as he was a young lad with a good appetite) but he struggled to eat his!!

Tanzanians are always very hospitable and during our stay we had meals at various schools and other establishments and this was the only time there was any confusion!! Luckily that afternoon we didn’t have to do too much other than listen to the teachers do their presentations.

However that evening we were supposed to be going out with Sandra and Frank and some of their friends for an early dinner. Needless to say I had to send Sanrda a quick text to explain that we wouldn’t be joining them for dinner!!


Seat belt

As I’m sure people know when you are in the front of a car driving on the roads in Tanzania you must wear a seat belt. On the day we went out with Paula, Angel, Eric and Jenny, Angel chose to sit in the front of the car. Soon after we set off Pete noticed that she didn’t have her seatbelt on and just mentioned it. What followed was then hilarious. It was immediately obvious that Angel had no idea what to do with the seat belt!! And it is actually quite difficult to explain to someone who has never seen a seat belt before, what to do with it, when you are sitting behind them on the other side of the car. And of course the more she got it wrong the more we all laughed and the more of a mess she got into!!. Obviously she eventually sorted it out!!

This just went to reinforce how unusual it is for these young people to ever travel by car.

And finally …….Dinner with Wazungu

As I mentioned on this same day Paula brought along her friend Jenny who we had not met before. Now apparently when Paula asked Jenny if she would like to come out for the day she didn’t tell her what she would be doing. So when Jenny met us she was a bit taken aback and didn’t know what to expect. Now as those who have read my trip reports will know we had a very nice day out.

At the start of the day Jenny was understandably quiet but she relaxed as the day went on. At the end of the day when we were all having dinner together in a bar Pete asked Jenny if she had enjoyed her day and she said Yes she had but it was something she had never expected to do. When we asked her to explain she said “ Never in my life did I ever think that I would ever be sat down eating a meal with Wazungu!!”.

That certainly made me sit back and think!!

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1. Re: A Few Amusing/Touching Stories from our Tanzanian Trip

Very touching stories... Thanks for sharing

Ottawa, Canada
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2. Re: A Few Amusing/Touching Stories from our Tanzanian Trip

Thank you for these stories. Took me back, and enjoyed 'the life in Moshi' again.

These are eyeopeners, and more the reality than many see.

Benson, Arizona
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3. Re: A Few Amusing/Touching Stories from our Tanzanian Trip

heartwarming....and wonderful...what an experience you must have had....

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Honolulu, Hawaii
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4. Re: A Few Amusing/Touching Stories from our Tanzanian Trip

Wish we all had the opportunity to meet the local people on the same honest level as you. Again thanks for sharing this.

Findlay, Ohio
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for Tanzania, Ngorongoro Conservation Area
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5. Re: A Few Amusing/Touching Stories from our Tanzanian Trip

Shep... All familiar and interesting.

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6. Re: A Few Amusing/Touching Stories from our Tanzanian Trip

What great little slice-of-life stories. The first story of the young boy who didn't go home that night was particularly poignant.

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7. Re: A Few Amusing/Touching Stories from our Tanzanian Trip

Hi everyone. Glad you liked this. I hope this gives a little insight into the lives of normal Tanzanians. I think many tourists visit the Masai tribes for a cultural experience which is great but that is not how the majority of Tanzanians live. We were lucky enough to spend some time working and socialising with these friendly, hospitable, hard working, honest people and get some experience of their every day life. Something I will never forget.

Edited: 28 May 2013, 09:37
San Francisco...
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8. Re: A Few Amusing/Touching Stories from our Tanzanian Trip

thank you for this, shep. it touched my heart.

Nassau, New...
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9. Re: A Few Amusing/Touching Stories from our Tanzanian Trip

Got to this one (#5) out of order - lovely touching stories & thank you for the smiles. I imagine there is an 'Unknown Boy' and an 'Angel' and a 'Jenny' in so many places of the world, and even right here in Nassau. Angel & Jenny will remember you always, as you will them, I'm sure. :)

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10. Re: A Few Amusing/Touching Stories from our Tanzanian Trip

Although people have dealings with are lovely. We have known Angel her sister Paula for a couple of years. Life is tough for them. They live together with their mother and sister in one room with no water or electricity. Paula has recently left a couple of jobs because her boss didn't pay her for any of the work she had done! Despite this they are always cheerful and never ask for anything and are extremely grateful for any small amount of help we can give

Edited: 03 September 2013, 07:41