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Villa Parade / Travelopo

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Villa Parade / Travelopo

Does anyone know whats going on between VP and Travelopo?

ABTA say Travelopo were removed a couple of weeks ago

Cant get hold of VP - engaged all afternoon

Anyone actually get through to them to find out what is happening?

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71. Re: Villa Parade / Travelopo

I don't think you should necessarily accuse the villa owners of 'stiffing people to make an extra buck' - I'm a property owner in Pollensa myself (though thankfully I don't rent the villa out through the companies in question), and know for a fact that the situation with Villa Parade isn't that simple - and if owners have moved to other companies, it is not because they are being offered more money. I don't know the ins and outs of the situation but imagine it is more likely that Villa Parade have been unable to pay their contracted owners money owing from the previous season. If you are a villa owner you have huge outgoings every year - we only make the tiniest of profits in a good year, and in some years make a loss, if we have had an unexpected expense - if our rental agent withheld payments to which we are contractually entitled, it would be a disaster for us as we would be unable to pay our bills.

I realise this doesn't help all the people on here who are facing the loss of their holiday and I am profoundly sorry for them - it's a nightmare - I just wanted to defend villa owners from false accusations.

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72. Re: Villa Parade / Travelopo

Has anyone managed to contact VP today? It was going to answer phone just after 9am now just rings and rings then cuts you off.

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73. Re: Villa Parade / Travelopo

Good morning everyone,

Please accept our sincere apologies for the delay in responding to all your posts on Trip Advisor.

We would also like to apologise to everyone who have taken offence to be being alerted to this situation by Travelopo.

We have only been able to contact people who have previously submitted an enquiry with Travelopo and or partaken in one of our competitions over the years.

There are thousands more affected who are still oblivious to this serious situation and hopefully this post will help to inform everybody.

Following today’s article in the daily mail we feel it’s important to state a few facts concerning this matter.


Hundreds of unsuspecting Villa Parade's travellers have already turned up in resort this year to find they couldn’t gain access to the villa they thought they had booked.

This is because Villa Parade’s contracts in Mallorca were terminated last year as they failed to pay owners in 2013.

We do not wish to comment on Villa Parades’ fraudulent activity as they obviously have some very loyal clients who simply aren't prepared to believe they are the victim of a SCAM and some have taken great offence to being alerted to this.

Fact: Villa Parade’s contracts were terminated in October/November 2013 and were told no Villa Parade clients would gain access to their properties in 2014 around 6 months ago.

Villa Parade continued to publish these properties on their website and portals. They have banked millions of pounds from unsuspecting holidaymakers, knowing full well their clients wouldn't be able to stay in their chosen rental.

Rather than pay the owners for 2013, Villa Parade have been trying to purchase ad hoc weeks in different villas and contacting their clients within 24hrs of arriving in resort to inform then their villa has a burst water pipe but don’t worry we've found you an alternative.

The alternatives are invariably in a different location, inferior and cheaper than the client’s original choice.

Important criteria like disabled access, gated pool, Wi-Fi, etc being completely disregarded.

Fact: Apparently ABTA are telling people they only found out about this serious problem last week. In fact, ABTA were alerted to Villa Parade's fraudulent activities back in January and despite many complaints from travellers, agents and suppliers ABTA seemingly turned a blind eye and allowed Villa Parade to continue with their fraudulent activity.

After receiving concrete evidence Villa Parade had been acting fraudulently we asked ABTA if they could send a letter to all affected alerting them to this SCAM.

The Chairman of ABTA Noel Josephides replied "no mention should be made of ABTA”.

It is true we are no longer ABTA members. We have no desire to be associated with a governing body, which does not protect the consumer.

Fact: Travelopo signed exclusive contracts with Villa Parade's Mallorca properties on April 14th 2014.

There was a huge legal cloud hanging over these properties, which is why they were out of contract for so long.

Travelopo have now legally acquired these properties with completely blank calendars and free to sell them on the open market.

We are not obligated to honour any Villa Parade's bogus bookings, but as a responsible agency that cares about holidaymakers, we decided to honour ALL Villa Parade’s bookings for the same dates, in the same villa, at the same price.

Travelopo are NOT trying to gain from this. On the contrary, our primary concern is the holidaymaker and your awareness of the situation is our priority at this time.

How you choose to proceed knowing this information is entirely at your liberty. Travelopo are a reputable travel agent with over 3000 professionally maintained holiday rentals in Mallorca. We have a large shop on the main square in Pollensa and we process more bookings in Mallorca than any other agency on the island. Any suggestion that we are not to be trusted just because we refuse to be members of ABTA is nonsense. Anybody wanting total security over their holiday should always pay by credit card when possible.

We understand how long and hard people deliberate over where to spend their hard earned holiday and felt it only fair to offer Villa Parade clients the opportunity to genuinely book the holiday they thought they had already confirmed.

What is important to us, by alerting you to the situation, you will not be affected like the hundreds of other poor people who have turned up in resort to discover their worst nightmare.

We are all extremely busy dealing with everyone affected. Our team are working around the clock and we are doing everything possible to make sure everyone’s holidays go according to plan.

If you would like clarification or have any further concerns about your current booking you should contact Villa Parade and ABTA. Both will confirm your current booking is invalid.

In accordance with ABTA’s code of conduct, Villa Parade have been instructed to offer you an alternative, which you are fully entitled to accept. They must also offer you a full financial refund, which if you choose to can be used to re-book the same villa for the same dates at the same price. Alternatively, you may wish to take the refund and re-book with a different property with another agency.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.


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74. Re: Villa Parade / Travelopo

Sorry David so what the story in the Mail has been made up. Even VP admit there was an issue, so how can you say that. Also how is it illegal when VP no longer had the contracts. Don't get me wrong I have had good holidays via VP but there phone just rings out and that article isn't sounding good

Edited: 30 April 2014, 10:35
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75. Re: Villa Parade / Travelopo

I am in the same position as everyone else here so won't add to the tales of woe above, but just to point out that "Travelopo" is the trading name of:






BA11 1HR

Company No. 07619323

which has been trading since 2011. See the Companies House website for further details.

Now I am not for one moment alleging that RRL has done anything unlawful but the last time I looked Frome was still in the United Kingdom so RRL presumably would be subject to the jurisdiction of local trading standards, Somerset County Council, for its trading practices?

And also perhaps accountable to the UK Information Commissioner's Office for its handling of our personal data?

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76. Re: Villa Parade / Travelopo

Travelopo Bath. if you are not ABTA bonded maybe you shoud take the ABTA off of your website, under the 'our partners' section, as it could be seen as misrepresentaion if you are not a member

Edited: 30 April 2014, 10:59
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77. Re: Villa Parade / Travelopo

Travelopo say "We have only been able to contact people who have previously submitted an enquiry with Travelopo and or partaken in one of our competitions over the years."

Odd then that I received an email from them having never heard of Travelopo until Monday...

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78. Re: Villa Parade / Travelopo

When you contacted me earlier this week your email said that :

"Please be advised that the owner has supplied us with your contact details..."

Now I hold no brief for Villa Parade, with whom I am equally upset, so I am not 'taking sides' here, but how does this statement square with the one in your posting above this morning which says:

"We have only been able to contact people who have previously submitted an enquiry with Travelopo and or partaken in one of our competitions over the years".

In my view, a clear contradiction. So which statement is true?

One way to establish the facts would have been for those of us affected to refer your firm AND VP to arbitration with ABTA, however, as your firm is no longer registered with ABTA, this is not possible in respect of Travelopo is it?

Whaever your reasons for ceasing your firm's registration with ABTA earlier this month, the timing is somewhat unfortunate and someone less generous minded than myself might feel that they were entitled to draw an adverse inference from that fact.

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79. Re: Villa Parade / Travelopo

Seems like a bit of a convenient excuse. We too have never heard of TO and make a point of avoiding giving our email address out randomly, ie ticking the no thanks box. We've never entered any competition with them either!

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80. Re: Villa Parade / Travelopo

Mark S - yes that point isn't lost on me either, clear contradiction. Perhaps when the talk of DPA and potential breaches came along..............

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