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Uh Oh - Reviews Have Me Worried Again.

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Uh Oh - Reviews Have Me Worried Again.

Oh boy. The whole reason I booked the VIM for February is because it seems like its a nicer resort with better food, but also still FUN. The last several reviews have not sounded like there is much fun going on. If this is a boring, quiet resort like El Dorado Royale was - I am going to be upset.

And you know what else? If the staff doesn't do pool activities and games (someone wrote that the new management said to "tone it down") then people have to make their own fun, because they are BORED. This results in more drinking (more than they should, in many cases) and acting way worse than if there were games and activities to keep them happy and busy!

Well - I'll be going in February. Look for my review come March. I spend a LOT of money to get a fun trip. I can stay home and go to nice restaurants, and act fancy and snooty -- I don't have to go to there for that. No, I'm not some slob who is going to wear flip flops to the nice restaurants, or throw balls and splash people at the pool, etc. But Mexico is not the Mediterranian, and FUN is why I go there.

I hope the reviews turn. It really does amaze me how many people seem to want to put on the ritz and have a quiet, relaxing vacation. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but there are enough resorts out there for them. I just don't understand the mindset of that. But maybe that's because I live in Minneapolis, and we have great restaurants, a great theater district, museaums, all kinds of very cultural things -- so we don't need to travel to be able to dress up and go out on the town. Plus I work downtown. When I go on vacation, I want to get away from all the fancy smantzy -- but I did want nice food, nice beach, good staff, etc. Maybe a resort like that doesn't even exist -- a 4 or 4.5 star resort that isn't snooty?

Well, I may have to settle for the 3.5 star Golden Parnassus, which is GREAT, but I just thought we could splurge a little, and still have a good time. I guess that remains to be seen.

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1. Re: Uh Oh - Reviews Have Me Worried Again.

Are you implying the Mediterranean is for the sophisticated? If so I would beg to differ, lol.

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2. Re: Uh Oh - Reviews Have Me Worried Again.

Not sure I get your point.

VIM is a good, fun and lively hotel - but as with any higher end hotel, there needs to be a bit decorum.

That comes from ensuring that it's not a spring break atmosphere particularly as many guests are honeymooners or couples.

There is plenty happening at the resort to keep anyone entertained.

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3. Re: Uh Oh - Reviews Have Me Worried Again.

I guess I was sort of implying that the Mediterranean is for the sophisticated; it was all I could think of, really. : )

Oh, I'm not looking for a spring break resort, Ian. I'm 50 years old! But I don't want a place that is a deadly bore, either. Geez, we had that last year at Iberostar Tucan! (although the biggest major drawback of that place is that it seemed like 50% of the people were small children being pushed around in strollers - at least I know I won't have that at VIM)

All I know is that when I booked, I was hearing stories of fun, and dancing, and music, and one of the pool bars being semi loud and very much a party. THAT is what I was hearing and why I booked. And that if you wanted quiet -- there were many places for that, as well. (I can spend hours being quiet and reading my book!)

Now I am hearing that management told the pool activitie staff to "tone it down" ???

Also the band has been moved indoors -- although I'm pretty sure that is due to weather.

I also think it might be lacking some fun and frolic right now because it's low season.

You say there is plenty happening at the resort to keep anyone entertained -- and that's what I counted on when I booked. But if you read the last several reviews -- they are either quiet people who didn't really mix with anyone else, and liked it that way --- or they were kind of bored. We've got 10 days there. Now 5 or 6 of those days, I would be fine with peace and quiet -- but when I am in the mood for a little fun, music, games, ACTION the other days ... well, no sense getting overly concerned about it yet. I know a lot of it depends on the people who happen to be there, as well. That's all well and good - but I guess it keeps coming back to that comment of the management telling the staff to "tone it down." Really? Because even when people were writing about how it was fun, it never seemd spring break or over-board. So "tone it down?"

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4. Re: Uh Oh - Reviews Have Me Worried Again.

Come to the RIU PM! Never encounter fuddy duds. And if you want a change of pace you can visit 3 other RIU's within a 5 minute walk! If that doesn't work you can be in PDC in 5 minutes by taxi or 25 minutes on foot. That's where we'll be chillin' in Feb./March! But, I really hope you enjoy your VIM vaca. Just something to think about for the future!

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5. Re: Uh Oh - Reviews Have Me Worried Again.

Maybe our definition of "fun" is different than yours but when we were there last month we had fun. We went on long walks up and down the beach, spent many hours bobbing around in the ocean and in the pool talking to people, played volley ball at the beach, went to nearly all the shows in the evening, listened to the sax player/vocalist in the plaza, and tried a wide variety of drinks. We did not spend time in the afternoon at the pool playing "crazy games" because this didn't seem like fun to us. And we totally enjoyed our dinners. We can certainly get great food in Denver, as you can in Minneapolis, but we found it "fun" to eat a fantastic $100+ meal every night of our trip. I don't mean to be disrespectful, but you might perhaps rethink your plan to stay at the VIM. You might want to check out some reviews for resorts in the Cancun hotel zone and see if they might offer more of what you want. I know many of them are not as layed back as the VIM and would certainly offer a more casual and energetic experience.


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6. Re: Uh Oh - Reviews Have Me Worried Again.

I've never heard the VIM referred to as a "fun" resort.

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7. Re: Uh Oh - Reviews Have Me Worried Again.

I've been to the Iberostar Quetzal/Tucan eleven times so far and I have NEVER seen anywhere near 50% of the people being small children pushed in strollers. I know that everyone has there own opinion of a place but maybe some people have higher expectations than they should. We've been at the Iberostar when it's pretty quiet and other times when it was jumping. It all depends on who else is there at the time you are. Either quiet or not we have always had a good time and have been treated very well by the staff and have made several friends from other countries who we keep in contact with. We have also been to several other resorts in that area and found the Quetzal to be our favorite. We don't travel with children but we prefer to go to a family friendly resort and we enjoy watching the kids at play. Most of the ones we've encountered have been well behaved and not a problem to be around. I worked in a pediatric hospital for twenty seven years and although I'm retired I still enjoy being around kids.

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8. Re: Uh Oh - Reviews Have Me Worried Again.

You should of booked in cancun at Temptations or Golden parnussus, both fun active resorts, could get crazy at times, but at temptations theres also a nice quiet side if you want to chillax

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9. Re: Uh Oh - Reviews Have Me Worried Again.

Hola Sunny&Bright-

I would have thought the reason you booked was to GET AWAY FROM OUR DAMN WINTER! In any case, enjoy the sun, sand, food, beach, pool....thats all I have to say about that- F Gump

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10. Re: Uh Oh - Reviews Have Me Worried Again.

Sit back, take a deep breath and have a margarita.

You have over 3 months til February. No matter what, you will not be in the freezing cold and ice and snow of Minnesota. I have always found that vacation is what you make of it. Relax and worry about who is making the desserts at Thanksgiving and what to get Aunt Millie for Christmas and let vacation take care of itself.

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