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Thinking Positive Thoughts!

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Thinking Positive Thoughts!

Ok - I've listened and heard -- I was worrying and whining too much! Today I decided that I'm just going to pretent that I've heard NOTHING about what the VIM used to be like. I have not been there before --- so whatever we experience will be new to us, and we are going to make the absolute best of it. And from the postive things that EVERYONE continues to say -- it does sound like there are a LOT of good things about the VIM.

Funny - I just read a couple of negative, semi-negative, and some "just not for us" kinds of reviews -- and today I had a whole different way of thinking/looking at it. SO many of the things that people say, I think, "well, I don't care about THAT." Or I think, "Yeah, well I already know that going in, and I'm not going to let that bother me" (the privlege sections at the beach and pool) Most everyone says there are plenty of places to sit, and that's good enough for me.

I'm getting very, very excited about the food - most people continue to say that it's great, or good, or above average for all inclusives. Most of the AI's we've been to have had ok food -- we're not that picky. I have the feeling that to us, VIM food is going to be totally excellent! And I realize we may have to wait to get into restaurants -- fine, not going to be a problem. So in this regard, I think knowing what to expect is a good thing. I've already told my DH that there will be a lot of walking -- and we just have to remember that we could be doing all that walking in freezing cold temps in Minneapolis -- but no, we're going to be lucky enough to be doing that walking in warm temps, and beautiful surroundings. Look around, enjoy it, savor it -- that's what I plan on doing!

We are just getting a standard room - well, that's what we paid for anyway. I'm pretty sure the resort will be at capacity, so I don't expect an upgrade. If we get the separate beds -- I don't think that is a big deal. Maybe we can get someone to push them together, or maybe I'll just enjoy my own bed - a little further away from DH's snoring.

We can "visit" and his place, or mine. ; )

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1. Re: Thinking Positive Thoughts!

A Hallelujah moment! You will have a great time S&B! Not sure about the weather though....just kidding;-).

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2. Re: Thinking Positive Thoughts!

Vacation is what you make of it! Don't sweat the small stuff! Enjoy the rest and relaxation, each other's company and everything will be great!!

I have not stayed at the VIM yet, but it has been on my short list for years. We really enjoy being in Playa and can't seem to stay that far away. The Royal is getting ridiculously expensive so I am sure we will get there!

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3. Re: Thinking Positive Thoughts!

We will be vacationing at VIM next week and I couldn't agree more with your response. It will be a fabulous vacation and much needed as we live in (very) cold and snowy Colorado. VIM has been wonderful in responding to our inquiries and requests. Hoping for the best vacation yet!! Best, Greg Moore

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4. Re: Thinking Positive Thoughts!

Few things in life are perfect. What you should have also been hearing/seeing during the anxious worried phase were all the positive things about the VIM. We have done 22 trips to the area, and VIM is our best all around trip! Relax and enjoy! You should have a great time.

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5. Re: Thinking Positive Thoughts!

Yay S&B!!!! You will have an amazing time

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6. Re: Thinking Positive Thoughts!

Sunny&Bright, Remember it is a vacation so just enjoy and dont get caught up in other peoples opinion. Enjoy the great food (don't forget the chipotle shrimp from room service). The lkess you expect, the more you will get out of it. I was somewhat bonkers before I went for my 3rd visit last month. Going crazy about "the changes" I was reading about. Well, guess what. Where a few things changed that I would have preferred not to, there was more new things that so made up for it. Relax, enjoy, and I hope you write about the great time you will have.

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7. Re: Thinking Positive Thoughts!

Sunny & Bright,

Glad that you reached your Epiphany moment as I know you will enjoy it as long as you look at things realistically and not through Rose colored glasses. One thing to always remember when reading reviews and blogs is that the vast majority of people are happy campers and never take the time to make their experiences known. Most of the time when people are happy, they just walk away happy, but if they are the LEAST bit unhappy they feel it is their duty to let everybody know about it and what was wrong. Small things grow into big things and outweigh the positive in their minds. I am not saying that there are never bad experiences, but just trying to point out the truth. I have been in the restaurant business for 40 years and serve 6-700 meals a day on average. We almost always can count on hearing from somebody who had a problem, but not unite so often from those that were happy with everything. That is good for me though because if I don't hear the complaints, I may not know there was a problem, but if that was all that other customers heard about, they would think we had problems. Four or five complaints compared to over 600 happy customers. Like I say, if I hear the complaint I will get it fixed , so I want to hear them, but it doesn't mean that the place is terrible.

We are going back to VIM in the beginning of March for the fifth time and I have read and heard more than my share of complaints, but I know that while we are there , we will be among 900-1,000 other guests who are all very happy campers and I hope you and your hubby are amongst them!

Saint Louis...
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8. Re: Thinking Positive Thoughts!

Look forward to your trip report and opinion of the resort. we will be there 05 March and can't wait. agree with previous posts, most folks that have a great time never do a review so i try to take all reviews with a grain of salt.

every AI we have been to was the same, would read the reviews and have some trepidation, but our experience was always fine. but for my wife and i, it is usually about being together, by ourselves, without the kids, just enjoying each others company so some of the little stuff that might otherwise bother us is ignored.

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9. Re: Thinking Positive Thoughts!

You will have a blast, that was our attitude and it was my favorite vacation yet! enjoy!

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10. Re: Thinking Positive Thoughts!

Remember don't sweet the petty stuff and don't pet the sweety stuff. Have a great trip. As others have been saying, relax and enjoy.

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