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Pinecrest, Strawberry, Dodge Ridge & surrounding areas,help

Will also be willing to compensate anyone who has flexibility in their dates as ours are not able to change. So here's the very brief backstory.

We are searching tirelessly for a 1 month Vacation Rental in the areas of North Tulumne County.

We have completely struck out. For us this is of the upmost importance to gift the perfect Christmas to our child who has missed out on the last 2 years, of Holidays, including Christmas’s, Birthdays, and everything else that children grow up and remember as adults. We plan on placing this ad in Craigslist, and other places that will hopefully yield a result if it’s meant to be. It’s a long story, but she has basically lost all hope in being a normal kid, and we want to erase all the sadness that has recently become a part of her. Whatever it takes we will do. If you know of anyone who has a property with a minimum of 4 bedrooms, a fireplace, and in a secluded non - subdivision area and could pass on the word we would be grateful.

We are looking for a Winter Wonderland experience for her, private enough and surrounded by snow, a picturesque place that takes her breath away when seeing it. And makes her forget about all the things that have been making her sad.

Unfortunately being small business owners our dates are firm, so we have no wiggle room which has led us to place this ad. We found a few places perfect that had just been booked for the last week of December and so now we are searching the

internet tirelessly at all hours of the night when we have time, just trying to find another Cabin, or Chalet. We have family in the Twain Harte area that she would be able to spend time with….last Christmas was heartbreaking for her. Doctors said she couldn't be in a crowded room full of family because her white cells were so low, so we were stuck at home just the 3 of us. Our daughter needs that moral support from more than just her parents. Everything she knew growing up is gone, and all the friends she had have disappeared, so we are hopeful that we can find someplace that would take her mind off of it all. For the last few years of her debilitating illness she has been so incredibly strong, but now she is beginning to give up. Hence the desperation in this post. If she gives up emotionally her illness will take over and beat her physically. I have been way too honest with people about her daily struggles...unfortunately complete disclosure tends to drive people away. At least it has in our case. People don’t want to be around the chronic illness, it’s depressing to them. But if we can get her away to a town that holds so many good memories, and she can forget about being so lonely then maybe she can meet some other kids that she can have a fresh start with.

Her genetic illness is not contagious, she looks like a normal kid, but on the inside her cells are weak, and fragile. This way she can be near family who live in the area and can give her back the desire to keep fighting. And hopefully we can get through the winter. Also we need someplace that has a close helipad incase we need to get her to a hospital.

I apologize if this is too forth coming, just wanted to give you a back story so you will understand why we are looking so hard….Thank you so much for your time….

From the family of an angel.