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Budget Rent a Car - Denver Airport

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Budget Rent a Car - Denver Airport

Do NOT use Budget at the Denver Airport. The lines are long and there are few clerks at the counter. I waited nearly 30 minutes to pick up a reserved car. Lines were just as bad the day I dropped off the car inside, I checked.

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Austin, Texas
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1. Re: Budget Rent a Car - Denver Airport

Well thanks for the heads up. Problem is... I already have my reservation. Boo!

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2. Re: Budget Rent a Car - Denver Airport

Nearly 30 minutes? In my experience that's fairly par for the course anywhere I've rented a car from any agency anywhere in the world. I guess we all have different expectations when it comes to renting a car.

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3. Re: Budget Rent a Car - Denver Airport

Hmmm. A first post. And a possible source of confusion due to missing information. Welcome to the forums; and we all look forward to more thoughtful posts in the future.

1. At what day and time were you there? Can you put your rant in context of such information? That is, could you imagine that there might be differences between, say, Wednesday midday and Friday at 6-9PM or Sunday afternoon?

2. How busy was the airport?

3. How busy were the different car rental counters at the airport, compared with Budget?

If you walk up to a counter that's not busy, hoping to get into a car quickly, might there be reasons for the lack of people at a particular booth? That is - do people know that agency to be involved in high percentages of complaints of bait and switch, or contrasting pre-sales hype compared with after-rental experience (with the car itself, or with the exprience when returning the car)?

Number of customers at peak time might be good indication (about the overall rental experience), rather than a bad one.

Fruita, Colorado
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4. Re: Budget Rent a Car - Denver Airport

This is where doing a Google search for reviews pays off. I just did one (even though I'm not planning on renting from Budget at DIA) and here's the results on just Yelp's website - 69 reviews with an average 2 stars out of 5. http://www.yelp.com/biz/budget-denver-4# Even on tripadvisor there was a negative review - tripadvisor.com/ShowUserReviews-g33388-r1097…

I'm sorry this happened to you. Hope future travels are much better.

Richmond, Virginia
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5. Re: Budget Rent a Car - Denver Airport

In reading the many reviews on yelp about the budget car rental company at the Denver airport I see that my experience was similar to most peoples, not as bad as some. I reserved an intermediate size car (e.g., Toyota Corolla) online before we arrived from Virginia. After standing in line for almost an hour to be waited on, the agent asked us where we were going and we told him Steamboat Springs. He expressed concern that, because the town is in the mountains, a car with a four-cylinder engine would have difficulty making the trip. He expressed concern (I thought, about our welfare) three times, and my wife and I ended up feeling pressured to pay over $100 more for a Subaru outback with a six cylinder engine.

We proceeded on our way to Steamboat and were dismayed by the car' s lack of power, particularly going up even slight mountain grades. My wife has a 2006 Subaru Outback, and this car was nothing at all like hers. On a hunch, I took the car to the Subaru dealership in Steamboat Springs and asked a mechanic to confirm my impression that the car's engine had only four cylinders. He immediately indicated that indeed, our car had a four cylinder engine, rather than the six cylinder we had thought we were getting.

My wife and I were both extremely frustrated and angry that we had paid Budget for something the company had not given us. Essentially, Budget Car Rental company had committed fraud. We were three hours away from Denver with a car that was underpowered and, according to the rental agent, probably unsafe.

When we returned to the Denver airport location, we spoke with the manager. He offered to refund us the difference between the price of car we had originally planned to rent ($455.89) and the Subaru we were persuaded to rent ($561.59). I indicated to him that that was not sufficient compensation for the deception and for putting us at risk by giving us an underpowered car, one with a four-cylinder engine. He asked us what we thought was fair to rectify the situation. I told him that I believe that Budget ought to pay for the entire rental. He indicated that that was not going to happen. Mr. Moore then had the nerve to insinuate that my wife and I were trying to "take Budget for a spin" or put one over on the company. This angered us further.

He ended up splitting the difference with us and charging us $273.56. While I appreciate that, I do not appreciate being defrauded. His defense was that "People make mistakes". I replied that the agent I rented the car from appeared to be experienced and should have checked on his computer and seen that the car had a four-cylinder engine rather than a six cylinder engine.

Given this horrible experience with Budget, there is no way that I would ever consider doing business with their company again. You clearly get the impression though that they don't really care whether customers are happy or not.

Washington DC...
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6. Re: Budget Rent a Car - Denver Airport

I'm honestly shocked at some of the reviews on this site and others (Yelp, Google, etc.) about this Budget location. I chose Budget solely due to price ($177 for 3 days vs. $650 with other companies -- still very expensive for a few days but not as bad as the competitors). As my flight landed at Denver International Airport, I braced for the worst (long lines, rude staff, nightmare situations, etc.) and didn't experience any of them. I arrived at about 5 p.m. Thursday last week via the Budget airport shuttle and the place was empty, with about 4-5 staffers at the counter ready awaiting customers coming off the shuttle. I had no upselling or antics from the staff while getting my paperwork. I am a Fastbreak customer, so that may have had a hand in how smooth the experience was. I couldn't choose my own car, but the Nissan Altima I was given was perfect. Upon dropping the car off for return, a Budget employee simply walked up, checked the mileage and gave me a receipt. I was at the airport terminal in 10 minutes.

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7. Re: Budget Rent a Car - Denver Airport

I have a similar experience about just two weeks ago. I am trying to organize my paper to see what happen to me. It seems all whole company is a fraud group.

Vancouver, Canada
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8. Re: Budget Rent a Car - Denver Airport

I don't know where smushie rents from where he/she normally waits 30 minutes+ for a car. That is NOT my experience at all and I typically rent from different cities all over north america a couple of times a year...and it's certainly should not be that type of service if you have an express membership of any kind. I'd say waiting 5-10 minutes is a fast rental, 15-20 minutes is average and 25 minutes and up is BUSY and/or bad service. I've had this bad/busy service at LAX and TPA - and I think both were Budget! I guess the old saying is true: you get what you pay for...

West Palm Beach...
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9. Re: Budget Rent a Car - Denver Airport

I recently changed my reservations from Budget to another company for the same reason. This issue is not isolated to just Denver. Check out the Yelp rating (1.5 starts) for the Budget rental office at Las Vegas airport. Lots of complaints of people getting swindled for additional insurance and long very waits. yelp.com/biz/budget-car-rental-las-vegas-2…

New York
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10. Re: Budget Rent a Car - Denver Airport

Wish I had searched for Budget Car Rental Denver airport reviews before we used them.

We said NO to ALL additional charges, but agent so sneaky, says initial here, etc. and off we go. Only to discover an hour away from airport we had an unsigned copy which showed "accepted" loss damage waiver, although the other options all showed declined. Additional $437.75 was added to our rental. Currently disputing with our credit card company, as local location said to take it up with corporate. 800# said to call the local office.



Do a google search for this particular location!

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