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Don't rent from Nu Car

I can't believe this company is even allowed to operate legally. While the customer experience alone was awful, my main issue was one of safety. When we finally got our rental car off lot in Fort Lauderdale it was dirty inside. The back seat's seatbelt had been cut and when I showed the guy he just shoved it under the seat and said it was "fixed". When I turned the car on the check engine light was on. When I showed the guy he said that the car was in fine shape, but the sensor was not working. I should have not taken the car but wanted to get out of there so badly that we drove off. Once I got on the highway I lost all acceleration and the car's battery/check oil lights turned on. I was able to pull to the side of the road, turn the car on/off and got it started again. At that point we decided to return the car and headed back. On the way the same thing happened two more times. Then, the last time, not only did the acceleration stop but the brake stopped working as well. So, no gas and no brakes. Was able to coast to the side of the road and stop using the parking brake which, thankfully and surprisingly, worked. We were simply lucky not to have been in a wreck. The guy picked up the car and showed no sympathy at all until my friend mentioned that her husband is a lawyer and we wanted in writing that we'd get a full refund. I also got a very poorly written "apology" email saying they'd put new systems in place to avoid this in the future (yeah, right). Umm...did it really take this for them to decide not to put unworkable cars on the road?