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Trip report-May 16-24

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Trip report-May 16-24

Where we stayed

We rented a private 2 BR, 2 bath house with our own pool. It was on Elizabeth around the corner from Seven Fish. It was fantastic. For a private pool, it was HUGE!! There is also a large deck around the house, and the pool deck is nice sized. PLENTY of room for many people. The bathrooms were a tad small, and the 2nd bedroom was a loft that lacked a little privacy, but if you are comfy with the people you are staying with (as we were) it is no big deal. The garden is gorgeous, and there was even jasmine, which I love. We would totally rent this place again

Where we ate (and drank)

Origami-Sushi, yummy as always

Kyushu-Bento Box for $10 at lunch, great deal!

Croissants De France-Salmon Benedict, French Toast, Shrimp Benedict and Brie plate.

Half Shell-Oysters, conch ceviche, and KILLER wings

Schooner Wharf-oysters, and oysters, and more oysters! Oh, and the clam chowder and conch chowder

Alonzo’s-Key Lime oysters, clams, shrimp (steamed and chilled) calamari

Lobo’s-Grouper, Shrimp, Oyster, Russian Beef and Ranch Beef wraps. ALL good. And the onion rings were to die for……

Flora and Flipp’s on Fleming-Bahamian Salad (lettuce, tuna, avocado, green beans, capers, red potatoes and fresh dill). No one seems to know of this place, but they have some great salads and sammies. 800 block of Fleming

Mr. Z’s-Pizza and Stromboli. It was good, but I prefer Upper Crust for pizza. PLus I am spolied by some best pizza anywhere here at home.

Grand Vin-pig roast, all the food was fantastic

Fogarty’s-Ahi Salad and fish fingers, always good

Jack Flat’s-Burger

Harpoon Harry’s-Salmon, cream cheese and tomato omelette

B.O’s-Grouper and Snapper sandwiches. Next time we will get one and split it….way too much food! And yes, we asked for the “special” and got our fries for free J

Finnegan’s Wake-Glad we finally ate here. Had the Galway Mussels and Teriyaki wings….FANTASTIC!! And cold Harp on tap J

Rum Barrel-Final meal on final day. Just a snack, but great French onion soup and mussels in white sauce.

Where we drank (and maybe ate)


Half Shell

Key West Bait & Tackle-can’t beat the $2.00 beers!

Flying Monkey’s-many frozen concoctions and jello shots.

Tree Bar-Bloody Mary’s

Green Parrot-Bloody Mary’s

Blue Heaven-Bloody Mary’s

Rum Barrel-Our fave bartender Angelina works here. So nice to hang with her for a bit

Conch Farm

Grand Vin-First time, loved the porch

White Tarpon-First time again. Didn’t stay long, but really liked the place.

Don’s Place-Another first. It was out first stop on Sunday at noon, as we had NO beer in the house. Stocked up at their package store and tried the Bloody Mary’s as well. They were good enough to have two!!

915-WOW…. another first! We had Jason’s party upstairs here. What a wonderful wine bar and porch. Great people watching spot.

What we did

Other than the multiple unplanned gatherings at various places, and CTH on Friday, here are some highlights.

Bloody Mary Tour-Blue Heaven, Green Parrot, Tree Bar. I still like GP the best, but Tree Bar was good too, as long as it had no horseradish. Tried to get one at Harpoon Harry’s, as I hear they have good ones, but of course it was Sunday morning!!

Jason’s bday-Got 2 lbs of Reds at Waterfront Market and cooked them up on Jason’s bday. Steamed them up with some other snackies and enjoyed by the pool with Phil, Judy, Deb and Gary. What a great afternoon. Then we went on to 915, under the guise of having tiramisu (sans my husband who Nancied up and couldn’t make it) for a wonderful surprise party. Jason was truly surprised and got some wonderful gifts, even a Kangaroo Scrotum (not sure what he’ll do with that) and a cake decorating book (totally know what he will do with that!) Wes rallied later though, and joined us at Jack Flat’s for burgers, much to everyone’s surprise!!

Grand Vin Pig Roast-The swine was awesome. I even got some skin. The black beans were outta this WORLD (who made them? I need that recipe) And Jason got a pic of Wes “drinking” white wine. My one beef, was all the people not waiting their turn to get to the wine. I must have been invisible as people kept butting in and reaching over me, as I politely waited my turn.

Sat in the pool…..a lot, and I mean A LOT! Totally enjoyed (and will miss) my morning coffee with Jason (we were up at 8:15am like clockwork). Wes rolled out about 30 mins later with 2 Buds in hand claiming “It’s ON” and Dessa would roll out shortly after, sporting her flashdance socks. We spent most days in our pool till about lunchtime, and most nights in the pool as well ;) Thankfully the cops were never called….. we could get kinda loud after 12 hours of drinking, and KC and the Sunshine Band

Random thoughts

I had the honor of showing Dessa the girls room at SWB for the very first time. As she leaned, I stumbled into many tables. And when we got there she said with surprise “I swear, I have NEVER been in here before” Hysterical. Hence our nicknames for the week, I Lean and Stumbles……

Bodily function stories are funny, very funny. I even have my own from the week, but we don’t need to go there……..

I introduced Dessa, Jason and Judy to Saga Brie Blue cheese. Quite possibly the most fantastic cheese EVER.

CVS-smokes and beer, cheapest in town!! We were there a lot

The Kino store…….hmmmmmm, I don’t know who are worse, the employees, or the cruise ship customers. If I didn’t love the shoes, I wouldn’t even bother. My palms get sweaty just thinking about going there (I think Dessa might have said a prayer before entering). Why do ladies have to try on the same style, same size, in EVERY COLOR, as there are 20 people waiting to be waited on? Come on people…… if you know your size, HIT AND GIT!!!!

Scooters were rented from A & M, $99 for the week, which was $50 less a week then Moped Hospital, who we always rented from in the past.

Wes wore beads every day, yes, every day. And he aspired to dress more like Phil, which he did. I think all they guys did, as I saw many “Phil look alikes” this year LOL!

As much as I liked the new departure area at the airport, I really miss the quaintness. And the new Conch Flyer is not nearly as charming. AND they seem to have the most expensive beer on the island!

We know some truly awesome people, really. I can’t even list everyone for fear of missing someone, so if we met you or know you, YOU ARE AWESOME and we dig you!!! Wes felt like one of the gang this year, thank you all so much :)

As for our housemates…we love you both J I have said Dessa is my sister from another mother, but I think Jason and Wes are brothers from another mother as well. They must be if they went to get beer skipping and holding hands ;) I think I saw them snuggle too……

Till next year my pretties

Kris and Nancy

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1. Re: Trip report-May 16-24

Nice report, I had the same problem with the Kino store. Went back a different day, still couldn't find anything, but at least all of the people had cleared out, I think they bought all the sandles in my size. :(

Deception Island
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2. Re: Trip report-May 16-24

That's awesome. I think the Tourism Development Council may want to advertise when your group will be in town. Everyone's going to want to get in on that party, clearly not amateurs!

Syracuse NY
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3. Re: Trip report-May 16-24

OMG -- too much fun! Would love to party with this crew sometime!

Thanks for the tales.

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4. Re: Trip report-May 16-24

Wonderful report! Sadly, we left the day before most people arrived, so we missed a lot of fun, but our livers are more-or-less intact.

Blue Saga is so good it's almost frightening. I love it so much I only buy it once in a blue (no pun intended) moon.

Fortunately, our experiences with Kino sandals have been less than good, so I don't have to worry about being bothered by personnel or cruise ship folks.

Glad you had such a great time, and hopefully we will be able to rearrange our trip plans next May to include a few days of the romp.

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5. Re: Trip report-May 16-24

Great report. Did you get the rental through VRBO? OR another rental company? Thanks

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6. Re: Trip report-May 16-24

We rented from here


Elizabeth's Secret

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7. Re: Trip report-May 16-24

I think it would have been impossible to have more fun. Made halibut for dinner tonight and wished you were here. Sooooooo boring without you.

So what? 354 days for the countdown???

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8. Re: Trip report-May 16-24

The countdown is on! Hopefully we will be able to book in the not too distant future..... same time, same sandbox???

columbus, in
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9. Re: Trip report-May 16-24

Deanrae and phillygirl, the Dynamic Duo of trip reports!

South Florida...
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10. Re: Trip report-May 16-24

Awesome, awesome report! Sounds like way to much fun! I cant believe you did all that in like a week, lol. You rock!