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Bikini Line Dilemma

Aberdeen, United...
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Bikini Line Dilemma

As I will be sitting around the pool all day, I have had to give this some serious consideration.

From experience, can anyone tell me whether this is a painful operation? My wife has offered to do this at no cost using one of those DIY wax kits you can get at Boots. This could also be used for the hairs on the lower part of my back.

As she is not professionally qualified, I'm a bit concerned about the consequences. I guess I could do it myself using Immac as an alternative, but I'm wary of allowing a corrosive substance that far south.

Or should I just let it all hang out? I'm not going to be wearing speedos so perhaps I'm worrying over nothing.

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1. Re: Bikini Line Dilemma


I think a bit of hair is very manly and does not need waxing but having said that if you feel the need to get rid of it I think waxing is the best way the first strip will hurt a bit but after that you get used to it and you don't feel the pain much if at all.

As hair grows in cycles I would plan to wax at least twice before you go so you get good long lasting results, the first couple of times you wax you may get some regrowth quite quickly.

Immac is good but personally my skin does not like it.

Good luck

Shrewsbury, United...
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2. Re: Bikini Line Dilemma

Be very carefull, even someone who knows what they are doing can cause damage.

Trust me, arrived in Florida last year with a red rash from hell all in the inside of my legs, not attractive for a young lady.

My boyfriend refused to sit with me at the pool side.

If you are not wearing speedoes, then dont worry!!!

Have a great time


Reading, United...
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3. Re: Bikini Line Dilemma


Worry not!

The elasticated pants will cover all.

Derbyshire, United...
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4. Re: Bikini Line Dilemma

I think you should be more worried about hairy toes in Flip Flops- very unattractve.

Perhaps you could dye it blonde and wear tartan speedos?

You could look like Rod Stewart.

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5. Re: Bikini Line Dilemma

Chinners, sometime I am not sure if you are serious or not (i.e. first the US Immigration thing, now this...)

I have never heard of men having their Bikini Line waxed... doubt many do because it would be painful and men tend to have a low pain threshold!

If you have it done, I would honestly suggest having it done by a professional - they will be professional and it will be quicker and probably wont hurt as much.

As others have said, why are you having it done? Do you wear speedos? The easy and best answer for most men is to wear swim shorts instead of speedos - hides any hair and is a lot more flattering (to be perfectly honest, no matter how attractive a guy is, I would rather see him in swim shorts than speedos....). Why torture yourself if you don't have to - leave all of that self-torturing to us women ;-)


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6. Re: Bikini Line Dilemma


I do like a chap who likes to take care of ones self, as for the bikini line have you considered plucking as this lasts a lot longer than any of the alternatives

May be you could help me out as I am concerned by my skin drying up while over there and previous skin conditioners to be honest have just not done what they said they would on the tin ?

Blackpool, United...
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7. Re: Bikini Line Dilemma

Why not go the whole hog and have the infamous becks s, b, and c, nice and tidy............!!!!!!!!!!!!

Iowa City, Iowa
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8. Re: Bikini Line Dilemma

I say just tidy it up with clippers, so it isn't long enough to braid....unless you have a regular "pelt" going on, you should be okay.

While you're at it, make sure your armpits are tidy, too. Nothing worse than a huge glob of hair hanging out every time you put your arm around a gal... Ick.

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9. Re: Bikini Line Dilemma

Are you trying to keep the crowds away??

London, England
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10. Re: Bikini Line Dilemma

Hey Chinners

I'm with you to some extent. I'll be 'trimming up' downstairs even though I'll be wearing board shorts in the water parks.

The back could do with a little attention though and for this I'll get a female friend to take a look and either use the tweezers or spot waxing.

More worrying is that I managed to crack my head into a wall a few days back when rushing to get in the bath. Over the last few days a red bruise has gradually grown over my top eye lid and I'm unsure how mch more it will grow or when it will turn black.