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Immigration at MCO for International Visitors

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Immigration at MCO for International Visitors

I'm flying in next week with Virgin and read that the queue to get through Immigration can take 3 hours. Is this usual? My husband has difficulty standing and walking for long periods of time and we are taking a wheelchair for use round the parks. This will be in our checked luggage. Standing and walking for around an hour isn't a problem, but any longer would be.

I'm now thinking I may need to arrange for wheelchair assistance from the plane through Immigration.

Any advice appreciated. Thanks.

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1. Re: Immigration at MCO for International Visitors

The line should not be that long next week as the Thanksgiving rush will be over and it is one of the quieter times of the year to visit.

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2. Re: Immigration at MCO for International Visitors

lindie h

dont want to ring to many alarm bells here, but im sure i read a post that mentioned some parks ask you to use there own chairs for the infirm etc

i may have this completly wrong and it may only be for going onto some of the thrill rides

but i would rather you were prepared than upset by any problems which you may encounter, im sure someone of the regulars will know

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3. Re: Immigration at MCO for International Visitors

I went in August and it didn't take that long at all, there were lots of queues and we were lucky in the one we chose went through fairly quickly. I think it took about 20 mins, but it all depends on how many planes come in at the same time! After we'd gone through the queue had trebled, so it would have probably taken an hour maybe.

The Americans are wonderfully helpful though (customer service is fantastic everywhere in Florida!) and if you find long queues I'm sure someone would help your husband in either finding a wheelchair or I'm sure he could sit somewhere until it was your turn!

Good luck!

hollywood birmingham
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4. Re: Immigration at MCO for International Visitors

We arrived on the 25th Oct and only waited 20 mins, and the longest i have waited as been 40 mins, although someone recently waited 3 hours. There are seats at the back so maybe one can stand in line and others have a seat until you get near the front.

If you have any concerns ring virgin who will arrange assistance at MCO


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5. Re: Immigration at MCO for International Visitors

I think 3 hours is the exception rather than the rule, the longest I've waited is about 45 mins.

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6. Re: Immigration at MCO for International Visitors

We didnt take long when were went in september about 40 mins only problem was loads of people ended up in the immigration offices after having probs with their fingerprint acceptance including my hubby who had been to the loo and washed his hands they were slightly wet and the machine wouldnt accept it, when were eventually all through immigration after having to wait whilst he got clearance about 25 mins which seemed like ages everyone who had been stopped had also washed their hands so just a thought have a great holiday

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7. Re: Immigration at MCO for International Visitors

Why not do what I've seen many families do when they have a toddler.

Child is wheeled up to check-in desk, sits in the buggy (wheelchair) until their flight is called. Pushed as far as boarding will allow, then the buggy (wheelchair) is THEN put on plane as checked luggage.

You may be one of the first ones off the plane at the other end as your wheelchair was one of the last things to be put on board.

As was said before, American customer service is exceptionally courteous to passenger comfort.

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8. Re: Immigration at MCO for International Visitors


you CAN use your own wheelchair in the parks.. I use one from time to time.. You will find that in some queues you and your party will go straight to the front. Disney parks cannot do enough to help the disabled. We found the staff always helpful and polite..

Having a wheelchair in the parks was no extra bother at all .

Warrington, United...
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9. Re: Immigration at MCO for International Visitors

Our longest immagration queue (xmas 2006) was 35 minutes. What I would do is have a wrod with the cabin crew, who will be able to have a word with the landside crew and get you a chair ready for when you land at the aircraft. From what we have seen of the US attitude to guests in wheelchairs, you'll probably even get fast-tracked through customs.


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10. Re: Immigration at MCO for International Visitors

If you are taking your wheelchair to the aircraft, you will usually be asked to wait on arrival so the handlers have time to open the bulk cargo hold and get the wheelchair up to the aircraft door.

They get people who need assistance to remain seated as its more comfortable for them. If you have requested assistance, the wheelchair pusher will normally take you to the front of the immigration queue so they can "get rid of you" so to speak and get to their next job.