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Should i be nice or horrible ?????

Billericay, United...
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Should i be nice or horrible ?????

As i explained earlier.... My 15 year old Son,s Girlfriend is going to Florida tomorrow.....fine...

BUT.. As some of you who know me, we took his GF with us in August .She is a lovely girl, no arguements, had a fantastic time.

Now.... they are leaving in the morning......WITHOUT MY BABY!!!! Shock Horror !!!!

Am i being bitchy & petty that they havent asked my Darling little (6ft 3) Baby? They have a big Villa, so its not as if they havent the room.

I have wrote out a 10 day weather forecast for them, Days not to go to the Disney Parks because of EMH.Addresses of Walmart & places of interest, which ride to head to first etc.,

Should i be nice and give them this inofrmation or should i be nasty and let them queue for 90 minutes nearly every ride, get lost, go to the wrong rides first thing? And not take a poncho.

What do y'all all think (y'all, haha i love that saying).

Caz Essex X

P.s. I hope they havent heard of Trip Advisor!! Whooooooooppssss!!! Sorry if you are reading this (You know who you are).Shame on You ! Only Joking. X

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1. Re: Should i be nice or horrible ?????

i say take the moral high ground and give them the info..... there is a nice feeling in the sense of knowing you are doing the decent thing!!

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2. Re: Should i be nice or horrible ?????

I wouldn't tell them!!

Central Scotland
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3. Re: Should i be nice or horrible ?????

Hi Caz!

IMHO give them the info and that way you know you have done everything you could for them. I have taken my daughter's friends with us and her friend's parents have reciprocated but not everyone is comfortable taking other peoples children (even the 6'3" ones;)with them.

There are so many what if's but I would say that if I wasn't prepared to take a friend away with me I wouldn't expect them to take mine.


Haydock, United...
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4. Re: Should i be nice or horrible ?????

Despite having a strong desire to pass on your invaluable knowledge............don't!

It's not being vindictive, especially if they haven't asked.

No doubt they will have a great time.

They may not get around as many things as they would with your insider knowledge, but most people don't on their first trip.

Anywhere, they have probably picked up loads of tips reading this forum..........and your most recent post.

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5. Re: Should i be nice or horrible ?????


I love your posts, I wish I had met you in Orlando in April....the more I read that you type the more I realize you have to be fun person.

I am sure there is a reason they did not invite him, maybe they have other kids where you only have the one? Maybe he has said he does not like disney since his does not want to go on the next trip with you (even though it is probably not wanting to leave the girlfriend) Not really sure but each family is different.

Give them the info......every trip I have learned more and more each little tip does help. Proves you are the better person.


P.S. If he dumps the girlfriend I have my 15 year old who has a goal in life of meeting a tall boy (has to be tall she is 5'7)from the U.K.

Clermont, FL
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6. Re: Should i be nice or horrible ?????

You really don't know the reasons behind them not inviting him.

Maybe it's not the size of the villa but the rental car. Maybe they are planning on having other family join them for part of the trip. Maybe they couldn't fit feeding him into their budget. Maybe they simply weren't comfortable with taking another persons minor child out of the country. Maybe they wanted family time.

We enjoy having our sons friends around, but as much as they are like fixtures in our home, they aren't family, and I'm not going to take them on a family vacation with us. Not to mention that his best friend eats more than my husband, myself, and our son combined--I simply couldn't afford to feed him!

As the other poster indicated, I'd take the high road and offer the information to them.

Melbourne, Florida
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7. Re: Should i be nice or horrible ?????

Since you've already written it out, I'd ask yourself this... How would you feel if you did NOT give it to them? Would you feel badly? Or would you be okay? If you would feel guilty about it, then I'd give it to them. I mean...you could always give it to them, they can see what a nice person you are that you went through all that trouble and then they'd feel guilty about NOT bringing your son... :)

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8. Re: Should i be nice or horrible ?????

Give them the info!!!!! I'm sure you will feel soooo much better in the knowledge that you have helped their trip run smoothly and therefore, have a great time. So revenge will be sweet for you when you don't invite their precious daughter on a well thought out, fun-filled holiday with generous and fantastic people the next time you go. And I'm sure you will be going!

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9. Re: Should i be nice or horrible ?????

At first I would have said no but then again my daughter is 15 in a few weeks and if I were to take her boyfriend he would have his own room. Did you take her when they were only 14 then. I think as friends this is fine but call me old fashion if you like but I would not like it any other way. I have a son as well and would be miffed but I know my husband would not like our daughters boyfriend coming. It a dad thing with their little girls.

No come to think of it give them the times etc. Do you like your motherinlaw lol I hate mine lets break this change lol....

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10. Re: Should i be nice or horrible ?????

don't drop to there level we had this 2years ago my 16yr ask if a friend could come 2 jamaica with us his family said he could so he came with us last year his friend went 2 Spain they didn't ask my son so know i don't have anything 2 thank them for. give them the list and just think they wont have a better time then you did