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Anyone by Disney tickets on EBay?

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Anyone by Disney tickets on EBay?

I just bought park hopper tickets on EBay and when they arrived today the sellers last name is printed on the back of them. Does anyone know if this is going to be a problem? I purchased tickets the same way several years ago, however, I think that Disney is more strict using ID, thumbprints, etc.

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1. Re: Anyone by Disney tickets on EBay?

Trip advisor members generally advise against buying on ebay etc as there is no way to tell if your tickets have been used or not. For all you know you might have bought tickets that the person has used fully, i hope your ticket is okay

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2. Re: Anyone by Disney tickets on EBay?

I hope you didn't pay too much

Used Tickets = Trouble

Disney Tickets are Non-Transferable

Be prepared to Buy New Ones at the Gate


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3. Re: Anyone by Disney tickets on EBay?

You need to make sure your fingerprint matches the original owner otherwise you won't be allowed in.

In other words, you've just lost whatever you paid for the tickets.

At least you can leave negative feedback on eBay

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4. Re: Anyone by Disney tickets on EBay?

If you've used PayPal or CC, open a dispute and get your money back.

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5. Re: Anyone by Disney tickets on EBay?

Dont EVER buy tickets of any kind on Ebay, too many scams going on. As advised, you wont be able to use them as they are linked by fingerprinting to the person you bought them from. Demand a refund, and if they wont, raise a dispute through Paypal to get your money back

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6. Re: Anyone by Disney tickets on EBay?

I would say never buy tickets from eBay conserning places like this. You can never be sure if they are still working.

J x

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7. Re: Anyone by Disney tickets on EBay?


I think you are in big trouble as those used tickets won't be accepted at the gate. You may have just lost all your money on worthless tickets.

Never, never, never buy theme park tickets, especially used ones, from Ebay, Craig's list, or any other auction site.

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8. Re: Anyone by Disney tickets on EBay?

I really hope you haven't been scammed Leggo, as the others have said, you are finger printed when you first use your ticket and then that ticket is tied in to your fingerprint, making it impossible to sell on unused days of the tickets. Also, most tickets expire 14 days after first use, unless the seller paid extra for the no expiration option, then they would be invalid anyway. I have heard stories on this forum of families swapping tickets between them and the scan not picking it up, but I would be sceptical about this to be honest.

HOWEVER, all may not be lost. Have you checked the sellers feedback? Is this the first time they have sold tickets? If so, they might be unaware that they have done anything wrong, you might be able to work something out with them. If they have sold tickets before, they may be running a scam in which case you should report them to Ebay. I'm not sure if you'll have any comeback, but it may prevent them from pulling the same trick on someone else.

If I were you, I would consider those tickets useless and start saving for replacements. Sorry!

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9. Re: Anyone by Disney tickets on EBay?

Technically its not a finger print, but a measurement of your finger and there's plenty of posts on here about how accurate that system is or isn't. So lets hope your finger is the same size as the last owner of the ticket, what may be your downfall, providing the ticket is genuine and has days left is the fact its been signed, if the security guard can't get your ticket to scan properly he may ask for ID to match against the name on the ticket back. I have seen lots of people offering to buy up unused days on disney tickets so there must be a way around this problem somewhere?

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10. Re: Anyone by Disney tickets on EBay?

Generally not a good idea to buy Disney tickets on Ebay or craigslist as your fingerprint needs to match what is on the ticket. If you can cancel your payment and return them,that's probably a good idea. Also since Disney tickets are non transferable,it is a crime to use someone else's ticket