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Disney Boring If You Don't Like Thrill Rides?

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Greenville, SC
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Disney Boring If You Don't Like Thrill Rides?


My daughter (age 11) has decided to inform us that she doesn't want to go to Disney! We were shocked. Anyway, she said that she doesn't want to go because she doesn't like roller coasters, etc. She is at a tricky age in that she is too old for the kid rides and too young for many adult rides (she doesn't like thrill rides too much). So, should we go? Will she have enough to do without the thrill rides? We went to Sea World a few years ago and it was so boring just going to shows. Will we be bored at the Magic Kingdom? Are we better off going to Epcot or Animal Kingdom? Advice please! Thanks everyone!

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1. Re: Disney Boring If You Don't Like Thrill Rides?

I don´t think Disney is boring without the rides, but since Your daughter now feels thats she don´t want to go, I would maybe wait some years before I went with her to Disney again :-)

My son is 12,5 and two daughters who are 4 are nearly 7 and they all loves Disney and my son of course would like the rides, but he has a big smile on his face when he meets up with Mickey :-) He is bored when we look at shows, but there are some great shows to be seen in AK there are

Nemo and Lion King .

Tuff to be a bug/ not a ride

safariride-which is not a thrill ride, but a animal , there are tracs there to follow etc.


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2. Re: Disney Boring If You Don't Like Thrill Rides?

if you dont like seaworld you wont like animal kingdom IMO

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3. Re: Disney Boring If You Don't Like Thrill Rides?

We don't go to Disney for Thrill Rides, the Parks have a few Thrill Rides but Disney is WAY MORE than Rides

They are Theme Parks not Thrill Parks

Have her look at all the details for each Park, I am sure her days will be filled with interesting experiences

Epcot and Animal Kingdom are wonderful


PS We don't let kids decide anything until they are 18 and out of the House and paying for thier Own Holidays ! :)

Southampton, United...
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4. Re: Disney Boring If You Don't Like Thrill Rides?

OMG an 11 year old finding Disney boring! im 27 and still love every park.

Id take her to all of them still, im sure she'l like the haunted mansion, space ship earth and stitches great escape still in MK, and also Thunder mountain and the river ride.

Epcot is also a good day out, they have test track, sorin and other good rides and lots to look at, and im sure she'l like all the shops around the countrys.

Unless you all hate animals then your also like Animal kingdom, everest expedition is my frav ride, and its a lovely looking park as well.

Hollywood studios will also keep you all entertained, they have bigger rides there such as the rockin roller coaster and Towwer of Terror, and they have stunt shows as well.

Sea world have much more to it than just shows now, they have the new Manta ride, where you hang down like you flying as you go around, and also Kracken and the log ride.

I class thrill rides as Universal's, such as the Hulk and Dulling draggons, I dont know when your going, but the Harry Potter world is opening mid next year, if she's a HP fan she'l def love that.

Greenville, SC
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5. Re: Disney Boring If You Don't Like Thrill Rides?

The main reasons we didn't like Sea World was that is seemed dirty and all their shows were so similar. Once you see a few dolphins, etc. jump around there isn't much more to see. Just tired of looking at fish all day!

We aren't letting our daughter decide our vacation for us, that's for sure. I just don't want to waste our time and money going somewhere that no one wants to go. My husband could care less already so with my daughter now saying it will be boring it has made me rethink it a little (there are just the 3 of us). But I do think that once we get there our daughter will have a great time. She hasn't been since she was 4 so she really doesn't remember a lot of it.


Celle, Germany
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6. Re: Disney Boring If You Don't Like Thrill Rides?

I'm with Partypa on this one, nobody can be bored with Disney/Universal they are so much more than just rides!!! IMO And untill they turn 18 and pay there own way tough!!

My two eldest are 21 and 19 and have been paying there own way for the past few years, and we always ask if they want to come with in the hope that they dont! Doesnt happen though they bite our hand off to come with, our eldest doesnt do thrill rides in any way shape or form as he is terrified of hights, but he just loves the whole Universal experience!

Think you may have to put your foot down, or maybe bring up the subject in front of her friends, they will probably react in a positive way which may gee your daughter up!!

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7. Re: Disney Boring If You Don't Like Thrill Rides?

I'm with Carolinamom on this one. Whats the point of working and saving all year for a holiday to have it wasted by a torn faced child every day. My ideal holiday would be a house in the middle of nowhere with a full ipod, some books and a few cities in a reasonable travelling distance to visit. None of my three teenage boys would last a day without us all falling out so I'll wait until they are older and indulge myself then.

In the meantime I book a holiday that suits everyone in the family not just me because I pay for it. I don't see it as giving into the children more as a compromise and hopefully a lesson for them in how to get along and not always demanding to get their own way.

A trip to Disney would be very expensive if all you did with your admission ticket was soak up the "magic atmosphere"

denver, co
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8. Re: Disney Boring If You Don't Like Thrill Rides?

It sounds like you guys haven't been before, so it is hard to understand exactly what Disney is about. It is really about the magic and the atmosphere. When you walk in it is like walking into a world of make believe and fantasy.

11 years old is NOT too old for this. This is the kind of magic that lasts your whole life. It is nothing like any other park. I think she will love it. I understand how she would say this. 11 is an age where they think they are too big for kid stuff. But when she gets to Disney, and isn't surrounded by her friends, she will love it. She will be a kid (which she is). My daughter went through a little phase like that about 11. Then at 13 she met other girls who were really into the Disney princesses, and now they are cool again.

There is a few thrill type rides in each Disney park, but these are not really like thrill rides in other parks. They have amazing themes and tell a story. They are not just a big metal roller coaster sitting there.

All 4 Disney parks have amazing rides and really enjoyable shows. Just walking around the parks is an amazing experience. They are made with such detail.

She will love Disney. I think the whole family will.

Orlando, Florida
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9. Re: Disney Boring If You Don't Like Thrill Rides?

To be honest I have never thought of thrill rides and Disney in the same light. While there are a couple of thrill rides, Space Mountain (not open) and the Rock and Roll rollercoaster at Disney Studios, most really aren't thrill rides.

I guess the question I would ask is whether or not she has ever been to Disney? She may just not understand.

The other issue maybe be peer pressure, you know "aw, the Magic Kingdom is for babies" that kind of thing that a girl at 11 is really subject to. Maybe it is easier for her to say she does not want to go because then she can tell her friends that she is being forced to go. You never know with kids, they can be mean to each other.

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10. Re: Disney Boring If You Don't Like Thrill Rides?

Book a holiday that your daughter wants to go on. A holiday is for the whole family not for who pays for it!!