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How Many Parks in one day

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How Many Parks in one day

We are going to Orlando @ the end of August for 8 days & going by advice I've gotten from TP we are going to but the Orlando Freedom Ticket. I was just wondering would it be possible to do Universal Studios & Islands of Adventure in one day, are they right beside each other i.e. walking distance. Also would it be possible to do Magic Kingdom & Hollywood studios in one day?? I'm trying to fit in as many parks as possible in our holiday as well as shopping & Space kennedy centre. Is magic Kingdom just for kids or would it be worth going in the evening to do a few rides & also see the parade?? I'd appreciate as much advice as possible. The parks we are intending in doing are Universal, islands of Adventure, Magic Kingdom, Hollywood studios, epcot, aquatica, Seaworld. I'd apprecaite if someone could tell which of these are pos to combine together in one day?? Thank you

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1. Re: How Many Parks in one day


I haven't been there myself yet but I've been told one park a day - ESPECIALLY if you have children in the party. It all depends on wether you are going on any of the attractions I guess. I mean queueing time adds up.

If you click maps on each Disney and US sites you can get a hint on the distances. or just look them up at Google maps or Google earth.

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2. Re: How Many Parks in one day

Hi Ginger~~~~I've done Disney only,and many times. Magic Kingdom is not just for the little ones. It's the best place ever!! You could certainly visit both Magic Kingdom and Hollywood Studios in the same day, if you have a park hopper,but you won't be able to experience many of the attractions.However..if you're paying for a base ticket,I don't suggest doing more than one park,as you certainly won't get your money's worth. I think it's best to stick to one per day,if this is your first trip out. It will be VERY hot and humid,and you'll need to pace yourselves. Plus..the parks are much larger than you can imagine.I'm sure you'll be very pleasantly suprised at the sizes,and the amount of things to do.

The park hoppers are great,IMO...but I feel they're better suited for guests that have been several times,and know more about the parks,and what their favs may be.

Sorry I can't help you with Universal. I agree that google maps is a fab way to get an idea of the imense size of DisneyWorld property. It's fun to "fly overhead" and check it out! :+))

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3. Re: How Many Parks in one day

I have only been to Disney in California. It is very large yet everyone says small compared to the one in Florida.

So the first part is getting there, waiting in line to park and pay then walking or taking transportation to the park. Then you have arrived. Time to get orientanted and find a ride to go on. Then there are the shows, parades, fireworks stopping to eat ect.... It is highly unlikely that you will want to make the long trek out the park to find your car and start all over. One park a day is best.

Also depends on your mode of transportation but parking is $14.00 a day at most parks.

Universal and IOA are next to each other and you can walk between them. BUT Harry Potter is opening and sure to have long lines. Be sure to get there before they open to avoid the long lines.

The only ones I would consider doing in one day would be Seaworld and Aquatica.

Also remember that the parks are very expensive but they make sure you get your moneys worth. They have shows and you will have to plan your day when you get there depending on which shows you want to see. Other then specific rides some of the shows are the best part of the parks.

How many people are going and what age?

Sounds like you will have loads of fun.

Here to short lines and good times.

A lady on here told me she stayed at one park all day and walked 8 miles.

Maybe that will help give you an idea of how big the parks are.

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4. Re: How Many Parks in one day

Crowds toward the end of August will not be peak, but still busy. Normally you can do both parks at Universal in a long day. But, with the new Harry Potter crowds, you might be challenged.

Magic Kingdom requires and deserves a dedicated day. Previous posters are correct. MK is entertainment for every age.

I believe you can combine Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios. You can combine EPCOT and one of the water parks.

I also believe with 8 days that exhaustion will set in before you reach your third two parks in one day schedule.

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5. Re: How Many Parks in one day

Personally i dont think you can do Epcot in a single day, there is quite a bit to see and do in Future World with the Innoventions attraction and also considering the rides Soarin, The Seas with Nemo, and several other rides worth going on. Then you have the World Showcase to explore and illuminations to watch, would make for a very long day if you wanted to see and do it all, in my opinion.

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6. Re: How Many Parks in one day

I think the best advise anyone could answer you post is. ; Double your days from 8 to 16 , or better still 24. then you will just about make it all.

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7. Re: How Many Parks in one day

hi ginger..

i always to the 2 universal parks in one day we start out in island of adventure first just because it usually closes an hour before universal studios so we spend the evening in universal studios...

im not so sure that you would want to cut your day in either magic kingdom or hoolywood studios... they are both brilliant with so much to do in each one you could easily spend the full day and enjoy the nite show in each one they are worth waiting round for

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8. Re: How Many Parks in one day

Hi Ginger,

Yes you can do Universal and Islands of Adventure in one day. As one reviewer already stated start with Islands of Adventure. We did it last year and we also got an express pass for the day which was a big help ( an xtra cost but worth it in my opinion.)

In relation to Magic Kingdom, Epcot and Hollywood Studios, you will need a full day for defintely there. We had no children and we were exhausted after each day and we were only there for 10 days. Seaworld can be done in less than a day. Never got to Aquatica so don't know or the Kennedy Space Centre.

With regard to shopping the outlet centres are open untill 11 or so at night and I am sure Flordia Mall and Mall at Millenia also have late shopping hours. So for example if you arrive early enough in the day you could go to one of the shopping centres so you wont have wasted any time and the same for the day you would go to Seaworld, u can go early leave early and shop till you drop.

Hope this helps!

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9. Re: How Many Parks in one day

Have been to Disneyworld about half dozen times with our young children and been to SeaWorld twice. Only went to a small part of Universal Studios so can't comment on that. There are many variables here. We have always stayed on Disney property and if you will be coming from outside the park you will need to plan extra time. Even using Disney transportation it can take 30 to 40 minutes to get to the gate,through security,etc. I would highly recommend you stay on Disney property for the time you are doing Disney parks if at all possible-less hassle,easy to take a mid-day rest if needed,one parent can head back with some of the kids who are tired,etc.

Second variable is the heat. We just returned from Disney last week and it was miserably hot and humid. It will be worse in August so need to factor in your stamina in hot,humid weather. Some kids wilt fast in these conditions. It is also likely to rain in the afternoon in August but most people just get a waterproof poncho(for sale everywhere) and trudge on-usually brief anyway before sun pops out.

Next variable is how thoroughly you want to see the parks. If you want to optimize what you see you need to do your homework and plan very,very carefully. I recomemmend Unofficial Guide to Disney which analyzes things like which parks are busiest which days and the like. You can really cut your wait times if you understand the typical flow of crowds through the parks and adjust your itinerary accordingly. Cannot emphasize enough that if you don't play your cards right you could waste hours standing in line and see very little for your time. You must understand the FastPass system at Disney and use it wisely to avoid long waits on the big ticket rides/attractions. If you stay on Disney property you will get Magic Hours where some attractions at some parks are open only to those staying at Disney hotels-you can really cover a lot of ground in that hour due to reduced crowds.

Magic Kingdom is for all ages. There are fun kiddie rides good for everyone if you are young at heart(eg It's A Small World). There are crazy thrill rides like Space Mountain. There is a wonderful evening parade. Fireworks are nice but brief. I would think you would want to spend a whole day at MK unless you really don't like the whole Disney gig.

I think most people arrive at Animal Kingdom in the morning and leave after the parade(which is usually at 3 or 3:45. AK is actually our favorite park and the trails where you see animals are much less crowded after about 4pm. You could probably get a pretty good overview of this park in 2/3 of a day. We have never done the big thrill rides there which would add on to time you need. Highly recommend Festival of Lion King if you are only going to see one show there. Kilimanjaro Safari ride is a must but get a FastPass.

Hollywood Studios is our least favorite park. There are a variety of stunt shows and that sort of thing and a few shows(many aimed at a pretty young audience). If I were to skip one of the parks this would be it. If you are going to try to combine 2 parks in one day you could probably do it with this park.

We love EPCOT and it is huge-lots and lots of walking. FutureWorld in the front half would take 1/2 to 2/3 of a day depending on your interests. There are 3 major thrill rides here as I recall and those tend to have long lines(again you must use FastPass wisely). The back half of the park is my favorite with numerous countries represented-good food,fun shops with merchandise from the countries. We always love spending time here and would allow a half day at least if you enjoy shopping and absorbing the "international" feel. They have "Kidcot" stops for young kids which keeps them really motivated to keep trekking.

Haven't been to SeaWorld in several years but when we went with preschool age kids we were through it in less than 2/3 of a day-could probably combine it with another park if you want to make a long day of it.

Not very familiar with Universal. We went there for 1/2 day to see the Seuss stuff with little ones. Seemed to be a lot more thrill rides and more of a teen place and less of a kiddie place. They sell alcohol,etc.

Would recommend studying up and really looking closely at the Disney website re: what each park has to offer. A lot will depend on the ages and interests of those in your party.

Unless you haved trained for a trithalon you may be surprised at how exhausting it can be to do these parks day after day. My favorite way to see Disney is stay on their property and then see a park for part of the day,go back and swim and relax and then go back to a different park for the evening. You really need to schedule some down time and if you stay at a Disney resort you will be amazed at their pools and activities going on at the hotels.

Good luck!

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10. Re: How Many Parks in one day

Just returned from Orlando. Went through all Disney except water parks, both from Universal, Aquatica, SeaWorld and Busch Gardens.

Universal with a 2-park express in one day is feasible but the new rollercoaster - Rock it - is not included (dunno why). Spent 45 precious minutes in line to try it.

Magic Kingdom and Hollywood Studios - no way in one day. IMO you should separate one full day for each one. I liked the afternoon parade on MK more than the one at night.

It didn't take a full day to check Animal Kingdom and Epcot but the time remaining each day was spent shopping (outlets and Target). To do both in one day would be extremely exhausting considering hot weather and probably missing some atractions.

Aquatica was a quick pass thru but because wife is not into waterparks. Can be done in the morning and in afternoon go to Seaworld to see the animal shows. They are very close but their entrances are not opposite to each other considering the parking lots.