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Columbus, OH
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Well I guess this is my trip report for days 1 and 2. We are currently here, and I have to say for all the planning and research I did and the amount of excited I did have, I'm feeling disappointed.

Day 1 - Hollywood Studios: We arrived in MCO around 10:15am, then checked in at POFQ around 11 am. We ate a quick lunch (on the dining plan) then went to the pool for a little while (although it wasn't really warm enough for me). Then a nap. After a nap we headed to HS (took the Disney buses. Not bad but ride was a good 25 min w/ stops at POR as well). Overall I was disappointed w/ the HS park. Lots of attrations were closed, or very long lines. We managed to pose w/ Mickey for some pics, walked around a little and went to Sci-Fi Drive-In Diner for dinner (pretty good, will do a seperate review). Bought some souvinours and headed back to the hotel. Everyone was super grumpy :(, we went to bed.

Day 2 - Magic Kingdom: Slept for 11 hours! Woke up refreshed and ready for a fun day! Had a QS breakfast at POFQ. Got on the bus and headed to MK around 9am (didn't have to stop at POR so only about a 10 min ride). Got a double rental buggy for my older girls to combat any whining (...or so I thought). Parks didn't seem overly crowded but still had a lot of 'long' waits. (My husband did not want to wait longer than 15 min for a ride). We took advantage of a few fastpasses and walked onto a few rides. We had lunch at Crystal Place (w/ a reservation we still waited quite a while just to check in. Also only got to see 3 of the 4 characters but it was ok. Seperate review later). After lunch more rides and picture w/ some Princesses. Dinner at Tony's (fast and yummy. Seperate review later.) We only managed to see Adventureland and Frontierland. I was pretty sad that we didn't see more. We tried to fit in so much that we didn't take a nap and so by 8:30 some started being grumpy, I could not talk anyone into staying for the parade or fireworks! :( I wish I would have allowed 2 days for MK so that we could have taken our time and saw more and had time for naps and able to see the parade and fireworks.

Overall, so far I feel like my hubby and kids have been disappointed and not sharing in my excitement. The kids just want to go to the pool and there has been lots of whining and complaining hotel rooms too small, foods not as good, too much walking, too long of lines, too much bus transportation.....blah blah blah! We are use to All-Inclusives and cruises, so maybe WDW will take more time to get use to. Maybe we are not a WDW family? We have 4 1/2 more days, I'm gonna keep trying...so I guess we will see!

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1. Re: disappointed...

Feeling so sad for you right now :(

We have been having a great time. We were at MK today and didn't wait more than 15 minutes for anything, that is super good as compared to June when wait times were 60 minutes or more, that wasn't even the most crowded we have experienced. My assessment is that it is Very Uncrowded at Disney this week, we are loving it

Maybe the hype and excitement of the planning was too much and now you feel the excitement is lost, it is all not as dreamy as it was in your mind

I promise to give you a bit of my pixie dust tomorrow

Try and trim down what you do and see until then and take some time to just walk a bit slower, enjoy just being on a vacation, let the kids swim or play or whatever :)

Santa Clarita...
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2. Re: disappointed...

I haven't been to DW yet but just read the section in the Ultimate book that deals with kids and it actually stated that many kids prefer the pools to the parks. It also stated to get to the parks super early, leave by 11:30, go back to the hotel, nap/swim and head back to the parks later. Maybe this could help? Does your DH understand that it's a blessing to only have to wait 15 min for a ride and not the norm? It might help the overall mood if he's not grumpy too. Maybe talk to him about it. WDW is to huge that I have decided to not have too many expectations about what we will see. Anything will be iwonderful. I don't know if this is your first trip but are you using touring plans or an app to help you with wait times? Maybe that could help?

I hope it gets better! Keep us posted.

Edited: 09 September 2011, 07:21
Yorkshire Dales...
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3. Re: disappointed...

Sorry that it is not living up to your expectations. I hope that things improve for you and try slowing the pace a little you will probably see alot more by doing this. I hope the queues are only 15 mins when we go in 12 days as we have been when the queues are 90 mins.

partypa will send her pixiedust for you so hopefully things will improve.

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4. Re: disappointed...

kendallsmum..if the kids want to swim then let them..if you cant fit everything in this trip you could always come back! Relax and enjoy it..its your family holiday after all!

Aberdeen, United...
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5. Re: disappointed...

If you have a hopper, go back to MK another evening - another park morning till say 2pm, then back to the pool for 4 or 5 hours and something to eat, then MK for the parade and fireworks (which you really, really, should not miss)!

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6. Re: disappointed...

What attractions are closed at HS?!

Ventnor City, New...
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7. Re: disappointed...

Sorry your trip isn't going exactly as you'd hoped.

I don't know your kids' exact ages, but I can get an idea by the fact that you rented a double stroller.

For your kids AND your husband, the best advice I can give you is to ADJUST YOUR EXPECTATIONS. Someone else could be (and definitely is( having exactly the same experiences as you are, and they might not be disappointed by them because they have different expectations.

I'll do the short one first. Unfortunately, if your husband is going to be made unhappy by any waits over 15 minutes, then he is doomed to be unhappy at Walt Disney World. There's no way around that one.

In terms of your kids ...

One of the most frustrating things for me during our first trip (when our kids were 5 and 2.5) was that they didn't have the same sense of urgency that I did. I knew how expensive the vacation was, how little time we had, and how rare it was to be in WDW. So when they wanted to play in a playground or stay in the pool or linger in bed, I'm just going crazy telling them that they can play in a playground orswim in a pool or lay around in bed any day of the year, but we can't waste time doing any of that now because we have to experience the specialness of WDW.

Except little ones don't think that way and won't think that way. And we simply can't expect them to think that way.

On top of that, they NEED rest time, they need some idle play time. It stinks for us, but it's just one of those facts.

Hopefully, you'll be able to adjust your expectations for the remainder of your trip. You really CAN have a good time. Remember, two people can have the same experiences and one can enjoy it and one can be very frustrated, and the difference is that they expect different things from it.

I hope you're able to enjoy the rest of your time. And I can speak from experience in telling you that if you go a second time (we did it again a year later) you'll have a MUCH better time because you'll know what to expect and you'll manage things a lot better.

Medford, New Jersey
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8. Re: disappointed...

So sorry that you are disappointed on your vacation but I bet today you can get to meet Partypa and in MHO that would so make the trip!!!!. I am a first time poster and will be going in Feb. 2012. I know that I am not going to get to do everything that I have learn from this forum but do have some ADR in place. Just slow down, enjoy the time and do let the kids play in the pool. Bribe them if necessary.

New York City, New...
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9. Re: disappointed...

Sorry that you're not having a magical time. Yes, there is a lot of walking to be done in Disney as well as Seaworld and Universal. I know exactly what you mean, remembering our first time when my kids were small. Disney's double stroller rental came in handy. As far as the rides, a 15 minute wait time is nothing compared to the 30 or 60 minute wait times we had in late August. Sometimes when it reads "15 minutes," it is actually a lot less. We found that the 15 minutes wait time to Tower of Terror was actually a "walk on." I hope things get better for you. Just curious, what's closed in Hollywood Studios?

Your Grumpy sounds like my Grumpy, as a matter of fact,I bought him a couple of Grumpy shirts 2 years ago to wear when we are in Disney. My Grumpy doesn't like to wait for anything, including buses. That's why we rent a car when we go. He likes to be in control. If that makes him happy and gets me to go to Disney World, then I let him rent a car. Others love Disney bus system, but there are some who do not, especially when you go in the time of year when it is crowded.

Tonight you will see Partypa. I am sure she will advise you on how to make your stay magical. Again, I hope the remainder of your vacation gets better. :)

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for Sao Paulo
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10. Re: disappointed...

First rule pf planning: adjust!

Second rule: have a plan B

Buy Mr Grumpy a grumpy tshirt( big hit with husbands)

Relax...and enjoy....