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3 week TR of bliss... and illness lol

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3 week TR of bliss... and illness lol

WELL, I thought I should do a mini TR, since it has been a request for a few days lol. Please bear in mind, 3 weeks has sort of turned in to a "What day did I do this on again?" so this wont be one of those day 1, day 2, day 3 thingys lol. Also, I am dyslexic so I have tried to get my spelling right but im sorry if it isnt. Also, its half 3 in the morning now and im still jetlagged but I plan to get to bed in the next 15 minutes to try get out of this patern!

I have to say, I really was looking forward to going, until 2 days before when I had a major ear infection, and felt dreadful, ending up in the doctors the night before the flight... that was not fun! However, went to the airport and everything was fine, both flights (Edi > dub and Dub > MCO), and what was even more of a suprise, was no turbulance what so ever on the DUB > MCO leg, until the very end. Landed in MCO and the heavens opened up.... yey! (how many people, clap with a plane landing?! is that an Irish airline thing?!) was a perfectly normal and textbook landing. Sitting on the plane as they had a problem with the airbridge, and noticed them taking off the bags and them sitting in the rain, mine at the very top of the pile! The baggage guys were chatting away, keeping dry under some tarp which should have been used to cover the bags! Anyway, luggage is very wet when I get it, case is also damaged as the metal handle is bent but those things happen, although the wet case i was annoyed about as it had wrecked a couple of things in the case that had to be thrown out but emailed Aer Lingus who have said they will look in to it as I am not the first person on that flight to have said the same thing.

Jumped in a cab and straight to the hotel, checked in, up to the room and got a shower. Clothes on and out to walgreens (which you need a card to get most of the special offers now if you did not know, but they are free at the checkout) & a cheeky mcdonalds (when tired & need food.....)

Day 2 was really nice. Up at 4, and just took it easy, little jaunt to the marketplace and had a really good time being back, then took a boring trip to walmart (although it is quite fun too!) although getting a cab from walmart to teh hotel was fun, when the woman could not close her window... we were like, just drive, its only 10 minutes away but she spent like 15 minutes trying to get it fixed. I'd have left the cab but we did have like 30 bags in the boot so couldnt be bothered doing that. Finally, home and able to go get some food. Boy were we hungry!!!

Day 3 was Animal Kingdom, very first time of going but what a WONDERFUL park. So many wonderful shows, expecially the Lion King. I had seen the broadway show in New York a few years ago but this really was a great way to start the holiday. It's tough to be a bug made the other half jump quite a few times! haha!!

Day 4 through Day 21 are a little more of a confusing situation in my head without looking at my intiniry sheet but I do not think there was one thing we hated that we had done, although Epcot again was not exactly superb. Maybe it was due to the temperture being 110f but we felt we had enough by 2pm and left to go to the pool back at the hotel. I was not feeling great anyway. Apart from test track, I think i could leave this park out again as I hate coasters... Headed to get the bus to take us to Saratoga Springs and got off at Congress park... only to discover this sign saying the path we always take, is closed. So we think, why is it closed? Doesnt look like anythings going on, so we walk along, and exit without a problem. (We do this again leaving MK at 11:30pm, to discover lots of tarp all over the walkway, but no other way to get to the market place, and we did try to find another way, had to go past the tarp, which again, nothing was happening so we wondered why...) but seeminly they are about to start building work or something there, so I wonder now if this path will be closed for the forseeable future? Shame if so as the bus to Congress park was very handy to get to the marketplace from the parks. Any other route thats quick to get to the marketplace?

One place we went to eat, as we were starving was NY china (in LBV)... chinese buffet, and we thought, hey, why not, this cant be any worse than jimmy chungs.... boy were we wrong. Had a look at what they had to offer and it looked good on the outset. Everything was clean. Now, we were not expecting a great selection nor great quality, but we expected it to be edible.... eh, no. the chicken was not even chicken. I know food really well (Sous Chef) and I can tell it was rat. When I seen that, i put my fork down, and they gave us a $19 check.... so outraged we just left $20 and walked out. Had it been UK, i'd have spoke to manager and said no way would we pay for not eating a thing... but when you're overe, you can't really can you? We had no desire to even do anything other than leave ASAP. Are there any nice chinese in LBV without a car?

Othere places we visited were Magic Kingdom (again) although this time, coming off the people mover the heavens opened and we were hit with 60mph winds with driving rain, and the park started to flood. NOT fun but the lightning hitting off the metal around us was a little nervewrecking... We had reservations for the desert party at night. I have to say, if you are going to MK, and theres spaces still availible, do it. Its so worth it. You wont eat as much as you think but you will get a superb view of the castle and the fireworks and electrical parade too.

Seaworld was as good as I remembered from my last visit, but we knew the rain was due to come so we left early.... good job we did! Although, the taxi guy took our details, then flagged the cab down, driver was told where we were to go... asked us again, we told him and were told to get out as we were not going far enough. Next taxi guy told us he does that all the time, so he can take the other people a long way for a shotrcut to get a bigger pay and tip!

One thing about seaworld that I really liked but found was a complete waste too was Antartica. We arrived at the park for opening, yet there was already a 40 minute wait and we were one of the first to get in TO the park, so how did the ohters get in infront of us?! However after 10 minutes of waiting, the time rose to 240 minutes.... why would ANYBODY want to wait 4 hours for anything?! Ride broke down about 5 minutes after so 95% of people left the queue but we were told to either leave or stay and see the penguins which is what we did. That was amazing I have to say, but the ride looked weak when I seen what it was. I do not think we'd be impressed if we had stood for 40 minutes to do that ride, I can not imagine how people would be who wasted 4 hours to stand in a queue would be... So if you plan to do this ride, and really REALLY want to do it, go to the park for opening, and head direct there.

Aquatica I personally was not overly struck on but it was free with the DC package, but I am not a fan of water parks (only went as other half loves them) - i sat on the lounger for a fair bit :D

Discovery cove though was one of the most magical places I have been ever. Second visit but it was as good as my first, if not better. Last year we done the dolphin swim and seaventure, this year we did not bother with any of that but everything was perfect. Slightly dissapointed with the quality of the food vs the year before but I guess they are trying to cut back...

Busch Gardens though, first ever visit and i loved every second of it. Amazing trip there, and the giraffe feed was just epic.

We done so many other things, that I actaully can't remember of the top of my head!

Hollywood Studios I would say is probably my fav disney park though, I loved all the stunt shows, especially lights, motors, action! amazing how they actaully do it. Although, it was getting a little uncomfortable near the end of the day as it was 120f according to the thermometer and it felt it too! First time at that park (same with AK) but I would do them both again.

We also went to the outlets - both of them, but the vineyard ones I prefer. Both the malls too although FM was better imo due to the prices more than anything!! that said, I still only spent a fraction of what I did at the outlets!

As for food, so many places that ive never been to before but loved, such as the angus steak house and hooters, loved both places that we returned! Those places are back on the YES PLEASE list for next year...

Sunday.... due to fly home on the Tuesday, I start to feel a little unwell, but I put it down to not wanting TO go home, pre-holiday blues lol but by the Monday i had a fever, high temp, hot & cold etc... so I knew something was not right. Slept quite alot of the monday, but on the tuesday, (day we flew) i went to Walgreens to talk to the medical ppl, who told me to take Vitimin C.... SERIOUSLY?! Turns out, I have an ear infection (yes, i had one 2 days before i left..., and 2 days before I leave again) plus a virus (need antibiotics, ear drops and paracetomal - pharmacsist here laughed at her "take VC"). So we go to the airport, and I though i'd ask the staff if they thought i could fly as I felt like i could but I was feeling horrid but they said it was safe so I did... home and just been feeling yucky ever since. Last thing i wanted to do was put anybody at risk but they said people fly with flu etc.. all the time, that they were extremly thankful for me asking and being conciderate to my fellow passangers.

Things we wanted to do but didnt were Universal and IOA, plus I wanted to do KSC again but we had no time. 3 weeks and we ran out of time! shock!!! To be fair, we never seen the lights show at Epcot or what its called and we have missed that twice now but is it worth it to go and see? Ive no idea. Also Fantasmic at HS but we were tired by the end of HS we had to get our bus too.

Currently planning the 2014 holiday but this time, we will be going a little earlier than July, and thinking end of May in to June, as the weather hopefully will be a little settled plus won't be as hot, and i HOPE won't be as busy either. Just need to work out if I need to make it a little longer than 3 weeks and maybe add on an extra couple of days to make it 3 and half... although if I had my way, i'd make it 5 or 6 but I have to also listen to SWMBO (although she said 2 weeks.... which is not enough by far IMO) - ill start at 6 she goes 2, ill go 5 she stays 2, ill go 4 she goes 3 ill go 3.5 - problem solved :D

Overall - best part of the holiday - DC, wishes, Giraffe feeding, HS and a few other things that my brain has lost oh and DIPPIN DOTS!!!!

worst part - that chinese!

Mini TR my backside! Oh well, if you're still awake then wow, kudos to you but if you're sleeping then Ive just cured your insomnia, now the next time you can't sleep, just read the first few paragraphs and it will be better than counting sheep!! zzzzzzz

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1. Re: 3 week TR of bliss... and illness lol

Interesting read. Hope u feel better. I saw the fireworks at Epcot. Next I would DEFINITELY see them! Such an amazing show.

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2. Re: 3 week TR of bliss... and illness lol

Really good report, thanks hope your feeling better. I know what you mean about epcot, we really struggle to stay there all day but the lights and fireworks are worth seeing. We go April 2014 and i said i wanted to try a Chinese buffet this time but i think i will give it a miss yuk!! You have made me want to go back to bush gardens, I've only been once and that was 10 years ago the giraffes sound amazing. Shame you didn't get to go to universal, you will have to put it in the top of your list for next year. Happy planning

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3. Re: 3 week TR of bliss... and illness lol

Enjoyed reading your TR.. hope you feel better soon!

Blackwood, United...
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4. Re: 3 week TR of bliss... and illness lol

Good TR. Hope you get rid of jet lag soon.

Birmingham, UK
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5. Re: 3 week TR of bliss... and illness lol

Thanks for your TR. I hope you recover from the ear infection & jet lag soon.

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6. Re: 3 week TR of bliss... and illness lol

Great report!

Basingstoke, United...
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7. Re: 3 week TR of bliss... and illness lol

Thanks so much for taking the time to do your trip report. Hope you are feeling better.

Always exciting to read what others get up to.


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8. Re: 3 week TR of bliss... and illness lol

Good trip report.. I think people who stay at Seaworld partner hotels get in the park an hour early which is why there was already a queue for antartica..

north devon
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9. Re: 3 week TR of bliss... and illness lol

Loved your tr

NO CHINESE for me then, Epcot fireworks are not to be missed best in my opinion have been trying to get my husband to see these on our last 2 trips but still didn't make it.

Brisbane, Australia
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10. Re: 3 week TR of bliss... and illness lol

Thanks for sharing your trip with us. I hope you are feeling better real soon.

We will be there for 5 weeks next May, might run into you :-)