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Thomson Dreamliner!?!

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Thomson Dreamliner!?!


So we were due to fly with Monarch next May however our travel agent called to say that Monarch are no longer flying this route so we have been change to Thomson Dreamliner - premium class.

I'm quite excited as I know they are new and have some really cool features and gadgets but does anyone have a real life review!?!

Also what are the in flight meals like on the Dreamliner?


T x

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1. Re: Thomson Dreamliner!?!

Have you checked you are definatly in premium class as I got offered an upgrade to premium but when I booked my seats I just had extra legroom in economy Not happy paid £350 extra! Got a refund and an apology but that's it! Not happy being lied to by a rep from Thompson.

Berkshire, England
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2. Re: Thomson Dreamliner!?!

Can't help with what the Dreamliner is like but IMHO all airline food is pretty dire.

Falkirk, Scotland
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3. Re: Thomson Dreamliner!?!

Just returned from a week in Mexico. Outbound flight was delayed by ten hours due to a software failure; they couldn't fix the Dreamliner so they had to fly another plane down from Manchester to Gatwick. We sat in the terminal all day. Inbound flight delayed by four hours due to condensation causing a cable to malfunction - we sat on the plane whilst they desperately tried to repair this before the crew ran out of hours. Needless to say, we were not impressed and wouldn't choose to travel on the Dreamliner again. Most of the features they keep promoting (speed, fuel-economy, etc., don't really benefit the passenger in a practical sense).

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4. Re: Thomson Dreamliner!?!

Hi I doubt you will be in premium class probably economy as thomson charge quite a bit for there premium

Watford, United...
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5. Re: Thomson Dreamliner!?!

Needless to say, we were not impressed and wouldn't choose to travel on the Dreamliner again. Most of the features they keep promoting (speed, fuel-economy, etc., don't really benefit the passenger in a practical sense).


Hopefully the 600 Euro per person compensation you are due will more than make up for the delay.

Fuel efficiency benefits everyone and you will also find that the larger windows, decent leg room and mood lighting benefits passengers in the practical sense.

The Dreamliner is a top notch aircraft.

Basildon, United...
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6. Re: Thomson Dreamliner!?!

We flew on the Dreamliner from Gatwick to Sanford on 31st July this year. I am a nervous flyer and for me this was the best flight I'd ever been on. We were in economy row 16 on the way out and row 13 on way back.

Seats were very comfortable and great leg room. In flight entertainment was great, crew lovely and food was ok too. It was a stir fry on the way out with noodles , can't remember what was served on way back but I know I ate it all so couldn't have been that bad!

It was definitely quieter during take off and landing but once at cruising speed I didn't really notice the plane was any quieter than normal. On the way home the captain said we would be encountering turbulence over Newfoundland and expect the seat belt sign to come on. I didn't like the sound of that! Anyway right on queue the seatbelt sign came on but it was fine. A little bumpy but pretty smooth actually. The only way I could describe it compared to previous flights is, driving on a bumpy road in an old fiesta, then drive over same road in a new 4x4. Bumps still there but much more pleasant ride.

The best thing for me though was the amount of space inside the plane. Not feeling like your in a tin tube made me feel so much safer. I didn't realize what a difference to me that would make!

If the price was right for me and my family, I'd choose the Dreamliner every time.

Happy to answer any further questions

West Kilbride...
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7. Re: Thomson Dreamliner!?!

We flew from Glasgow in July on one of the 1st flights. It was ok, good legroom which was great, however apart from that and maybe a bit less turbulence, it was just another flight. The Thomson service was pretty rubbish imo, and the food wasn't that great. My 6yr old was served sweet & sour :( and we had a noodle stiryfry thing in the way out. Didn't eat our meal on the way back, can't remember what it was, but it looked pretty vile.

Rotherham, United...
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8. Re: Thomson Dreamliner!?!

I flew to Sanford and back in sept/ oct on the dreamliner. I'm a very nervous flyer but I found it great. The cabin crew were lovely and the seats were very comfy (we were in row 11). It was the smoothest flight I've ever been on, you can hardly feel or hear it take off !! The meals were pretty good for plane food, we had a chicken dish with rice going out, with a pasta salad dish to start. On the return flight it was like a beef stew with dumplings, I ate them both and am pretty fussy. Plus you get a snack both ways (a sandwich and a muffin and smoothy on the way home.)

We took off bang on time both ways, but I guess that's luck. If I was going longhaul again I'd definitely book the dreamliner again.

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9. Re: Thomson Dreamliner!?!

We flew on the Dreamliner for our flight to Mexico 2 weeks ago. It's nothing to shout about really... Just a newer plane with a few gimmicks. Yes the space is lovely but nothing else really stood out for us.. We certainly wouldn't pay extra to travel on it again and we personally preferred flying with virgin when we went to Florida last year.

Everyone has different opinions but we weren't overly impressed if I'm honest


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10. Re: Thomson Dreamliner!?!

Excellent Dreamliner experience from Sep/Oct Manchester to Sanford. We flew premium, and do most of the time we take a long haul flight. Have flown Virgin, Thomson and BA regularly. I searched for informative Dreamliner reviews prior to our holiday and got fed up with reading that a plane is a plane! The premium seats and legroom is comfortable, only frustrating thing was the centre console containing the IFE screen, it is only a few inches from the seats in front, so anyone who is larger than average or slightly infirm may struggle to clamber past the console if sat in the window seat. We saw people asking the person in front to un-recline their seat back to enable them to get in/out.

Take off was noticeably smoother and quieter than normal, turbulence did seen minimal. Food/drinks were fine, luck of the draw as to whether you like what is on offer or not.

Cabin crew were very good, helpful to those who needed, particularly those travelling with children. The Captain seemed very proud of the aircraft and its technology, he provided some interesting info.

One thing that was different was the freshness we felt, even after the night flight back, the cabin was not as stuffy and dry as on regular aircraft and that makes for a more pleasant experience.

The cabin does feel spacious, overhead luggage bins are large and plentiful and sit higher which adds to the feeling of space.

Previous problems of delays etc due to technical problems have been an issue for some, but that is true of many aircraft, we have suffered many delays, fortunately not this time!

It was a nice part of our usual fabulous Florida holiday and would not hesitate to fly Dreamliner with Thomson again.