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What would be your 1 secret tip be?

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What would be your 1 secret tip be?

Hi, me and my partner go to Disney World in 2 weeks and have seen many tips online. Please share your favorite tip for Disney World that might not be well known to help us make this trip as amazing as possible.

Many Thanks :-)

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1. Re: What would be your 1 secret tip be?

Not a secret but.....get there early!!!! You will be able to do a lot of the big attractions without much wait.

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2. Re: What would be your 1 secret tip be?

Yep, that's my best secret as well.

Be an "early bird" and get up and going with the chickens. Be ready to go when "the rope drops" each day at the parks, no matter how early that may be.

Also, if you don't care about seeing them at all, spend "parade time" riding the rides in areas away from the parade route. Just be sure you're no where near the route else you'll get caught up in those crowds.

One more is plan on eating "off hours" of the norm when going to quick-service places. You'll find the wait time will be much shorter and tables easier to find.

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3. Re: What would be your 1 secret tip be?

I think that goes for pretty much everywhere here.

Get to the parks early. Eat at non peak times.

Getting an lunch at 11:00am is far less stressful than trying to go somewhere for dinner later on a Saturday Night. Less crowds, less wait, better service.

New Jersey
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4. Re: What would be your 1 secret tip be?

Here are a few that have helped us out on various trips, not terribly "secret" but worth knowing:

1. Eat at off times- if you have lunch at noon or dinner at 6, the restaurant will be swarming. We like to have lunch closer to 3 and dinner later, around 8. Then while most people are sitting down to dinner, we are able to get a lot of rides done. If we get hungry in between, we grab ice cream, popcorn, or other treats.

2. Skip the first evening parade- if the parade is offered twice (say, at 8pm and 10pm) the earlier one always seems to be more crowded. Staying later there is a better chance of scoring a good viewing spot.

3. Don't leave before you have to- in my experience, many rides allow people into the queue right up to closing time. So if the park closes at 9pm and it is 8:45, make a beeline for your favorite attraction and you just might be able to get on one last time with little to no wait. (There are some exceptions though, as some attractions close earlier than the rest of the park so be sure to check a times guide.)

And a continuation of #3... if you are leaving the park right around closing time, especially after the fireworks, there can sometimes be a "bottleneck" and lots of foot traffic. We prefer to stake out a seat or browse in a shop until most of heavy flow has gone by.

4. Don't be afraid to request your favorite spot- We prefer to ride Thunder Mountain in the very last car, and we have found that if you don't mind waiting a few extra minutes, the cast members will accomodate you.

And last but not least....

5. Always use the restroom before getting on a long line!!

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5. Re: What would be your 1 secret tip be?

Free ice water. Any food location that has fountain soda will provide you with a cup of ice water for free. There is no need to waste money on overpriced bottled water. I usually bring an empty bottle into the park and refill it at meal time with my free water or use a fountain.

Use the single rider lines. You're not going to be talking during Rockn Roller Coaster, Expedition Everest, or Test Track so why not?

Skip the interactive queue at Haunted Mansion. It is much quicker to stay to your right and keep moving.

Elk Grove Village...
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6. Re: What would be your 1 secret tip be?

The crowds at Magic Kingdom drop significantly after the fireworks. On nights that it is open late, the crowds are thin and the lines are short late at night.

If you don't want to wait a long time for a front row spot for a parade, head toward Frontierland. You can often find a place right along the rope just 10-15 minutes before the parade starts.

Interact with the cast members. More than once we've had someone do something extra for us (that we didn't ask for or expect) just because we were friendly.

Brookneal, Virginia
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7. Re: What would be your 1 secret tip be?

As Gleece said "Be friendly".

That is #1- talk with people you meet, not just cast members but other folks.

SMILE. Let irritations roll off your back- you are on vacation.

#2 Don't let the electronic gadgets take you away from your family.

It's amazing how often you see families or couples where one of them has a phone glued to their ear or to their eyes. Nothing electronic gets to interrupt my time with my family on vacation.

I don't really care how long that lines are at ______ ride across the park, on the Disney ride iphone app- I am not touring commando style so I don't care.

We do not even take our cell phones with us. I don't need to be reached by anyone- I am on vacation.

Hope your trip is magical~

Falkirk, United...
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8. Re: What would be your 1 secret tip be?

Use sunscreen - even at this time of year - and don't underestimate how tired you're going to feel after hours of walking around the parks in the heat...pace yourself and take plenty of breaks.

Elk Grove Village...
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9. Re: What would be your 1 secret tip be?

Another important tip. Filter all of the advice you receive through your understanding of what you and your family like and what you think makes a good vacation. Just because something is good advice for someone else doesn't necessarily mean it's good advice for you. For example, one of the most common pieces of advice is to get to the parks for rope drop because the crowds are generally smaller. However, as good as that advice may be for others, it doesn't work for us. My preschoolers are late sleepers. When you add in the time change, in order for us to make rope drop, we'd need to wake them up an hour and a half or two hours earlier than normal. We would pay for that later in the day with very grumpy kids. So as good as the advice to get to the park early is, for our particular family it is more important to show up later so that we have happy kids all day long. Make sure that you think about how the advice is going to work for your specific family before you actually use it.

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10. Re: What would be your 1 secret tip be?

When you get to the entrance, tell the CM that " Cruella sent me" and you get in free.