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Aussies doing Orlando...Day 27 Epcot

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Brisbane, Australia
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Aussies doing Orlando...Day 27 Epcot

Sorry this is late up!! We had a VERY late night last night & I didn't get the chance to get this finished & posted. Will work on today's later & hopefully it will be posted later tonight ;-)

Woke up feeling even worse :-( Another visit to Walgreens & the pharmacist recommended DayQuil/NyQuil as it works quickly! Fingers crossed!!!!

Off to our Denny's breakfast $16 with eat & play card. DS had 4 choc chip pancakes, DD kids choc chip pancakes with double bacon, DH 2 coffees & I had grand slam with double bacon, eggs & hash browns.

We were a bit later arriving to Epcot than we wanted to be (thanks to having to stop at Walgreens)! but we did arrive right on opening so it wasn't too bad. Made our way straight to Soarin for our FP. It was already a 95 minute wait for standby!!!! Far out!!!! Anyway this was our first time on this ride. We all really liked it however we also all agreed it's not worth a long wait!!! By the time we got out it was a 160 minute wait!! Ludicrous!!!

We did a spot of souvenir shopping at Mouse Gears before heading over to Innoventions. We separated here for a bit as DS wanted to try Sum of all Thrills & DD wanted Belle's autograph. On our way to World Showcase DD & I, both soda lovers, stopped in to Club Cool. We tried all the flavours & liked most. Of course we hated Italy's Beverly!!! OMG that stuff is bad!!!! Our favourite was Zimbabwe as it reminded us of our red creaming soda at home. We went back for more later with DH & DS & made DH try Beverly!!! Haha he hated it too lol. DS is one of the only children on Earth who doesn't like soda!!

DD & I got to World Showcase early so waited at the rope. We only waited about 10 minutes then when the ropes came down we walked fast to the end of the France pavilion to wait for Belle. A mother with her kid in a stroller wasn't happy that my DD could walk faster than her so she ran!! Seriously??!! Is it really that big a deal to be the first one in line!!! She even went to the bother of saying to her kid "Aren't you happy that you are first in line" right in front of us!!!! We didn't even flinch. She wasn't going to upset us!!

Once we got Belles autograph & a photo we went into Japan as we wanted to do pick a pearl. We got one for both nannys (grandmothers) at home, 1 for DD & 2 for me (I wanted to make mine into earrings). It is so cool how they make a ceremony of it & I found this awesome!! The pearl experience was $17 for one choice of oyster. Having mine set as earrings was $9.50 & we put the other 3 onto charms to put onto a necklace. DD chose a dolphin & we got four lead clovers for the two nannys :-) They were able to be picked up about 3 hours later. While we were getting them DH & DS walked in. DS was able to take the last pick which was for DH's mum & he chose the rare blue/gray pearl!!! They were all lovely!!

DH took DD to meet Mary poppins, who she has been dying to meet as she just loves her!! DS waited with me while we finished at the pearl place. We met up with DH & DD coming towards us as we were on our way to meet them at Mary Poppins (UK). They came, while people were lined up waiting & took the sign down saying no Mary Poppins at all today!!!! WTF??? Really!!! Cause your times guide says she will be there!!! Grrr. One very upset DD :-(

We went for lunch at Seasons. We really like the good in there. $38 for 2 adult meals, 1 water, 1 soda & 1 kids meal (DS wasn't hungry....??? Surprise surprise)!! DS wanted to do Sum of all Thrills again with DD but the line was too long. An hours wait. He said it wasn't worth it. So the kids & I did the Storm Struck show while DH took our shopping to the car.

DS decided he was peckish now and he wanted a USA funnel cake!! So as it was almost time to get the pearls we began our trek around to USA. The World Showcase is SO big!!!! Far out its massive lol. So both kids got a funnel cake, DH a beer & me a water & we sat on the seat near the lake & took a little break! Then, all powered up again we went a little further to Japan & got our pearls. They looked fantastic :-)

The kids conspired & asked if we could do Maelstrom. So we lined up...it was about 10-15 mins wait. It's a bit blah...certainly not worth a fastpass!!!! DD also begged us to do the Mexico boat ride on the way past. We'd not done this one before so we did it. It's very cute & well done...a lot of effort!

Back through Club Cool on our way out. I was really dragging my feet by now. They'd noticed all day how I was always lagging behind. Desperate for a rest!!!! Once home we all had a relax (me in bed for half an hour) then went out to the pool area. The hot tub was so nice on my tired legs!! 45 minutes later we were having showers to get ready for dinner at Longhorns.

We started with the pub pretzel bread (yummo) & DH & DS shared the west side shrimp. For our meals DD & I shared a full rack of baby back ribs, DS had a half rack (shared 2 appetisers so couldn't fit a full rack in lol) & DH had pork chop. 1 Bud light lime, 1 kids OJ & 2 waters, $100 incl tip.

After dinner we drove over to Hollywood studios for the Fantasmic show. We were yet to see it, so I made the decision to soldier on & go!! We went through the line at about 7:45 for a 9:00 show!!! It was already so busy inside, we're glad we did!!! We got popcorn, fairy floss (cotton candy), beer & waters $18 & killed time chatting. It felt like it went slow but finally it was time for the show to start!!

It was good. I personally liked Illuminations better, DH likes Universals Cinematic better & DS Wishes but DD said it was her favourite show!! Glad we did it ;-)

It was absolute chaos getting out of there!! It's not very well thought out with the exit system here, which is unlike Disney! We decided to make our way straight back to TOT. We wanted to do it in the dark!! It was awesome. It scares the beejeebers out of me but I love it now!!! I just love that free falling feeling & losing my tummy!! One of my faves :-)

I was practically sleep walking & as DH had had a few beers I had to drive. I didn't think my eyes would stay open....but they did!! Unfortunately of all nights we caught in the roadworks on the 192!! It took us over half an hour to go about 4-5 miles!!!!! It was 11:30 when we got home!!! All shattered & straight for bed.

Tomorrow is Typhoon Lagoon. Our first Disney water park! 2 very excited kids. We love water parks :-) We frequent ours at home!!!

Thanks for reading & hanging in this long with our trip. It's definitely been the trip of a lifetime for our kids!! We saved long & hard for this that is why we are not going without anything & we're doing as much as we are!!

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1. Re: Aussies doing Orlando...Day 27 Epcot

Hope you're feeling better soon, awful being ill on holiday.

It sounds like a trip of a lifetime and I've been enjoying reading along with it.

Swindon, United...
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2. Re: Aussies doing Orlando...Day 27 Epcot

Sounds like a great day although hopefully you will be feeling better tomorrow! I really want to do pick a pearl but we arent doing Disney so don't think I can :( out of interest do you remember how much it was for the necklaces you had some of the pearls fitted into?

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3. Re: Aussies doing Orlando...Day 27 Epcot

Yet again bloody brilliant TR.

Hope you get better soon

Kelso, United...
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4. Re: Aussies doing Orlando...Day 27 Epcot

You know what they say AJ - feed a cold lol

Hope the drugs have kicked in and you're feeling better now

Will be sorry when your TRs come to an end :-((

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5. Re: Aussies doing Orlando...Day 27 Epcot

I love the way your are making the most of every opportunity. I was wondering when your report would pop up tonight! Such a shame you're not feeling great - so unfair! X

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6. Re: Aussies doing Orlando...Day 27 Epcot

...You sound like you just need a good rest !!! My gosh ~~you're "The Energizer Bunnies" You need to un-plug for a bit :)

But is soooo great reading all of you dayz adventures :)


Manchester, United...
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7. Re: Aussies doing Orlando...Day 27 Epcot

Bee waiting for this all day lol!! I'm sad I know. But I love the way you write. I haven't commented on every1, but have been reading along. Will be sad when you go home.

Fife, United Kingdom
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8. Re: Aussies doing Orlando...Day 27 Epcot

Get well soon AJ! I remember my husband getting those drugs on our honeymoon and he declared them miracle workers! We'll be stocking up in October lol! What a shame for your DD with Mary Poppins, not like Disney!

Harlow, United...
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9. Re: Aussies doing Orlando...Day 27 Epcot

Wishing you better AJ. Was very strange not seeing your TR until this evening. Lol shows how avidly I'm following your family fun :)) enjoy TL tomorrow x

Brisbane, Australia
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10. Re: Aussies doing Orlando...Day 27 Epcot

You guys are all just the sweetest :-)

enielle....I'm sorry I meant to put that price in!! It was also $9.50ea for the pendants. Haha I forgot what they were called before...they're not charms!!! Dah!!! Lol

We managed to do Typhoon Lagoon today even with me running on about 70%. I'll put the post up later tonight. Keep your eye out to see what we thought...

Yep the drugs are kicking in (a bit)!! Hoping to wake up better tomorrow!