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Aussies doing Orlando...Day 28 Typhoon Lagoon

Brisbane, Australia
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Aussies doing Orlando...Day 28 Typhoon Lagoon

Finally here's the next instalment....yesterday's! Enjoy all :-)

Up at 6:45 & I felt yuk!! As I got myself ready I began to feel a tiny bit better....enough that I knew I'd get through the day.

We had our usual breakfast then we were on our way to a Typhoon Lagoon. Let me just say again how easy it is to get around. Everything is so well signed :-) We don't need a GPS for getting around here day to day that's for sure!!

Got to TL. It is such a beautiful looking park....so very well themed with an immaculate upkeep. We were visually impressed. We had pre-booked loungers with an umbrella in a private area. Not necessary but we liked the idea of our digs already waiting for us rather than having to fossick around to find somewhere. The $40 hire included a locker, 4 towels to use, 2 beach chairs, 2 loungers & an umbrella. Not an expense we begrudged at all :-)

We immediately set off to start some slides. It was really quiet...I mean there was literally hardly anyone there!!! Oh yeah baby!!!! Lol So we started with Gangplank Falls (big family raft ride)....no wait at all!!! It was...well let's just say very tame. The one we have at our water park at home is called Mammoth Falls & I did it once with my family & never again!! It is so so so high I nearly fainted three times on the way up the dam stairs....seriously they just kept going up & up & up!!! Anyway slightly off track lol....So from there we did the 2 slides that are right next to it. Mayday Falls & Keelhaul Falls - no wait! Mayday Falls is a single ruder tube & is bumpy & made us laugh but again it as very tame!!! They both were.

We headed to Humunga Cowabunga next. This is like a vertical speed slide. There was no wait at all here either!! The kids & DH loved it...I wasn't that impressed. Still can't believe I did it!! I got water up my nose, a wedgie at the end & my tankini ended up around my armpits!!! So, no thanks I won't go again I told them ;-) Also I only admitted to them at dinner that I stuck my toes out the side to run along the slide to slow myself down lol It was too fast & I'm a wus!!! It burnt my toes though lol so I had to stop, that's when I hurtled to the end with water up my nose & my swim shorts up my butt!!!!! Lmao

After that catastrophe we did the Storm Sliders (typical water slides) then over to Crush n Gusher. When we were about to head up the top they stopped the water on all 3 slides here as two kids got stuck & were walking out of the slide. So them a worker had to walk through all 3 slides to make sure they were clear before anyone could ride. This was the longest wait we had!! Anyway, again we thought this ride was meh. Maybe we are spoilt by our water parks at home. We have some super dooper slides & they are WAY better than what we experienced today.

Now we jumped into the lazy river & floated around in our tubes. There was loads of tubes...but again the park wasn't busy yet. After a relax on the lazy river we braved the wave pool!! This was defs our favourite thing!! How cool are those big whopper waves :-) The kids loved them. DD would clap & squeal with delight when the big one started haha. We realised while sitting in here talking that we had done all of the slides already. The only thing we hadn't done was the reef swim but because we did this at DC on Sunday we gave it a miss. It was 10:10. We'd been in the water for an hour!!! All slides done!!!! So if there's a top for anyone going to the after parks, it's get there early!!!! I decided that I'd had enough of being wet while being unwell so I went to get dried & changed while DH took the kids for more slides. You may have noticed that we are not the type of parents to let our kids out of our sights. We feel that they are ours, we chose to have them so we are responsible for them. The only time they've been away from us this holiday was on the cruise the one time when they went to the kids club. Each to their own, but that's just us. We would never forgive ourselves if something happened to them & one of us wasn't with them. That's just the way we are :-)

Right back to TL. Please don't think I'm criticising but we just didn't love it. The theming & aesthetic maintenance of the place is a 10/10!! The slides were just a bit of a let down. Like I said, I guess we were expecting along the lines of what we have at home. I could see though, that it could be a very very relaxing day here...if you were feeling 100% & could just get in & out if the water!!! Lol

We were all changed & left the park at 12:00. We have no regrets :-) We loved our few hours there but we wouldn't go back if we had a spare day. We are doing Blizzard Beach Saturday, so we'll see about that one.

We headed to Millers for lunch then. So yummy!! We love it here :-) DH had the steak, DD the kids burger, DS the kids chicken tenders & Me the adult serve of chicken tenders (should've got kids serve lol).

DH & I had the Pot stickers to start. We just adore these!! DH indulged a little with 3 beers ;-) (why on earth not hey), the rest of us had waters. Then it was our turn to indulge....kids shared the chocolate pounder cake & I had the Jacks Buried treasure I've cream cake!!! $80 incl tip. Best lunch ;-)

After lunch we were going to pop over to Epcot for Mary Poppins but we were too late. We went to the Nike shops along 192 instead as DH wasn't finished yet lol!! A big storm started coming over. It looked ferocious right up until dinner time but all we got was a few spots of rain & a couple of rumbles of thunder.

Finally we got home to do some washing/packing & then relax :-) aah just what I needed!! Dinner was later tonight at Cracker Barrel due to having a big lunch at Millers (7:30pm). $46 incl tip!!!! Wow! What good value & it was good honest, hearty food!! DH had the chicken fried steak, I had the chicken fried chicken, DS had the kids chicken tenders & DD had the kids burger with cheese. Drinks were 1 water, 1 coke & 2 milkshakes.

Home to have a somewhat early night. We have an early start for rope drop at MK tomorrow as we've not seen the opening ceremony yet :-) The burning question is...will we make it??

Thanks for reading guys!! 3 & a half days to go ;-)

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1. Re: Aussies doing Orlando...Day 28 Typhoon Lagoon

Another great TR AJ - thanks for posting. Sorry you weren't all that impressed with TL :-(

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2. Re: Aussies doing Orlando...Day 28 Typhoon Lagoon

Another fab report You seem to feeling a bit better Craker Barrell is great value we go there also Last year was our first time we made opening ceremony at MK it's really nice Looking forward to your report tomorrow 31/2 days to go will really miss reading your adventures

Chicago, Illinois
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3. Re: Aussies doing Orlando...Day 28 Typhoon Lagoon

Thanks for sharing your adventures...love your reports. This one had me laughing out loud...probably not a good thing since I'm at work, but "oh well". Tankini around the armpits...shorts up the butt (priceless)!! Can hardly wait for the next installment.

Harlow, United...
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4. Re: Aussies doing Orlando...Day 28 Typhoon Lagoon

Another great report AJ. Agree with you wholeheartedly about the children. Very refreshing to hear the same attitude :)) xx

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5. Re: Aussies doing Orlando...Day 28 Typhoon Lagoon

I haven't been to TL in 10 years or more. Every time we go it's shut but from what I can remember the only thing I enjoyed in TL was the wave pool. Blizard beach has one but it's tame. Glad you're feeling a little better.

Kelso, United...
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6. Re: Aussies doing Orlando...Day 28 Typhoon Lagoon

Nothing wrong with looking out for your kids AJ , we've got a juniors open event at our golf club next week, it's always a pain, the kids run wild and the parents sit on the patio drinking grrrr

Good to hear you're feeling better, enjoy your last few days

Fife, United Kingdom
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7. Re: Aussies doing Orlando...Day 28 Typhoon Lagoon

Shame it wasn't your cup of tea AJ, bargain at Cracker Barrel though!

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8. Re: Aussies doing Orlando...Day 28 Typhoon Lagoon

Another fab report. Completely agree re the children, we are the the same with out two little ones x

Swindon, United...
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9. Re: Aussies doing Orlando...Day 28 Typhoon Lagoon

Another terrific write up

I agree typhoon lagoon good for 1/2 day leaves the rest of the day free for shopping. Result !

Valley Stream, NY
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10. Re: Aussies doing Orlando...Day 28 Typhoon Lagoon

3 1/2 days left!! I'm really going to miss these reports :(

The first time we went to Typhoon it was mid August, we waited foreverrrrrrrrrrrrr on line for the family tube ride, we could not believe it was all of 5 seconds I think, they really need to redo that one...lol We have a great water park here, tons of slides, something new every year, so we're spoiled. We did enjoy Wet n Wild though, that's why I recommend it (some say it has no "theme" but who cares the rides/slides are great). Love Cracker Barrel, wish we had one here.

Glad you seem a bit better.