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Motion issues // What to do - what to skip at IOA/Universal

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St. Louis, MO
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Motion issues // What to do - what to skip at IOA/Universal

OK -- I'm 53 and used to love spin rides and every roller coaster on the planet. Since age 40 though, each year more and more rides are just not that fun for me (motion sickness, too jerky, feel discombobulated). On our next Orlando trip (December, the week before Christmas week) we are doing one day at Universal / IOA, mostly to hit the Harry Potter stuff, but will be able to fit in a handful of other attractions. I'm looking for advice on which of the attractions on the list below I should do and which I should skip, given susceptibility to motion sickness and not enjoying being twisted and turned too much. Others in our party will be doing all of these, and I'll just skip and wait for them at the exit.

Here's what I like / don't like at other parks in case that helps you make recommendations for me:

These days (how sad) -- I love smooth and fast, but that's about it. Still do the Manta at SeaWorld because I love that beginning loop that almost takes your breath away. I skip the Kracken now, though, as it doesn't do anything for me, and the Wild Artic simulator ride makes me feel sick. All I really like at Cedar Point now is the short, fast, smooth Top Thrill Dragster (120 miles per hour) - my all time favorite coaster still, the old time wooden Blue Streak, and the drop ride the Power Tower (love the lamer, but wonderfully themed Tower of Terror at Disney too). The fast steel coasters are OK also. The ones that really do me in now are inverted coasters like Cedar Point's Raptor, Busch Garden's Montu, and the twisty Wicked Twister at Cedar Point. I actually now don't like any of the coasters at Busch including the ShieKra that used to be a favorite. // I still do all the coasters at Disney except for Expedition Everest. Rock n Roller coaster is really too jerky for me, but I love Aerosmith, so riding a coaster with Aerosmith tunes playing is worth a ride. PIus I don't have any motion sickness problems with that one either. // Tame stuff like Space Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain, etc. are still fun.

So here's a list of a handful of things at IOA/Universal we'll be doing other than a few shows and HP visual / look at areas, and what I was planning to do vs. skip. Please let me know your opinions (Should I do some I was planning to skip? Should I skip some I was planning to do?)

My day at Universal / IOA

-- First of all I'm going to do something I've never done at a theme park before -- wear those wrist bands you wear on cruises to help avoid motion sickness. They help me on cruises, helicopter rides, small plane rides, small boats, so why not coasters.

At Universal:

-- Will try Escape from Gringotts (just because I really want to see it). I realize I might feel a little motion sickness) // I want to limit what I do that might give me motion sickness, though.

-- Assuming Twister is fine

-- Assuming E.T. is fine


-- planning to skip the Dragon Challenge (looks like one of those inverted coasters that I don't care for anymore.)

-- Forbidden Journey (Like Gringotts, I plan to do it, just because I really want to see it. But I expect I might feel a little motion sickness.

-- Amazing Adventures of Spiderman -- ?? (Should I skip it, as it's a simulator like Wild Artic at SeaWorld, and that definitely doesn't work for me??)

-- Incredible Hulk -- looks like one of those steel coasters with a design similar to the Millennium Force at Cedar Point that aren't too bad, so thought I'd be fine with this.

Appreciate opinions and comments. Thanks.

York, United Kingdom
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1. Re: Motion issues // What to do - what to skip at IOA/Universal

I did the WWoHP for the second time and left me feeling a little motion sick, nothing major but noticeable. I tend to start feeling it on most motion simulators though.. Especially the Simpsons rides. I still do them though because it isn't an overwhelming motion sickness and they are just amazing compared to anything in the UK. with a little preparedness I think you'd be okay.., better than skipping them surely!

Good luck


York, United Kingdom
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2. Re: Motion issues // What to do - what to skip at IOA/Universal

Oh and the hulk is great, but the further back you go in the car I've noticed it to be more jerky.


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3. Re: Motion issues // What to do - what to skip at IOA/Universal

Hi I too suffer from motion sickness and on reading various TR post someone from the US mentioned Dramamine which you take one tablet and it last 24 hrs and stops the dreaded motion sickness I looked on google search and low and behold Amazon uk now sell them They are delivered from US at no extra cost 8 tablets non drowsy formula £ 10 approxI sent for them two weeks ago I'm going to try one at home just to make sure the don't make me I'll You could also wait till you get there and buy them from Walmart/Walgreens

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4. Re: Motion issues // What to do - what to skip at IOA/Universal

I've been on Forbidden Journey a few times and didn't suffer from motion sickness, but I have heard several people saying that they get motion sickness really badly on this ride and don't suffer on other rides to the same extent. But I guess everyone reacts differently. It would be a shame to miss out though as its a brilliant ride, so perhaps taking the advice of weirhammer would allow you to do the ride?

I found Spiderman quite jerky, but not as bad as the Simpsons ride! But it's maybe because I have lower back pain and am more conscious about getting chucked about too much!

Calgary, Canada
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5. Re: Motion issues // What to do - what to skip at IOA/Universal

I get VERY motion sick. My trip is in a couple of weeks and will be wearing motion sickness patches behind my ears to hopefully help. But Anyway, the rides that work for me:

Spider-Man was like star tours for me if you've been to Hollywood studios. A little queasy by the end but not enough to ruin my day. Same with the forbidden journey so if you're good with one you should be okay with the other.

Despicable me and Simpsons were a little more jerky.

The jerassic park water ride was my favorite. No motion sickness and a little splash of water to make you feel better from the motion sickness before! Haha

In studios I would highly recommend the Rip Ride Rocket. Turned out to be my favorite ride of the park despite at first being worried about sickness. Awesome climb and drop at the start, felt like a mini tower of terror and then a really smooth coaster the whole way through with no spins or rough areas.

Don't do the dragon challenge. Made me very sick.

The mummy is fairy smooth. And that's about all i can remember! Good luck!

Valley Stream, NY
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6. Re: Motion issues // What to do - what to skip at IOA/Universal

Difficult question because everyone reacts differently. I get car sick at the drop of a hat, but simulator rides don't bother me. I took a bonine tablet the morning I was going on Harry Potter (just in case because of what I read on TA about people feeling ill and I wasn't going to miss it), I was fine, I wouldn't ride it twice in a row though just to be safe. I don't do the bigger rides, but did try the mummy once and that made me deathly ill for a few hours, so you just don't know sometimes.

Rushville, Illinois
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7. Re: Motion issues // What to do - what to skip at IOA/Universal

Just a suggestion but you could get on YouTube and type in some rides and check them out if you aren't sure what they are like. I did that with my daughter ahead of time so she would get an idea of what was in store.

Chicago, Illinois
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8. Re: Motion issues // What to do - what to skip at IOA/Universal

Just wanted to comment on a couple of rides on your list. ET should give you no problems at all...very tame & whimsical. Twister will also be no problem, but may leave you wishing you could get back that small amount of time taken out of your life. :-) No insult meant to anyone who enjoys that attraction...just my opinion and the opinion of my DS's then 4, 8, 14 & 17 yrs old. They asked me "what just happened", "was that it" and OH just glared at me and stated "no wonder there was no line"! :-)

Since it seems you are okay with tall, fast & drop rides...you might like Dr. Doom's Fearfall and Dudley Do-Right's Ripsaw Falls (wet ride).

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9. Re: Motion issues // What to do - what to skip at IOA/Universal

Simpson's ride is quite jerky. About 2 minutes before it finished I felt very sick - not a good feeling :-(

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10. Re: Motion issues // What to do - what to skip at IOA/Universal

I get motion sick and I can not do Simpsons ride and the water rapids ride where you sit in a raft that is a circle and it spins in a circle as you go down the rapids.