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disney $200 gift card

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disney $200 gift card

hi, i'm new to tripadvisor,

my family are going to disney in 3 weeks, we booked up last year when the promotions included free dining and disney gift cards worth $200

disney have accidentally sent us 2 packs, we have 2 booklets with many discounts, such as 20% off bowling and balloon flights, free souvenirs from planet hollywood and many more ... of course we plan to use both lots of discounts

disney have also sent 2 vouchers for $200 gift cards, we are to take the voucher to the info desk at the World of Disney store and then receive our card

i'm planning on taking both vouchers to the store, at different times of the day and hopefully i'll get 2 cards

yes, yes i know many die hard disney tourists will disapprove and cast insults my way

i would like to know if anyone else been given 2 vouchers?

i know its unlikely we'll get 2 $200 disney cards, but my kids will love extra spending money and i'm keeping my fingers crossed

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1. Re: disney $200 gift card

we are going too, we also have $200 card, i'm not sure if you could cash in twice as they have reference numbers on the voucher

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2. Re: disney $200 gift card

Same ref numbers on the vouchers so you can only exchange once. They used to send the actual card but this year we got the voucher instead. We took it to customer services in the World of Disney store, you also have to bring photo id, and they scanned the voucher

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3. Re: disney $200 gift card

I doubt you would be able to use the 2 vouchers for the gift card as it will contain your booking details somewhere within the reference.

I also doubt it would be just die hard Disney fans that would be bothered by what you are attempting , it would be anyone that would class it as theft

Orlando, Florida
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4. Re: disney $200 gift card

Very well said, Manchester Diane.

Kelso, United...
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5. Re: disney $200 gift card

Strange subject for a first time poster

However you won't be able to do that - I'm not getting into the ethics - however you could try and let us know how you get on

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6. Re: disney $200 gift card

i will do susieb, i think southerngirl and diane have spent too much time at sunday school and have got their knickers in a twist! try reading a dictionary, theft is when you take something, not when you're given something

if someone accidentally gave me lemons i'd make lemonade

disney must be worth $billions, they wont loose any sleep over $200, when i try to receive the 2nd disney card, whats the worse 'that can happen, i might get a red face which i would blame on sun burn

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7. Re: disney $200 gift card

"i think southerngirl and diane have spent too much time at sunday school and have got their knickers in a twist! try reading a dictionary, theft is when you take something, not when you're given something"

Really? You get honest responses and opinions and that's your response? You can't make a post on here that could be "controversial" and expect no one to disagree with you. Frankly, if you want to try it, go ahead. But don't insult people simply because they voiced a disagreement.

As others have said, I doubt it will be accepted.

Hampton, UK
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8. Re: disney $200 gift card

I too doubt it will work, but good luck to you.

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9. Re: disney $200 gift card

Hmmm...I think goingmad is trying for the 2014 wooden spoon award??


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10. Re: disney $200 gift card

Sue wanted to know if it worked.

Yes it did!!!!

i got the 1st card and my other half got the 2nd on a different day