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Trip Report Day 4

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Trip Report Day 4

I woke up at 4:30am this morning and relaxed for around 40 mins just checking websites and weather etc and got up and sorted some paperwork out and bits and bobs while my daughter snored away lol jumped in shower and got dressed then woke her up was going to get some ice cubes but thought better of it ha ha. While she was crawling from her pit I started a load of washing and put breakfast on. Today again we were just having some toast and I had coffee while madam had OJ. I did dishes while she buttered toast and man that took some doing for her lol put clothes in dryer and done dishes and she was in fine form this morning so I knew it was going to be one of those days (blonde days) I looked in her pit and omg thought a hurricane had been through it! Mine is like a palace lol we still decided we were doing Seaworld today and I wanted to leave by 8am but cause she was being blonde we didn't leave until 8:15am but we were at entrance by turnstiles at 8:50am so I was happy. Had the preferred parking for $22 at my daughters request but not purse lol and have to say could not get any closer really so was happy. Went through no problems and there were a few photographers around so

Had a few snaps and asked about a package ( you should know by now I love a photo package lol) but sadly all they do is like 3 picture deal. Not sure how much as I didn't ask but going back later so will then. We took our time walking while everyone else rushed about. It was 9am and boiling hot already. We

Took things in and took a few snaps of the place and ended up at Manta. Time said 20 mins but not sure how long really because we were maybe half way through and they announced the ride was down but excepted it to be down very short so they suggested we stayed in line for now. Must of been 5-7 mins and queue moved forward quite fast but I stopped checking time cause I had pout on as I thought it would be down hrs lol anyway we got on shortly after and loved it!! very similar to Air in Alton Towers but better IMO during the wait my daughter announced she was

Wearing wrong clothes and

We would have to go back to villa soon grrrrrr looked at photo after ride and it was fab she looked like cousin IT from Addams Family lol she said she didn't see anything during ride cause of it lol so we had photo $21 but asked about a ride package and they had the 3 main rides for $36 so I took it. We said we would try and last untill 1pm then go back to villa for food and dip and come back. We then went to dolphin stadium as show wasn't far off and

Had 5 and watched that. It was pretty good we thought the birds were great and dolphins overall good but I've seen it now so wouldn't do it again unless daughter did. But it was good to escape the heat for 25mins. Next we went to feed dolphins $7 each and had to wait over 30 mins which we didn't know until we joined back of queue and nobody said anything about the wait maybe we were a little naive. We love dolphins and have had interaction with them before in Gran Canaria so anything dolphin and we are there. Was lovely to get up close with them again. Lasted around 10 mins. After that we headed to see the stingrays and I loved them, you could touch them, they would swim past you and flap there arms lol wings as they went by like giving you a high 5 lol I thought it was brilliant daughter was like a baby going to dip her fingers in water then pulling them out fast lol she is a baby really. No idea what she will be like in DC next week. I let her try like another million times but gave up and we moved on. We then headed up to the turtle place, time said 10 mins but once in line seen a

Sign that it could last 30 mins so as we wanted to try and do water ride and get up to Shamu show at 12:30pm we walked back out and past a few animals on way and took some pictures and arrived at water ride but time was 30 mins so we left it. Headed over to see Mr Penguins but wait was 30mins so again we left it. We bought a drink and daughter had ice cream as we were both hot and sticky. Had 15 mins in shade and moved towards Shamu show. Like other days we were just enjoying being there and going at our own pace. Daughter was like a slug today mind lol arrived at Shamu show at 12:05pm and again nice to be out of the heat and have 5. There is free wi-fi in park but only at certain places I think 3 places, one was here at Shamu show so we both played with phones for 5 while waited and show started. I had seen something similar when I was maybe 11 in Windsor Safari Park and always had a lasting effect on me. Thought show was fantastic had goose bumps and all. We was not brave enough to sit in front seats so went back a little and boy did the front ones get wet lol even some dozy woman was taking photos on her I pad and you know what is coming lol yes she got soaked with it and then was losing her temper in Spanish/Mexican I think at least it sounded like that. Poor i pad. Lasted near enough 25-30mins then we left and headed for entrance, car was 2 mins from entrance :-) had checked before I left about parking for free later on as we were planning on going back and yes can even park close because I had preferred parking. We both didn't fancy anything to eat but we had to so we wanted something light so we stopped in Subway which is 2 mins from our Villa. Both had a Sandwich $11 and brought it back to Villa. Daughter got changed and went in pool and Facetimed her mum and eat her Food. I eat mine and then lay on bed writing this TR or some of it. Daughter has jumped in Shower so think plan is go back to Seaworld at 4pm if it is not raining or looking like it is going too. If it is raining we will stop in Shopping Outlet and have a look and if it is clear after that we will go to Seaworld if not think International Drive for something to eat. Fingers crossed! Will finish this off later. Well we were just ready to leave at 4pm to go back to Seaworld and it started to rain! So I suggested we go to the outlet shopping centre as I know she has been after sunglasses and Nikes. Found a parking space after a bit, and walked down to stores. Quite a number of shops in fairness looked in nikes and Ralph Lauren and a few others. Going to go to another 2 malls first then will see which is cheaper and buy some stuff. Daughter did buy or rather I bought her 2 pairs of sunglasses for $25 not designer but does the job. That's all we bought for now, left there and it had brightened back up so we headed over to Seaworld and arrived at 6:30pm. Went in and looked at app for waiting times and manta was 5mins so we put bags in lockers and headed over but noticed it said 15 mins outside entrance now, so we went on anyway took 25 mins. Again loved this :-) headed over to Atlantis as I had paid for 3 photos earlier on. Queue time was 10 mins but only 5 on app and took 20 mins in reality. So app seems out as well. Whatever a ride is I just double it now. Got drenched as we were at front and liked it because the end surprised me. Had photo as number 2 so only 1 ride left now kracken. Was dreading the wait time as it was 7:45pm but headed over and it said 15 mins walked right round and waited 7 mins :-) that is a first! Loved this to bits. Went round at end and had 3rd and final photo of package. Photo was ok. When we had come off ride I looked over and there was hardly anyone there so we had photo done and went on it again straight away with no wait time even tho it still said 15 mins. We tried to pose for the photo and walked around at end to look and it was a pretty good one but wasn't paying full wack so asked her and she said because i had a package it only cost $10 so had it. Talked to girl at photo booth and asked is it always quiet at this time and she said yes normally after 6:30pm. So will try it again and see what it's like then. We wanted to see the Shamu show and it was 8:20pm so headed over for it. It was spectacular in fairness brilliant lights and a bit different from day show. Had a drink in There and cost $3.25? We left at end pretty much and raced over to car park to get out as park was shut now. I wanted to go to international drive so we agreed on eating some thing over there. Time was 9:40 by time we got to car at preferred parking. No Idea what we wanted to eat but drove around for a bit. Saw Bahama Breeze and turned for that but as I turned I saw millers ale house. So we parked up and went in there. Could go outside under cover where they had a DJ to eat or inside in a booth, we opted inside. Friendly staff and good atmosphere with loads of tv's showing different sport. Had a friendly waitress called Tara. We didn't know what to have at first so took a while so she took our drink orders. 2 diet cokes and when she brought them I thought they were for the whole place to share lol they were huge. We had chicken fingers to start. They were very much like chicken strippers in uk just bigger and Rachel had English Style fish and chips while I had steak again with lobster tail with mash potatoes had fries last night so that's it for a week lol chicken fingers were lovely and come with dips. Fist time trying lobster but wouldn't have it again. Steak was ok but had 2 in Florida before this and they were much nicer tbh mash was stunning tho! Rachel oopsy my daughter lol said the fish was nice but was to much batter around it. They were like giant chicken balls you have in Chinese in uk. Her plate was massive. She didn't eat it all and waitress offered her a box to take it home and said yes being polite even tho she won't eat it. Bill came to $48 so left $58. Made our way back to villa and we were both shattered. Got back to villa and pretty much fell into bed think I fell asleep before I touched bed. That's it folks, tomorrow we are up at 7 am well I woke at 6am so finishing this off and gonna wake the demon child up. Today's outing is Siesta key beach around a 2 hour drive away and booked parasailing for 10:30am. Totally dreading this in fact I feel sick thinking about it!!!! Just gotta figure out what petrol/gas goes in car lol adios amigos

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1. Re: Trip Report Day 4

Sounds like you had a lovely day taking it at your own pace again! Good info ony photo package. I'm like you I love a good ride photo. And what was that silly lady doing sat in the splash zone with an iPad lol.

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2. Re: Trip Report Day 4

Fantastic! I look forward to your posts everyday :) Enjoy your trip and looking forward to tomorrows instalment!

south shields
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3. Re: Trip Report Day 4

Really enjoying your reports - Its the first thing I look for now when I log on lol!!!

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4. Re: Trip Report Day 4

Wow...you can pack a lot into a day ! Sounds as if you had great time.....again.

Enjoy the beach :-)

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5. Re: Trip Report Day 4

I have been reading your trip reports, they're great. I love the detail.

You got quite abit done in Seaworld.

Was the queue excessive for Empire of the penguins? Why didn't you ride it?

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6. Re: Trip Report Day 4

Great Reports, loads of info too :)

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7. Re: Trip Report Day 4

Boy do you fit a lot into your day really look forward to your reports each day glad you enjoyed Sea World Enjoy tomorrow looking forward to your post

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8. Re: Trip Report Day 4

It'll be regular for the gas just get $40 if it's too much you go back for change

Drive to beach is a doddle nice open roads you will love it

Have a ball

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9. Re: Trip Report Day 4

Enjoy the beach!

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10. Re: Trip Report Day 4

Another good day at the parks waiting for more.