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So what's in your suitcase??

Gallatin, TN
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So what's in your suitcase??

Ok, so this is a "game" we played a couple years ago on TA. Thought it'd be kinda fun to start it again w/a twist. Two years ago I asked the question "What are the top 5 things you pack for your Condo kitchen?" so let's ask that question plus one other and see the responses..........

(1) What are the top 5 things you MUST pack for you Condo Kitchen?

(2) What are the top 5 things you MUST pack in your suitcase for your beach vacation? Can't list the obvious--shorts, bathing suits....

My answers:

(1) Salt & pepper

(2) tea bags

(3) Aluminum foil

(4) Solo cups (for those frozen drinks on the beach!)

(5) Blender

Top 5 for the suitcase....


(2) Deep hair conditoner

(3) Flip flops that match EVERY outfit! :)

(4) Ball cap or sun visor

(5) Eye glass cleaner to get the salt spray off.

Your turn!!

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1. Re: So what's in your suitcase??

1. Dish liquid soap

2.Old Bay shrimp boil

3.Dixie plastic cups

4. Dixie paper plates

6. paper napkins


1. sunscreen

2. flipflops

3. sunburn cooling aloe gel

4. deck of cards

5. terry swimsuit cover-up

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2. Re: So what's in your suitcase??

Two things we've had to go out and buy because they didn't supply in condo is a 1) hair dryer and 2) wine opener. Two things we make sure we pack now.

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3. Re: So what's in your suitcase??

1. Laundry soap

2. dishwasher soap

3. dryer sheets

4. salt and pepper

5. small packs of Mayo/ hate to waste big container of it

1. soft sided cooler

2. Special beach cup

3. Tanning oil

4. Book

5. Radio

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4. Re: So what's in your suitcase??

The room I stay in now only has a microwave & fridge (non-condo) so my kitchen requirements might be a little different.....

1) Small paper plates

2) Baggies

3) Plastic Forks

4) Breakfast/Cereal Bars

5) Aluminum Foil

and to take to the beach....

1) MP3 Player

2) Collapsible laundry bag, roll of Quarters, dryer sheets & individual pkts of Tide (I can't stand coming home w/ dirty clothes.)

3) Laptop

4) Book

5) Travel Alarm Clock

Brevard, North...
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5. Re: So what's in your suitcase??

1. my folding beach chair. I LOVE my chair.

2. ziplocs. What did people do before ziplocs, I wonder.

3. white noise machine

4. some good netflix movies for evenings in the condo

5. a good quality tequila and orange liquer for margaritas. Booze is much cheaper at home than at the beach.

1. Coppertone sunscreen. Best smell on earth.

2. ball cap

3. Eucerin Aquaphor to put on my feet after they've been in the sand all day. I get horribly dry feet at the beach.

4. A good book that's a light read

5. My favorite flip-flops

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6. Re: So what's in your suitcase??

1. Good chef's knife. Number one. No doubt. I cannot stand unsharp (or serrated) knives and every rental house we have ever been to has had terrible knives. It is a safety issue, honestly.

2. Good olive oil.

3. Various spices. I hate buying spices, bad ones, on trips only to waste most of it. Sea salt, whole pepper, blackening spice, dried chiles, cumin, etc.

4. Coffee grinder.

5. Two pans - a large stainless skillet (can be used for anything, including roasting) and a medium nonstick. I have never had decent cookwear in a rental

(I am a foodie and we are driving so that makes the above a little more understandable, I think. All of this, plus a few pantry stapes, fits neatly into a Pampers box with handles)

1. Ipod

2. Books (pref. Carl Hiaasen the last few trips)

3. Hat

4. Deck of cards

5. Oil of Olay face lotion with SPF 15 (yes, I am a man).


haines, alaska
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for Haines
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7. Re: So what's in your suitcase??

You all must be driving.....I would love to pack all that stuff, except it would cost me an arm and a leg to check an extra suitcase or two.....more cost effective to just check what's in the condo and buy what I need once there......and you're right Dizzy, one of those items always seems be a wine opener....not allowed in my carry-on, so I always luy one and leave it in the condo.....'fess up, who's taking them home ??

I do wedge small ziplocks of my favorite spices into my carry on......

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8. Re: So what's in your suitcase??

I had a chef's knife and a bunch of spices packed into a bag for our flight to Key West last Christmas - but I took them out at the last minute. Big mistake. I won't make that mistake again. The house we rented was fabulous. 300 feet of direct open water frontage (no canal). I don't understand how a $1.5MM rental can have Salvation Army-quality pans and knives, though. I would go back to that house without hesitation - but I would either pack my own or, more likely, UPS a box ahead to the rental agent's office (we did that with a pack and play for my daughter and it worked brilliantly).

We have dietary restrictions for our family that makes cooking all meals practically a requirement at this point so it isn't like we can just go to a restaurant. I don't mind cooking all the meals, at all, but the quality of the furnishings should match the house. In my experience, though, they almost never do.

Birmingham, Alabama
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9. Re: So what's in your suitcase??


1) Baking Pan/Cookie Sheet (we made biscuits and often pizza)

2) Aluminum Foil (for above cookie sheet)

3) Bottled Water (lots of it)

4) Rum (because its rum!)

5) Coffee (my husband is so particular)


1) Book

2) Beach Chair

3) Sunscreen Lotion

4) Aloe (because it never fails that one of us gets burnt)

5) Laptop (because we are ultimate nerds with seperation issues)

south georgia
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10. Re: So what's in your suitcase??

(1) Cheetos

(2)Paper Products

(3) Trash Bags (never enough)

(4) Coca Cola

(5) Dish soap

What I have in my suitcase:

(1) Beach towels

(2) Books

(3) Crossword Puzzle book

(4) flip flops

(5) aloe vera for when I get burned the first day