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DO NOT stay at the Lava hot springs...

ogden, utah
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DO NOT stay at the Lava hot springs...

My family and I have just experienced the worst rip off of our life in a hotel and I am trying to get the word out as much as I possibly can so others do not lose a couple hundred bucks like we did.

We went to a hotel called Lava hot springs Inn. The pictures on the net of the room (the Alladin Inn) look nothing like the real room. This place has got to be a fire disaster waiting to happen. The furnace is all black and the ceiling and the walls surrounding it are blackened. There was soot all over the carpet and walls. It looks like something has happened in terms of fire damage and never even cleaned up.

The carpets were all damp and dirty with hair all over the bedding and carpets. The whole place stunk to high heaven of mildew, mold and only God knows what else. There are cracks everywhere. Ceiling, walls, floors. This for $190.00 a night. The pools in the internet adds.............only half of them were filled and the ones that were looked like slime holes is the only way I can describe them. The grounds were so unkept, with weeds overgrown everywhere and debri all around. When we asked for a refund because we didn't even feel safe being there it was so bad and with the temp outside being 56 degrees we didn't even feel safe using the furnace, the guy running the hotel refused. He took us to another room that he said he would give us instead and lead us to this room where the whole front part of it was like an abandoned warehouse. We went up steps that seemed very unsafe and this place looked like a crackhouse. It looked like something out of the movie "Deliverance".

When we refused to take any of the rooms because the entire hotel stunk so badly of mold, he told us he would give us half back and this was only after we threatened to expose this hotel's fraudelent description and pictures on the internet. However, our account was charged the full amount and no refund has appeared as of yet.

If run-down, smelly, old building with unkept grounds and unsafe to eat, walk, or sleep in is what you're looking for, then go to the Lava Hot springs Inn.

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1. Re: DO NOT stay at the Lava hot springs...

did you dispute the charges with your credit card company?

Layton, UT
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2. Re: DO NOT stay at the Lava hot springs...

I feel for you. My husband and I just went up there to look around for the day and we did see the place you're talking about. It did look groos. We walked around and found a great place for an overnight. Right on the river, $50 a night. They shouwed us one of the rooms and it was great. Nothing fancy, but comfy, nice balcony and you can watch the tubers go by. Great picnic and b-b-q area too. It was called Tumbling Waters.

Can't wait to go stay. Sorry about your trip, but hopefully no one else will fall into their trap.

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3. Re: DO NOT stay at the Lava hot springs...

You need to contact your credit card company and have them give you your money back. Legally, in the "bargained for exchange" in the law of contracts, you did not get what you bargained for---by paying, you fulfilled your end of the bargain, they did not fulfill theirs, so you need to get your money back. The credit card company will issue a conditional credit until they have time to investigate (about 15 days). After that, the credit will be permanent. You are entitled to getting your money back.

West Jordan, Utah
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4. Re: DO NOT stay at the Lava hot springs...

This was one hotel I considered. Thanks for the heads up! I'm sorry to hear your "vacation" was such a disaster. Good luck on your next vacation.

United States
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5. Re: DO NOT stay at the Lava hot springs...

I have not only stayed at the Lava Hot Springs Inn, I am their web designer. I took every photo and did not change them. The owners of the Inn have strived to keep the old time feeling with the exception of modern jetted tubs. They are remodeling the lobby of one building but the rooms are beautiful and well kept.

The Inn is cozy and quaint and will appeal to those looking for a unique, old American experience.

Ann Yearsley


Salt Lake City
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6. Re: DO NOT stay at the Lava hot springs...

I think that this whole thread is TOTALLY uncalled for. I stay at the Inn a minimum of 9 times a year. I have met some friends at the Inn that I still spend time with even away from the Inn. I will admit that the Inn does not appeal to everyone. But unfortunately I have found that the only people who voice an opinion are those who were unhappy. I have found it nearly impossible to book a room last minute during the peak season at the Inn. That to me says that the nice people who run the Inn, must be doing something right. I primarily go during the winter, in my opinion the best time to stay, I find that I run into the same people everytime that I go.

I am really disappointed that someone would go out of their way to try to ruin an experience for everyone else. With out knowing the whole situation I don't know how I could explain the person's situation. Perhaps the Inn was nearly full that weekend or had turned someone like myself who would gladly have paid full price for a room away because they were holding that room for that person.

Any way all I can say is, fine if the Inn is not a place for you then do not try to ruin it for us who hold that place dear.

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7. Re: DO NOT stay at the Lava hot springs...

Obviously this was your first trip to Lava !Lava Hot Springs as well as the Inn is a unique, old fashioned, quaint and wonderful vacation experience. The hotels are not the Ritz, and the pools are natural hot springs, not chlorine filled pools and that is why people go there and love every minute of it !

We have stayed many times at the Inn, even in the (alladin) part of it. It does have a musty smell to it, hello, it is an old building ! Part of the flavor of staying there. We have soaked in the pools, and walked the grounds and loved every minute. Don't try to just drop in or get a room at the last minute, they are always booked well in advance. That might tell you that other people enjoy this place too. We often see the same people there, and our extended family and friends stay there as well, and go back often. We will be spending another New Years staying in Lava, we love the shops, the bars and the people, as well as the smelly old hotels ! Maybe this was not the vacation spot for you, but that is no reason to ruin it for the rest of us.


Salt Lake City, Utah
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8. Re: DO NOT stay at the Lava hot springs...

I have not personally stayed at the Lava Hot Springs Inn, however, I have had friend and associates stay there before. The biggest concern about it is if you are not happy with your room once you get there you will be charged for it anyway. There are a lot nicer places to stay that cost only half the price. Everything in Lava fills up on weekends, but I would rather go to Pocatello or Soda Springs before I think I would risk the money of staying at the Lava Hot Springs Inn.

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9. Re: DO NOT stay at the Lava hot springs...

I have to agree with BobEvans. So this place wasn't what they expected it to be, and some people obviously love this place, and if Lava is in fact as crowded and rooms are in such demand there should not have been a problem with a full or even partial refund without threats. The room would have rented for the full price immediatly anyhow. The problem here is customer service, or the lack there of. If someone is not happy with a product you try and fix it as the service provider. And that is a steap amount of money for a "unique, old, quiant" building. There should be some concideration on the guests behalf. This is, infact a vacation for us, it shouldn't be an expensive, unenjoyable stressor.

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10. Re: DO NOT stay at the Lava hot springs...

Ok, i wonder why all of you ARE FIRST TIME POSTERS... if there is anything i have learned from TA, is not to really trust (sorry) first time posters with horrible things to say. they may be true, but why find this forum to post about a horrible stay, makes me wonder...hummmm and enjoy

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