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What parts are good/safe for one woman?

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What parts are good/safe for one woman?

I'm traveling with someone who will be working during the day... near the end of this month. I'll be there two days. I am easy to keep entertained and appreciate buildings, art, plants, water and people. However, it worries me that Detroit may be dangerous for a single woman wandering around. Any tips?

Detroit, MI
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1. Re: What parts are good/safe for one woman?

Downtown, mid-town, the museum district (Wayne State), New Center, etc. are all fine. Most of the crime in Detroit is domestic violence or criminal on criminal - you will not run into that unless you really try. Treat it like any other big city - don't walk down dark alleys, seek out abandoned buildings, flash lots of cash and shiny jewelery, etc. You will probably get approached by a homeless person looking for a handout at some point, but they are not violent or dangerous.

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2. Re: What parts are good/safe for one woman?

As a female I'll just chime in and second what tev wrote. I would feel comfortable during the day visiting Greektown, Foxtown, downtown, museum district, etc on my own. I wouldn't feel as comfortable by myself at night in most of those locations unless it was a weekend and things were staying busy. I like going to Belle Isle, but I wouldn't likely go there on my own. On weekdays the Riverfront will be filled with office workers and I wouldn't hesitate to go for a stroll if the weather is decent

The crime tends to be away from the areas were tourists and suburbanites go when they head into the city which is not to say that it is impossible for it to bubble up in those areas, but it is highly unlikely. I don't feel any differently in Detroit than I do in other major cities.

Since you say you like art, make sure to visit the DIA. I am not a huge art fan, but even I get lost in the collection and really enjoy my time there. Right now there is a painting by Vermeer on loan. Here's an article about it:


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3. Re: What parts are good/safe for one woman?

Personally I don't even feel comfortable driving through Detroit. I would never go alone. I would drive outside of the city.

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4. Re: What parts are good/safe for one woman?

I'm nearly dumbfounded by the above post.

I'm a caucasian female. I work in Detroit (Midtown) 5 days/week. I live in an "inner ring" suburb, but just a couple blocks from the Detroit border. I do most of my dining out and my shopping in Detroit, plus some in Hamtramck which is a small municipality entirely surrounded by Detroit proper.

I sometimes ride public buses, SMART (regional) and occasionally DDOT (city), and they've gotten me where I need to go without incident.

I do not feel it is any kind of sacrifice to live and work here -- quite the contrary-- and while I'm alert and aware, I seldom to never feel anxious or frightened.

Yes I know about crime rates and news coverage of same, but it's fairly predictable really. I just avoid high street crime areas, and if I see a gathering of thuggish-looking people I go in the other direction.

Maybe tomorrow I'll write a bit about the places I go and enjoy most frequently.

new jersey
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5. Re: What parts are good/safe for one woman?

I agree iLorna! I cannot imagine avoiding Detroit. It is an unsung treasure in Michigan that has a bad reputation nationally. I have visited Detroit with my dear girl friends for a long weekend and we had a fabulous time. We stayed at the Inn at Ferry Street in Detroit right around the corner from the Detroit Institute of Art (DIA). We spent an afternoon and evening enjoying the DIA's collections. We spent a couple of hours at the Motown Museum (a must visit when in Detroit imho). Greektown for lunch, you bet! The river area was great and all were well populated during the day. The great thing about the Inn at Ferry Street is the fact that they have van service that will take you anywhere within 5 miles of the Inn. All of the areas I reference in this post are within 5 miles of the Inn. When you need a ride back to the Inn, you call and they come pick you up.

Enjoy your time in this great American city. When you return, please write a trip report so that we may further dispel the inaccurate reputation of Detroit! Thanks, Moms

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6. Re: What parts are good/safe for one woman?

Well said, ilorna, Moms, and luv2. You too, Tev..

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7. Re: What parts are good/safe for one woman?

i thought this woman was asking about Mackinaw City?!! Anywhere is safe for one woman. Not a violent town.

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8. Re: What parts are good/safe for one woman?

Spend at least a day at the DIA. It also has a neat movie theater attached that is worthchecking out. You can kill a couple of hours walking on the riverfront during the day near the GM headquarters ... there is a nice walking path.

If you have a car, it is nice to drive the belle isle loop during a week day and just cruise down Jefferson along the river until Grosse Pointed where the road is next to Lake St Clare. It is a short but beautiful drive. I wouldn't recommend Belle Isle at night but Grosse Pointe is fine at night.

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9. Re: What parts are good/safe for one woman?

While I like the Detroit Film Theatre at the DIA, please be aware that its has a very limited schedule. Here is the link to their summer programming: www.dia.org/detroitfilmtheatre/14/DFT.aspx .

As you can see, there are only two shows all summer long; the first was in June and the second and last is "All Quiet on the Western Front", Saturday, August 25 @2:00 p.m.

detroit, mi
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10. Re: What parts are good/safe for one woman?

I agree with the other posters that the DIA is wonderful. Across the street, Woodward Ave. is the Detroit Historical Museum which is worth a visit, also a short walk next store visit The Detroit Public Library. The architecture of these places is awe inspiring.

I don't know if you will have access to a car but the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn is as good as The Smithsonian IMHO. The current exhibit, " The Titanic Exhibition " I visited last Friday is very dramatic and touching at the same time. Personal stories, clothes, jewelry, and every day items recovered from the wreck give a face to the tragic news event.

Of the many places listed by contributors here it is hard to go wrong .

Welcome to Detroit!

Have a great visit.

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