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Day trip to Mt Pleasant in August alone. Ideas?

Hello everyone.

I'll be in this area for a couple of days later this month, mostly by myself. Planning to visit the casino just to see it, enjoy a drink and blow $10 but I'm not a gambler so that won't hold me for long. :)

Are there things I should see or do that you'd recommend? Hidden gems?

Also, are there any ethnic or interesting grocery stores nearby? Shopping local stores tends to give me a feel for an area and people, which Is always fun. Plus, it's fun to pick up things to make a picnic.

I enjoy shopping local stores, arts, outdoors (though I'll be alone and am afraid to be out on trails etc without a partner), history, pretty much anything.

Don't wish to spend alot of dough.

I'll appreciate any advice and suggestions you can offer. Thank you! I'm excited to visit your beautiful part of the world!