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Trip Report Biloxi/Gulfport Casinos

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Trip Report Biloxi/Gulfport Casinos

Love reading the trip reports on the Las Vegas form so thought I would try one here. Only been to Vegas for pleasure once and all of the trip reports were so helpful.

We go to Biloxi, Gulfport and Philadelphia, MS, more often. This weekend we chose Biloxi to celebrate an anniversary. Had reservations at the Palace Casino, but since we arrived early drove to Gulfport. First visited Treasure Bay (okay, guess that's still Biloxi) still under renovation, they hope to be completed by mid June. Not many slots available but they do have good sandwhiches in their small restaurant that is open. Sure do miss the ship though. Their slots, pre Katrina, have always been generous as are the comps.

Continued to Gulfport where the old Grand was, now called something else (sorry, the name escapes me). Big casino already and opening a new section today. They were really busy but then it was Mother's Day and their buffet line was quite long. Did not eat there so can't tell you anything about the food, but their slots were paying off and we left with more than we came with. Parking was a bit of a problem, but noticed they are building a new parking deck adjacent to the hotel/casino, even working on Sunday. I believe they are the only casino open in Gulfport right now.

Wanted to check into the Palace by this time so headed back toward Biloxi. Quite a few folks on the beach enjoying the day. Looked like the water is soooo shallow, We saw people walking far out and the water was still only to their knees. Mississippi beaches have never been comparable to Gulf Shores/Orange Beach, AL. It's only an hour and a half away. I've always wondered why folks just don't travel a little further.

So many condos going up in the area, beachside and across the street. But it is sad to see the old homes gone. Few are being restored, but not many.

We passed by the Beau although we had some free play there. Was there once recently and they were generous with the comps for free play and rooms. Only one objection to the Beau (it is beautiful), but the walk from the parking garage to the casino is quite a hike. Also, skipped by the Isle of Capri. It was one of our favorite casinos pre Kathrina, but we've found their slots to be really tight now. Since we don't play table games, cannot tell you anything about them.

Arrived at the Palace about 2:00 p.m. Never a parking problem there. Since our stay was comped went to check in and told us to come back at 3:00. So, we played and won, like we always do there. My husband would not leave his machine, so I went back at 3:00 and was told to come back at 4:00. By 4:00 the line looked liked a fast food restaurant with only three people checking folks in! I waited over 45 minutes. Obviously, they did not release any of the rooms until then. What a mess! Everyone was complaining.

Tried to order room service and they do not offer it on Sunday evenings. So off to the buffet. As usual everyone was going for the crab legs. We don't eat them, but tried some crab wrapped shrimp, and it was wonderful. Have never seen that on any of the buffets before. Breakfast buffet is not the best, but since it was free, it was good for the price we paid. Rooms at the Palace are nice as they are everywhere right now since everything has been refurbished.

Stopped at IP as we were leaving. It, too, is one of our favorites since they have so many penney slots (hey, we're not high rollers). The standard rooms there are larger than the Palace, breakfast buffet is definitely better and drink service is good. They obviously have hired new people or put an emphasis on customer service, because all of their personnel are outstanding. Definitely, better then pre-Katrina.

Oh, the Hard Rock is opening 07/07/07. Heard they had over 5,000 applicants. They were supposed to open, I believe, the day or day after Katrina hit, so now they will try again. Can't wait to visit.

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1. Re: Trip Report Biloxi/Gulfport Casinos

Thank you for your trip report. I enjoyed reading about Biloxi. We have never been there, perhaps some day. We are looking foreward to our annual visit to Vicksburg though.

Cayman Islands
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2. Re: Trip Report Biloxi/Gulfport Casinos

Thanks for your report. We have never been to Biloxi but have it down to do sometime this year. I am very interested in the Grand, if you remember what name it goes by now. Guess we will wait a bit until more renovations are complete. By the way, we don't drive in the US much so where there any other casinos within walking of the Grand?

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3. Re: Trip Report Biloxi/Gulfport Casinos

What was the Grand in Gulfport is now the Island View Casino. There is a Grand in Biloxi, but have not visited yet. The casinos are not really within walking distance to each other, but only a short five to ten minute drive from each other. Traffic is not a problem. Nothing like Vegas. Definitely worth a visit even now as they are still recovering from Katrina.

South Carolina
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4. Re: Trip Report Biloxi/Gulfport Casinos


Nice report. It would be great if we could get some life in this forum. I don't expect it to ever compete with the Las Vegas forum, but we could surely get more interest in it, if others pick up the ball and contribute.

I found the Biloxi Grand a bit small. My husband liked it, because he won a little money on the slots there.

I like the Island View and am anxious to see the improvements with the increased space. I didn't think their buffet was very good. I've had much better.

I just read that the Hwy. 90 bridge at Bay St. Louis is scheduled to open this Thursday, with two lanes (one each way). We always liked that ride. We've seen what's left to the area and are saddened by it, but we will be glad for that access to Gulfport. We go to the Silver Slipper and the Hollywood in the Bay St. Louis area often. Now, we can keep on going to the Island View.

Thanks for posting your trip report.

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5. Re: Trip Report Biloxi/Gulfport Casinos


Since you are from Louisiana, tell us about the New Orleans casinos??? Been to New Orleans years ago on business, but don't believe they had casinos then. Are they worth visiting?

Than ks.

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6. Re: Trip Report Biloxi/Gulfport Casinos


The message entitled "Question" is for you. Meant to post it here but accidentally made it into a new thread.

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7. Re: Trip Report Biloxi/Gulfport Casinos

nane3, Only one land based casino, Harrah's, in New Orleans and technically the only one in N.O. proper. It is quite large and very nice. I find the slots are rather tight and haven't had many wins there, but can't stay away. It is a 5 minute walk from my office. My husband and I work in the same facility and sometimes go there before coming home to enjoy their buffet and play awhile. I can't speak for the table games, since we don't play them, but there is a large variety of slots in all forms and denominations. If my friend, HardTenRoller, sees this, he might chime in on the table games.

There are 2 boats in Jefferson Parish (neighboring parish) that we visit less frequently. One, the Treasure Chest, is on Lake Pontchartrain in Kenner and the other, Boomtown, is on a canal on the west bank of the river. Oh, and I believe there are slots and VP at the racetrack, but I've never been.

Come on down and see uss!

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8. Re: Trip Report Biloxi/Gulfport Casinos

I too recently visited Biloxi.

I flew into Gulfport/Biloxi and took a shuttle bus that goes to the various casinos and military bases. I enjoyed meeting the military personnel and the driver was not only courteous and careful in handling my luggage (which contains medical equipment) but was very happy to take the scenic route and give me a tourguide-like commentary on what had been damaged by the hurricane and how the local real estate market was reacting. By purchasing a round trip ticket I saved two dollars and the driver was careful to point out the shuttle's phone number if I wanted information on their locations and schedules beyond that which I could obtain at my hotel.

I stayed at the Isle of Capri (Now named simply The Isle). I found the rooms to be nice and the housekeeping staff to be courteous but the check in procedures were atrociously irritating and time-consuming. Others were experiencing the same frustration on that day and on subsequent days. I actually wound up helping several people who were stranded with electronic doorkeys that would not work. It was very frustrating for people who had to endure the rigors of travelling there to be fruitlessly waiting for several hours while staff were always promising that room access problems would be handled "shortly".

I found the room's information packet about the hotel's amenities to be poorly organized and insufficiently detailed at to restaurant locations so I just gave up and ordered the more expensive room service. The Spa was utlized by my companion and she reported that the offerings and personnel were unimpressive but by no means bad. There are free halfhour poker lectures each (Mon-Thur)morning but the hotel coffee never woke me up enough to be able to attend them in time. The prices at the lobby area convenience store for coffee, pastries, etc were absurdly high. One item that I usually purchase for a little less than one dollar was $3.75 at the Isle so I simply refused to pay such prices and did without.

The craps dealers in the casino were the rudest I have ever encountered anywhere in the country. I also found that Comps at the Isle were slow to be awarded but would quickly be taken away at the slightest pause in my playing. I can truly say that I will never stay at the Isle again and will never stay at any property with the same corporate ownership as the Isle anywhere in the world.

Due to the heat and humidity, I would recommend people rent a car rather than rely on the airport shuttle. This will allow greater flexibility in selecting other casinos to visit. At the Isle I was always being given contradictory information concerning shuttles to other casinos. The responses ranged from: none exist to one just left to go out and wait in the hot sun and it will be along sometime in the next thirty minutes. Obviously the staff at the Isle need some training and it turned out one of the luggage-handling bellboys was the most informed. Given the heat and humidity, if you have not rented a car, just take a cab rather than searching out any cheaper transportation. The heat and humidity are unbearable.

I went to the Palace Casino to play for awhile and found the staff very helpful, the airconditioning better than at the Isle and the craps dealers much, much nicer and more helpful even though the craps table happened to be more crowded at that time.

I later went to the Imperial Palace and found their rooms to be very nice and the casino personnel to be very nice and helpful despite some recent hirees being obviously inexperienced. The valet parking people helped me with the shuttle departure and the main desk personnel were very helpful with putting my luggage in a short term storage closet for me as I spent a few hours in the casino after checking out of my room. I did however find the Imperial Palace casino to have music that was a bit more 'noisy' than 'festive'. Their Comps program was very good however.

I would recommend the Imperial Palace and the Palace.

I would strongly urge that the Isle of Capri be avoided.

The newly opened Boomtown casino seemed nice but I only paid it a brief visit during an early morning slow period and I do not have sufficient data on which to base an informed opinion of it.

Tampa, Fl
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9. Re: Trip Report Biloxi/Gulfport Casinos

Nice report. I love this site for reviews of hotels when I travel. For those of you you are thinking of going to the Biloxi/Gulfport area, I suggest you go to www.biloxione.com. It has a great forum section.

Been to Biloxi about 30 times and about 6 times since the hurricane. It's coming back but there are still some inconveniences. Gas along US 90 is limited. Gas is available at all the I-10 interchanges. Most of the casinos are too far to walk to each other. There are some exceptions. IP & Boomtown, Beau Rivage and the soon to be open Hard Rock, Grand & Isle of Capri. The transit authority just started a shuttle called the "Hopper" which travels to all the Biloxi casinos every 15 minutes for $5 a day (I thinK). One downside, they stop at 7PM.

I love the IP, because I am used to it. Nice rooms, good food, big casino. I smoke but have heard a number of complaints about the place being "smokey". Easy to get comped food & rooms when you join the Players Club.

Beau Rivage, this is the crown jewel, big casino, trying to get established there.

Grand, hotel is nice but the casino is in a former ballroom, not as nice as the others. Good mailers including free rooms and haven't play there that much. Planning a $700 millon expansion.

Hard Rock is opening in July

Isle of Capri and Palace, have nver been there. Isle looks nice. Hadn't heard much about the Palace, no one seems to talk about it

Boomtown-Casino only with a restaurant. Been there once, casino OK but had one of the best burgers ever there.

Treasure Bay Very small casino, in process of expansion & remodel, on the Westside of town away from the other casinos.

Island View is the only casion in Gulfport and operates from the old Grand. They have just opened an expanded section. Emeril's is opening a restaurant in June. This casino is owned by two "locals" and do not operate any other properties. Was ther once when it first opened, wasn't really impressed but wasn't worth the trip from Biloxi. People on the other site are giving it good reviews regardless "Flea" said. Planning to try it again on my next trip in July.

I am from Tampa, Florida but love in love with Mississippi Coast on my first trip, the people are fantastic. Most of them really appreciate us visitors because our dollars are helping them to rebuild a better MS coast.

Hey Flea, loosen up man!

Boynton Beach...
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10. Re: Trip Report Biloxi/Gulfport Casinos

nane3, i would first like to thank you so very much for your trip report.

A few corrections if you don't ming thought:

One the Grand Casino was split into three peices two of which lay nearly a half mile from the moorings. I know this, becuase I saw this. I will never forget the sight of the slot machines littlering what was left of 90.

It was the President that was moved, two days prior to Katrina. It is now called the Silver Slipper. Nice Joint if I must say so myself.

Other than that, and again, not trying to start any arguements, Great Trip Report.

I'll be in Biloxi in July to celebrate yet another birthday:)