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Travel Warning For Mexico, Including Nayarit

Bend, Oregon
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Travel Warning For Mexico, Including Nayarit

My extended family and I are planning to stay in Sayulita in November, 2011. My husband and I vacationed in Chacala one year ago and have a wonderful trip with no issues whatsoever. I personally had no apprehension about Sayulita but other people have said we should be cautious while traveling in Mexico right now. My gut reaction was, of course, but we'll be in Sayulita and it's very safe. I just read the Travel Warning for Mexico on the US Department of State website and while it focuses on the crime and violence occurring along the US/Mexico border, it does also mention Nayarit and Jalisco, particularly areas along the Nayarit/Jalisco border. Sayulita is awfully close to the Jalisco border.

Here's the link: …state.gov/travel/cis_pa_tw/tw/tw_5440.html

I honestly thought I shouldn't be concerned about traveling to Sayulita, even with the Travel Warning, because the warnings were mostly for the border towns, baja, and cities like Tijuana, but now I'm not so sure. Thoughts???

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1. Re: Travel Warning For Mexico, Including Nayarit

The warning references where the state of Jalisco borders those of Zacatecas and Michoacan - not the border between Jalisco & Nayarit (there is nothing about that border). The problems in Nayarit have been largely in and around Tepic - I don't think there is anything to worry about in Sayulita.

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2. Re: Travel Warning For Mexico, Including Nayarit

Just met an owner of a restaurant in Sayulita, Tierra Viva, and discussed the beauty of the town and the gentleness of the area. Also have friends living 20 minutes north of Sayulita, and they love it. They have lived there 10 years and find the area very safe...and the food is great!

Bend, Oregon
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3. Re: Travel Warning For Mexico, Including Nayarit

Thanks for the clarification SteveMex. Janina, that seems to be what most people say about Sayulita. Just want to be sure. Thanks again!

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4. Re: Travel Warning For Mexico, Including Nayarit

We were in Sayulita in Feb 2011- we had a inturder in our house on Gringo hill at 3 a.m. I confronted the individual and he head out the back and over the wall. He got some cash a camera and a Ipod.

After checking with other Gringos there is more of this going on than is being told.

Cozumel, Mexico
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5. Re: Travel Warning For Mexico, Including Nayarit

I would definately move far away from a place called Gringo Hill. if you knew the real meaning you would be moved...literally...LMAO

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6. Re: Travel Warning For Mexico, Including Nayarit

There sure seems to be quite a few reports of break-ins in Sayulita, reading back through this forum there are several reports of them in recent years.

I would imagine that is mostly due to the fact most rentals are vacation rentals/villas/casitas and are not well-guarded (if at all) and many are open air with gates/walls that are easily climbed.

We stayed there once, in the south part of town, for ten days, with no night guard and just a flimsily locked gate at night (easily bypassed). I admit it did not feel very secure, but we luckily had no issues.....but it sounds like things have worsened (not surprising, given the economy right now).

I wonder- what is being done to try to combat this situation by the locals and owners of rentals? We often rent but find most other rentals have had 24 hour guards. Not that they are always a deterrent, I have heard stories... :(

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7. Re: Travel Warning For Mexico, Including Nayarit

We have been travelling to Sayulita for 8 years and have never had a problem with theft. We have never had a house that we have rented that has been broken into and never had anything stolen from us. We do practice safe travelling and always lock everything up at night just like we would if we were travelling anywhere or at home for that matter.

We actually feel so safe there that we bought a house and travel there when we can, but we also rent it out when we are not there. We have never had a break in at our house or any issues with theft.

That being said, there are robberies in Sayulita just like there are robberies anywhere else where there are opportunities. As home owners, we want to do everything we can to make sure our guests are safe, feel safe, and know that they are safe. As home owners, we have contributed to a project to combat this issue. The following link has info about what home owners are doing about the problem.


Home owners in Sayulita do care about our visitors and are doing everything we can to make sure it is as safe as possible for our visitors. I honestly feel as safe in Sayulita as I do at my other home just outside of Toronto.

Visit Sayulita and have a great and safe trip.

I would also be happy to answer any questions you may have about Sayulita.just click on my profile and send a message.

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8. Re: Travel Warning For Mexico, Including Nayarit

What house were you staying in? We are going next week and staying on Gringo Hill.

Santa Barbara...
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9. Re: Travel Warning For Mexico, Including Nayarit

What place were you staying on Gringo Hill? We will be staying there soon.

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10. Re: Travel Warning For Mexico, Including Nayarit

I understand your concern. One thing that is being done is rental property owners are giving a set amount of money (based on the number of rentals) to a fund, which funds two new police patrol cars, and the police themselves, to continually drive through all areas of Sayulita, stopping suspicious people, checking on suspicious activity, etc. Most properties now have built-in safes (they hardly existed five years ago). We broke down and put bars on our "exposed" windows, even though we've never had a problem. Just trying to be pro-active. If renters exercise basic common sense and keep valuables in the safe, out of sight, do not "broadcast" the fact that they have them, that goes a long way in deterring potential thieves. Another thing -- when taking money out of an ATM or at the Casa de Cambio, do not say in a loud voice "I'M GETTING $500, DO YOU THINK THAT'LL BE ENOUGH?" so everyone on the plaza knows you're taking out a large sum of money.