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Spago- stay away!

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Spago- stay away!

To make a long story short, I advise that you NOT eat at Spago in Ceasar's. I was there on Tuesday evening in the dinning room around 9 p.m. and we had just completed our meal. We were sitting in the elevated portion of the restaurant which is directly to the left as you walk into the dinning room. We were the only ones seated up there aside from two guys at a table behind us. Anyway, as we were almost finished with our dinner and thinking about what next to have for dessert, we actually saw a grey mouse. The guys behind us brought it to our attention and the mouse kept on darting from the back wall, to the open floor, and then it would shoot underneath the tables.

What was even worse was that the staff (including the manager) acted like it was not a big deal which leads me to believe that they have had mice before. The manager (Carlos) just stood about 10 feet away from our table watching the guys at the table behind us, assist my friend who threw her feet up on the chair next to her in fear of the mouse underneath our table. When I asked him to do something he looked at me like I was crazy and said "well, what do you want me to do?" AfterI argued with the guy and told him he is a terrible manager, they moved us to a new table across the room. At that point, I did not want to touch another crumb of food in that place and so what potentially could have been a good dinning expereince went bad.

We had a really good dinner and I was so upset not just that this happened, but because of the extremely poor way that the staff and manager handled this.

Anwyay, take this information for what it's worth. We had some great dinners at Olive's@the Bellagio and Nobhill @ MGM Grand, so I encourage you to try those before you go to Spago.

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1. Re: Spago- stay away!

I hate to tell you this, but every restaurant has either mice or roaches. Where you have food or garbage containing food you will have one or both. They come in with produce or other products which are delivered everyday- its the nature of the business. What should the manager have done- stomped the thing in front of customers. Your meal was good thats whats important.

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2. Re: Spago- stay away!


Sorry you had a bad experience. I think the staff should have handled it a little better than they did.

However, chilibowl is correct. I used to own a restaurant and we kept it immaculately clean, but still had problems. No roaches thank goodness, but mice and ants, etc. We had the Orkin man out constantly. It DOES go with the territory unfortunately. Most people are not aware of this and it's probably for the best. We would NEVER eat out for crying out loud if we knew what went on behind the scenes. My waitstaff would tell me about some of the filthy, dirty kitchens they worked in.....and these were UPSCALE restaurants. Not talkin' about Taco Bell here.

I worked at a hospital and I saw a mouse in the cafeteria THERE!!!! Everyone was freaking out and I put it in a cup and put it outside (animal lover,lol).

It's common unfortunately.

Andover, Minnesota
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3. Re: Spago- stay away!

I once worked as a wedding planner at a local Golf Club that had salamanders ALL OVER the kitchen in the lower level, which was a banquet kitchen and the pastry shop (wedding cake anyone?) They were much cuter than the mice and rats though!! :-)

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4. Re: Spago- stay away!

I agree with every one here Mice are very common as to how the manager handled the situation I dunno if he responded to your needs the way you expected but you did get a new table and had a great dinner.

It might have been kind of entertaining to watch the manager chase the Mouse around the restaurant , scaring other customers as it ran from table to table, I can just envision people jumping on their chairs and screaming with the manager running all around chasing the mouse.