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Novice Slot Gambling Advice

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Leeds, England
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Novice Slot Gambling Advice

In Vegas for 3 days early April, first time and have never even set foot in a casino. As you do, decided to have a bit of a gamble. Can play poker but have decided to sit to Blackjack at the slots. Have taught myself how to play blackjack, the do/don'ts etc and am pretty comfortable with that but when it comes to the slots I haven't a clue! I keep reading about TITO's (?) and bonus games, max bets etc, I thought you put a quarter in and pulled a lever and out came the cash if you won? Has anyone the time to offersome kindly advice/tactics to stop me making any stupid errors and make my money last longer?


1. Re: Novice Slot Gambling Advice

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Leeds, England
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2. Re: Novice Slot Gambling Advice

Well I've got to start somewhere, one small step and all that, no point in travelling 5500 miles to Vegas then not giving it a go.....

Los Angeles
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3. Re: Novice Slot Gambling Advice

Trust me, all you need to know is how to push the button.

The rest is easy, when you win a bonus free game, machine will tell you what to do.

All you should remember is that your odds of losing is much heigher than any other game in vegas, however people enjoy playing them

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4. Re: Novice Slot Gambling Advice

One small step at a time, OK. Learn how to play BJ at a table. Learn these 6-rules and play like a pro.

1. When your hand is stiff (a total of 12, 13, 14, 15, or 16) and the dealer shows a 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6, ALWAYS STAND.

2. When your hand is stiff and the dealer shows a 7, 8, 9, 10, or ace, ALWAYS HIT.

3. When you hold 17, 18, 19, or 20, ALWAYS STAND.

4. When you hold a 10 or 11 and the dealer shows a 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, or 9, ALWAYS DOUBLE DOWN.

5, When you hold a pair of 8's or aces, ALWAYS SPLIT

6. Never buy insurance


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5. Re: Novice Slot Gambling Advice


Ticket-in, Ticket-out means after you put in your bill you can only get a ticket matching your remaining money back, when you choose to leave. This instead of the coins they used to deal with. I hated it at first but realize it is a real convenience for me. To cash-out go to any number of redemption machines in that casino, of which there are many, put your ticket in and wait for your cash, just like those Self-bagging counters at the supermarket. Or, cash-out on another day.

Max Bets should be applied when the game you're playing is a "progressive", meaning many machines throughout Nevada all churning as one. Usually the ones with millions of dollars for jackpot. To win (the jackpot) you need to play Max Bet, that is if it's a 3-coin machine, then you need to play 3 coins (quarters, 50 cents, dollars, etc...) each spin. If you should hit the jackpot without playing the max then you will win much less than full amount. People will look at you with this sorry look:(

Bonus games are those that offer a secondary chance to win. Wheel of Fortune is such a game. If you hit a "Wheel of Fortune" while playing Max-bets you will get a chance to "spin" the wheel. Whatever the wheel stops at you win. This is a popular game and hard to get seats at.

"98% Payback" You'll see this above many slot areas. Don't be fooled into thinking if you put $100 in that you'll get $98 back. Chances are you'll walk away with nothing. No joking.

Phew! My suggestion to you is to find a game that looks interesting and play that. Most casinos will have that game. Don't play a game that you do not understand. That sounds simple but many people play slots without understanding "How" to win at it, or know "when" they've won.

I'll be there early April as well. Look for the yelling fool at the slots and that's me winning my "progressive"!

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6. Re: Novice Slot Gambling Advice

TITO is Ticket In, Ticket Out, which means you're paid with a ticket which you then take to a cashier to get your cash rather than being paid in cash by the machine.

You can put a $20 bill, for example, directly into the machine. Then if it is a quarter machine, it will show that you have 80 credits. If it's a dollar machine, it'll show that you have 20 credits.

You can push the button that says "bet one credit" which will then show you have 79 credits left if it's a quarter machine (or 19 credits left if it's a dollar machine), or you can push the button that says "bet max credits" which will use two or three credits at a time for that bet, or sometimes more, depending on the maximums on that particular screen.

Always check before hitting "bet max." Some machines have a pretty high maximum bet, but most of the quarter machines are maximum of two or three. It's easy to tell.

You push whichever button you want and the reels will spin. If you win, for example, 10 credits, that'll be reflected on the part of the machine that shows how many credits you have.

No cash will come out of the machine. When you decide to cash out of a machine, you'll push the button that says "cash out" and a printed ticket will come out, showing the amount of money you have.

You can then stick that ticket into another machine just like you would with cash or you can take it to the cashier and cash it out.

I've found that if I put a $10 bill into a machine instead of a $20 bill, I'm less likely to keep sitting there spending money if the machine isn't paying off well.

I've heard there are still some machines on Fremont Street that use actually coins but I'm usually on the Strip and don't think there are any there.

Hope that helps. Have fun!

Port Coquitlam...
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7. Re: Novice Slot Gambling Advice

I took my first trip to Vegas in '05. Call it beginner's/first timers luck but I did well on the slots. We stayed in downtown Vegas/ Freemont Street. The slots were 'looser' if you can call it that. We found the slots on the strip were not as forgiving. I won enough to pay for our trip plus another trip to Vegas that we took 3 months later. Of course, didn't do as well but that's why i called it first timers luck.

Always max bet. You may hit a jackpot but if you only placed 1 bet, your SOL if the jackpot was on the 3rd line.

The odd slot machine still gives you the coins when you win or cash out but very few. I think downtown on Freemont Street has some of those still at least when I was down there in '05.

Advice on making your money last longer? Don't spend what you can't afford and take your winnings and call it day.


Have Fun!

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8. Re: Novice Slot Gambling Advice

Oops, it's been a while since I've been there, didn't realize they had redemption machines. Much quicker than going to the cashier.

Woodland Park...
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9. Re: Novice Slot Gambling Advice

LOL, good advice to check what the max bet is. I've gotten pretty excited (sloppy) after a few drinks and accidentally hit that button and bet $2.50 on a penny slot. That blows.

I always check the pay tables, for most "reel" slots those are posted on the machine, for most video slots you choose the help button or touch the screen where it says "see pays." I almost never play max bet (I'm cheap, that's why I play pennies) but I try and bet enough that I will be able to get whatever bonus game the machine offers, and usually try to bet at least 2 per line (depending on how many lines I'm playing) so that payouts, especially in the bonus, are worth more.

Slots are a good, mindless way to lose some cash. But the bonus rounds can be an absurd amount of fun (I was lucky enough to discover the bonus for "Lucky Lemmings" this weekend, talk about fun!). I was a big arcade fan as a kid, so slots are just my grownup version of that.

Manzanita, Oregon
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10. Re: Novice Slot Gambling Advice

Great BJ advice Vegashomeboy. Incubus a friendly suggestion when you arrive at a casino go to the gift shop and buy a little plastic card that lists recommended lays based on your first 2 cards and what the dealers face up card is. You can put the card in your blouse or shirt pocket and pull it out as needed, never had a casino question using it. Black Jack and craps are the 2 games that favor the house the least. Most casinos offer free gambling lessons usually in the morning and the ones I've seen have given out good advice.

I enjoy the lights and musical chimes of the arcade games but only put in what you don't mind losing because who wants to leave when the lights are still flashing.

Seriously, I always thought Keno was the worst odds for the player.

When you return home post back and let us know how you did. Have a great time.