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Newbie question, Why Vegas?

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Newbie question, Why Vegas?

DH and I are TRYING desperately to plan our vacation this year for the last week in August (20-24). We are torn between Vegas and New Orleans. We have been to NOLA before, 10 years ago, and would like to go back there, but think we might like to try Vegas for the first time. My problem is, one of many, what is there to do besides gamble? I personnally could sit at a slot machine 24/7 but DH doesn't want to blow our vacation savings that way. Some interests include: music, food, shopping, food, drinking, food, LOL, we sure do love good food.

Hotels are not a problem, we both like the Bellagio, places to eat are not a problem, we eat anything, but what is there to do the other times?

Any and all suggestions are very much appreciated.

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1. Re: Newbie question, Why Vegas?

New Orleans is dirty and old, with a rotting soul... and, since Katrina, quickly becoming one of the crappiest places in the US to be. Choose Vegas unless you are travelling by time machine and can go back five years.

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2. Re: Newbie question, Why Vegas?

NOLA has (had?) some good food, but you can find the best in Vegas. Some of everything, 5-star to buffet. It's really become THE place for chef's to open in.

A lot of NOLA still isn't open and the crime has skyrocketed. I think the stats I last heard was that only 1/3 of the population remained? And I think it's mainly the very poor who stayed and couldn't afford to move. I know a ton of people from LA, and they say the Quarter is still fine, but the rest of the city is still very much boarded up and still rebuilding.

Sin City
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3. Re: Newbie question, Why Vegas?

The French Quarter is up and running but the rest of N.O. is still in need of major repairs. Now, if you want to go where your $$ are most needed, go to N.O. If you want to come where you'll enjoy your vacation mre, come to LV.

Plenty of things to do here besides gamble.

Irvine, California
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4. Re: Newbie question, Why Vegas?

music, good food, shopping, great food...........

Everything that you like Vegas can provide you in quantities that NO can only dream about these days. If top quality restaurants are your thing, I'd go as far as to say that LV is now in the top 5 cities in North America (compared to 15 years ago when it was nowhere).

Of course posters on THIS forum are going to tell you to go to Vegas. They happen to be correct.

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5. Re: Newbie question, Why Vegas?

Why Vegas? .......

There is stuff to suit all your listed interests in Vegas. You like music.... you'll find loads of concerts and live bands going on all the time. Food..... more fine restaurants than you can imagine! Shopping... loads of shopping malls all the way down the strip and an outlet centre to grab some designer bargains. Drinking... um well there are not many places to get a drink ;o)

Deffo choose Vegas, it;s only as expensive as you make it.

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6. Re: Newbie question, Why Vegas?

Just popping in and out of the various casinos will take a good chunk of time. Every hotel is unique. You can- eat at fabulous restaurants- Rosemary's, Andre's downtown or Hugo's Cellar; see shows-if you have never seen a Cirque show- see Mystere; go to the gun store- www.thegunstorelasvegas.com; have a spa treatment (even men go) or a shave; go to Imperial Palace Auto Exhibit; rent a car and see Valley of Fire or Red Rock Canyon; listen to some great music at the hotels lounges at night for the price of a drink; go downtown for one evening to see a different kind of Vegas; shop at the Forum Shops (CP- an attraction by itself) or Fashion Show Mall for regular shopping or the two outlet malls for bargains; indoor skydiving-www.flyawayindoorskydiving.com -; see the Titanic Exhibit; take your pick from these attractions:


San Antonio, Texas
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7. Re: Newbie question, Why Vegas?


Our original vacation this year was to New Orleans, since we had never been there before. The more we researched it, the more we decided we would have more fun returning to Vegas. Not just due to the post-Katrina reviews of the shops, restaurants and hotels on TA, but on other travel sites as well (as far as the construction, water damage, etc.) Have you been to the New Olreans forum on TA? Do some browsing there to get a feel for what recent visitors and locals are saying.

But there are plenty of things to do in vegas besides gamble, and a lot of them cost little or no money (http://www.cheapovegas.com). So IMO, Vegas, hands down.

Whichever you choose, hope you have great trip!

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8. Re: Newbie question, Why Vegas?

I have to say it - why would you go anywhere in the southern US in August?? It's hot enough in Pennsylvania. I would want to go someplace like Quebec or Vancouver. There's lots to do in Vegas besides gamble, but I'd rather do it when it's not 110 degrees out. Although you'll definitely get cheaper hotel rates in August.

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9. Re: Newbie question, Why Vegas?

I've never been to NOLA, but I can tell you why my husband and I keep returning to Vegas.

We like te fact that we can get a 5* hotel room for much less than we would pay on the east coast. The concentration of excellent restaurants is impressive, and there really is something special for every taste and budget. We spend our time shopping and sightseeing and we both like to visit the spa and hang by the pool. Being a 24/7 city, Vegas is really somewhere you can do what you want when you want for your entire trip. We are not big production show people, but there are lots of great shows available to see at any given time.

Fort Worth, Texas
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10. Re: Newbie question, Why Vegas?

Before I went to Vegas I thought NO was the best party city- I have been there 3 times, including Mardi Gras in 1998 (I haven't been post-Katrina) but after going to Vegas I have no reason to go back to NO, there is no comparison.