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My TR Apr 24-May 1 - grab a coffee

Red Deer, Alberta
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My TR Apr 24-May 1 - grab a coffee

So my TR is a little late but I am finally getting a few minutes to post…

Left Calgary at 9:00pm April 24, 2007, had fun sitting at the lounge in the airport talking to all the people happily anticipating their LV trip. Flight to Vegas was uneventful but I did manage to indulge in a few pre-Vegas cocktails….the only downfall to that was when my peanut sized bladder told me it was time to go there was some elderly woman in the bathroom and she didn’t come out for a good twenty minutes. Came out sporting a whole new outfit and face!

Got to LV right on schedule and had no problems getting a taxi. Did speak to a few people who’s flights home were cancelled and they were happy for the extra free night.

Cab driver was great, mentioned the tunnel and he said he definitely wouldn’t take it.

We got to some sketchy intersection and hit a bit of a traffic jam, some young lady was standing in the middle of the three lanes talking on her cell phone. I don’t know what she was on but I’m amazed she didn’t get hit as it was quite dark out at this point and traffic was very busy as usual.

Got to Bills and check-in was quick and great! I first asked if we had a room with a view and were told no because they were starting construction on the street outside that night and it could get pretty noisy. I told her I didn’t mind and would like a view if possible so we got to go look at two different rooms and decide which one we liked better, Note: #202 has the BEST view of the Bellagio Fountains! We were really impressed with the room; I really like the charm of Bills. I would stay here again. Service was great, and it was so quick and convenient getting to and from the strip. Can’t say enough about this place. The noise didn’t bother us at all, one night the jack hammering was a little noisy but once we closed the bathroom window we couldn’t hear a thing. As for the pool, we did have the option to use the Flamingo or IP pool but we never did bother. I think that if a pool is important a person should just book a hotel that has a pool. The weather was hot hot hot when we were there and I just didn’t feel right taking up space at a pool I wasn’t a guest of. BUT that’s just me.

So the first night we decided just to stick to Bills since it was pretty late. There was a very good lounge act playing when we got there and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

You shake those legs Jamimy!

The next morning we decided to eat at the Victorian Room and were really impressed with the food as well as the prices. Ate here for supper one night, their prime rib special was so worth it and the price could not be beat.

So now that I have waited so long to report and can’t remember everything I will just point out the highlights of what we did and where we went.

Of course Margaritaville – made a few trips here, love that place, and it was so great sitting on the roof with the gorgeous weather!

Wynn – Parasol (outside) – also made a few trips here; I have to say they have the BEST Mojito’s out of anywhere we tried. (And note this was my first time introduced to the Mojito – I LOVE THEM!) Funny story about being here, we got to the Wynn and I decided I should have worn a tank top instead of a t-shirt as we were going to sit outside and it was HOT. So I thought, heck maybe I could find a tank top here so we tour the shops. The cheapest “plain jane” tank top I could find was $150.00, I just could not bring myself to spend that kind of money on a tank top! My husband said “well at least you will be “Stylin”, I said “Yeah I’d have to turn it inside out so everyone could see the name on the tag! Anyway love the parasol but can’t shop at this hotel.

Fontana’s @ the Bellagio – spent quite a few hours here just watching the shows and listening to the great music, this place is a must! The Bellagio cocktail is yummy too!

Bellagio – The Conservatory is gorgeous, I was really impressed. If money were no object I think I would definitely stay here. I like the looks and feel of the Bellagio even over the Wynn.

Carnival Court – Spent one whole day up at the bar here, so much fun, met great people, had great drinks, great entertainment! Went back Monday to watch the Ultimate Flare Bartending Championships, wow! That was great fun! You’ll get em next time Robyn!

The Rio – Watched the Masquerade Show in the Sky – that was cute and the clowns were pretty funny. Went up to the Voodoo, that is a really great lounge. I am just amazed they haven’t had any drunks fall off of there, the railing is surprisingly low.

Met some great people up there.

Strat – I made my first and last trip to this place, really didn’t like it. Even smelled cheap and dingy there. My husband did go on one of the rides (Exscream) and he got weak in the knee’s for the rest of the day whenever he would think about it so that was one plus.

The bar/restaurant “Top of the World” probably would be a nice place to dine or drink at night but we were there in the daytime so it didn’t do much for us.

Peppermill – Really loved this place, so neat – I wish I could put a water/fire pit like that in my backyard!!! (Thanks TA for recommending this place)

Downtown – It was my husbands first time to Fremont, we got great seats on the roof in the Vue @ Fitz, really enjoyed watching the show and having some drinks here, great service as well. I like the sliders.

Toured the rest of the downtown strip, the pool at the nugget is pretty neat. Never did make it to the Atomic, maybe next trip.

With the weather being so nice we looked for places to relax outside and one place we really enjoyed was little patio setup outside the Flamingo – the bartender there plays great music and the spot is great for people watching and just partaking in a few cold ones. The drinks are also cheap! You can get your picture taken with the parrots here.

Shows we saw – The comedy show at the Palms in the Playboy Lounge – hilarious! Though we did get bent over when we wanted a booth and had to pay extra.

Swung by H & H, a lot smaller than it looks on TV.

O – This show was good, I do have to say that I wish they would play these shows earlier in the day, we went to the 10:30 show and after a long day in the sun, walking etc. I got a little nappy. The show was really good though and it was my first Cirque show, I’m just not sure I will rush back to another one for a while.

We had a bit of time to kill before the show so my husband put a $20 in a machine, won $600 so we decided we would go to Caramel for a celebratory cocktail, there was a “greeter” outside the lounge, we were standing there and she never acknowleged us, I said “So can we just go in?” and she said “Go in where?” I said “Well the lounge of course” and she said “Oh, ok” (a little bit of a Paris Hilton I think, but she’s pretty and I think that’s all the quals you need here) so we go in and this place is sure ‘Hoighty Toighty’, we had fun acting like the rich and famous though and even had deep fried kraft dinner, 4 pieces for $15, too funny.

Saw Big E at Bills – he was pretty entertaining. Side note on Bills: Some people have said in the past that Bills is dead when they have been there, it was hopping the whole week we were there.

PH – Think this place will be nice when its done, had some good times here and some good shopping (another note on shopping, great deals at the Las Vegas Outlet Mall (South) – not to be confused with the Premium Outlet Mall

Casino Royale – Took a quick sprint through this place, oh the stench! Yuck, people eating in there at the Subway, I don’t know how you do it!

Venetian – Ate a very nice Italian restaurant (Canaletto I believe it was called) right across from the man statue – the best pasta I have had in a long time (and a tip, if you want to take a picture with the man, be nice, leave him a tip, he stands there a looooooooong time! Good shops at the V as well.

Toby Keith’s – I thought the service was not great this time; the food was of course HUGE portions.

Gambling – I did not gamble at all but my husband did here and there (just on the penny slots) he came out $950 ahead, we were happy with that.

Side notes: Did see a lot of “Ghetto” hookers on the trip, its amazing how many you can spot when you are actually watching for them, lots at Bills and at Carnival Court.

Porn slappers were not nearly as bad this time around.

Timeshare people seemed to be the worst at PH.

Quite a sewagy smell walkin North, but then I thought, I can only imagine how many flushes there are a day in LV......

Didn’t mention the tigers or dolphins or sharks because we did all that last year – worth going to see if you haven’t been. Also didn’t stop in at New York New York this time either, just because we spent a lot of time there last trip and wanted to cover what we hadn’t the previous year (besides the definite go back to’s of course!)

Didn’t take a lot of pictures, been there done that but its hilarious to watch the die hard’s they bring tripods and the whole nine – we almost ran over a lady that was trying to take a picture of the deuce we were on, she was standing in the middle of the road trying to take a picture as we were moving right for her, hilarious.

Trip home – uneventful except the lady beside me kept changing my tv channel with her arm on the armrest….we get back to Park and Jet and our truck battery is dead because I guess the alarm went off while we were away – spent an hour finding someone and getting it jumped. Got home sleepily at 4:30 am.

All in all another great trip and can’t wait to go back!

Thanks for reading and keep up with the great reports!

Frisco, Texas
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1. Re: My TR Apr 24-May 1 - grab a coffee

For those outside of Canada, Kraft Dinner is the same things as Mac n' Cheese. When I read that, I could not help but think of Terrence and Phillip on South Park. There was a whole episode featuring Kraft Dinner.

Nice trip report-organized, entertaining, and sounds like you all had a great time. thanks!

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2. Re: My TR Apr 24-May 1 - grab a coffee

I always think of the Bare Naked Ladies song :)

Good report, I love how it was laid out and it was so easy to read.

Toronto, ON
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3. Re: My TR Apr 24-May 1 - grab a coffee

great report TKirk. we were down in LV the same time as you. man it was HOT!! *L*

now i know why we didn't win anything on the slots, your hubby took all of the winnings! sheesh! ;)

great TR - very easy to follow along. I agree that the Timeshare ppl were teh worst at PH.

New York
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4. Re: My TR Apr 24-May 1 - grab a coffee

Great TR. Thanks. You certainly covered alot of territory - I'm exhausted just from reading it!!! I was there the same time, and now have to wait a whole year!! Can't wait to go back!

Near Chicago
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5. Re: My TR Apr 24-May 1 - grab a coffee

Thanks for the nice TR. Well written. Nice job.

Red Deer, Alberta
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6. Re: My TR Apr 24-May 1 - grab a coffee

Thanks - except I forgot to post in a reply, sorry guys!

Dallas, Texas
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7. Re: My TR Apr 24-May 1 - grab a coffee

Long but very good TR glad you had a nice time in Vegas.

Los Gatos...
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8. Re: My TR Apr 24-May 1 - grab a coffee

I prefer you post it this way. That way I can look back to answer or comment on what I forgot!

Laughed at your comment about it's a good thing your husband was weak in the knees after the ride.

Wow! $150 for a T Shirt!

and up over $900, Good eal!

Nice report with tons of good info!

Los Gatos...
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9. Re: My TR Apr 24-May 1 - grab a coffee

Good deal even!

Tavares, Florida
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10. Re: My TR Apr 24-May 1 - grab a coffee

I enjoyed your TR too! I also like it posted the way it is and not as a reply, thanks for doing that for the few of us with memory and comprehension difficulties. ......giving Low a quick glance......;)