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Name most helpful people on here :)

Sheffield, United...
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Name most helpful people on here :)

Hi nicesheffielder here

There are lots of people use this forum and we get alot of good advice/ideas from them so lets have a shout out for them who you have found most helpful i'll start


As always up the blades:)

2weeks to go not long now :) homer he say drive plane faster!!!!!!!!!!

Champaign, Illinois
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1. Re: Name most helpful people on here :)

Lowrance & Stratton are my top 2.

Cape Girardeau...
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2. Re: Name most helpful people on here :)

the_batcomputer... That guy is AWESOME!

North carolina
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3. Re: Name most helpful people on here :)

hmmm my magic 8 ball usually provides me with valuable insight...although i do have to word the questions into a yes or no format...

honestly though there are a ton, i'll give some shout outs to strip cruiser, Lowrance, Vegashomeboy, Stratton, Bridgefan (even past some of the remarks), vegashotelmanager, jeez, this is bad, cuz now i know i'm missing a bunch and i'm gonna get plastered by these people... SORRY!!!!

Loveland, Colorado
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4. Re: Name most helpful people on here :)

I think my feelings are going to be hurt....<tearing up>

San Francisco...
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5. Re: Name most helpful people on here :)

This one's for you loveland...

Loveland, Vegasdragon, Gabbygambler, SisterDino,Firstimer123, Blackjackmark, Lowrance ;p 21player, topekaducky, VHB and VHM and a special shot out to Jaco and Damonkeyboy for having 2 of the best t/r's in recent memory...

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6. Re: Name most helpful people on here :)

Loveland! You were going to be one of my choices even before I read your post. :)

For me Stratton was most helpful for trip planning & Vp03

Although the regular posters here all give lots of good knowledge.

Los Gatos...
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7. Re: Name most helpful people on here :)

Loveland's VERY helpful...

Especially in messages, she's shy you know!

She even offered to change me if I made one more smart remark...

What's a Gelding?

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8. Re: Name most helpful people on here :)

props to blagger, dee777, and hitchhiker55.

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9. Re: Name most helpful people on here :)

awww, nodogs... thank you..

Well, first off, I'd like to thank my parents, for having me, and of course my manager, publicist and lawyers for keeping those "llittle bits" out of the public eye. I'd also like to thank my adoring public, without whom none of this could ever have come to fruition...

Where's my #%&$ award?


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10. Re: Name most helpful people on here :)

Thanks for the mentions - I'm very happy if I've been helpful.

I have learned so much from this forum, it would be impossible to list everyone. Some of the best tidbits have come from one-time or infrequent posters who happened to have a particular piece of information. But if I have to single out a few folks, props to dkekitalo who always has helpful (and opinionated) hotel and buffet advice, Lowrance for awesome TRs, chitowngambler for an unparalleled knowledge of downtown, LilBunnyGirl who we don't see so much now that she has a lil' bunny of her own, LVEscape for her patience with the oft-repeated newbie questions, and Dr. Vegas for just a vast knowledge of everything. Thanks to all of you and to everyone I neglected to mention by name.