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This is absolutely horrific.

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This is absolutely horrific.

So I'm heading to Vegas in 24 hours with two of my friends for a girls' trip, Thursday through Monday. Well, one of them decided to schedule tonsil removal surgery for this Monday. Smart, right? So she's now in pain and can't eat normal food yet, etc, yet she's still insisting on going to Vegas tomorrow. I don't think its going to be much fun for her, but whatever.

Well, I just got a call from the OTHER girl who's notified me that she is, as of this morning, negative nine hundred dollars in her checking account. Which means she'd only be going to Vegas with 450 bucks, which means she doesn't want to go.

Bear in mind, we had plans to go to some clubs, do a nice dinner and limo ride for one of the girls' birthdays on Saturday - the broke one won't be able to afford any of it IF she goes, and the sick one won't be able to enjoy it because her throat feels like its on fire. This trip is so going to totally suck.

Irvine, California
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1. Re: This is absolutely horrific.

I'm sorry that things seem to be going wrong but no Vegas trip can ever totally suck. Being in Vegas with bad stuff going on is still far far better than not being there at all.

Go with a positive attitude. A great time can still be had despite the adversities!

Palm Desert...
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2. Re: This is absolutely horrific.

Wow, I totally feel for you. What a couple of knuckleheads!

(I also don't understand if she's a negative $900 bucks in her checking account how she EVEN has the $450 to go!)

Anyway, I'm sorry to hear that your girls trip has turned into a mess. Hopefully the gal with no tonsils will rally and the two of you can have some fun!

Las Vegas, Nevada
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3. Re: This is absolutely horrific.

NuggetBrain -

Tell girlfriend #1 to go to an adult book store, they sell stuff that numbs your throat. !!

Tell girlfriend #2 to bring her credit cards.

Just a thought.


Brownsville, Texas
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4. Re: This is absolutely horrific.

My friend had her tonsils out and a few days after was the worst, she said she had scabbing, couldn't swallow and was on big-time pain meds. Hope this doesn't happen to your friend. Why in the world would they do that right before leaving? Dumb. You know what I say, to heck with them. Have fun, it's still a vacation, and it's Vegas! Maybe the broke one can stay in the hotel and take care of the sick one. I would make sure I had a good time regardless.

Loveland, Colorado
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5. Re: This is absolutely horrific.

Love Sweetsherry's advice!

That would totally pi$$ me off - how inconsiderate of your friends.

HOWEVER, go with a good attitude, make the most of it.

Houston, Texas
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6. Re: This is absolutely horrific.

That is awlful. I don't understand how you can get to negative 900 in your checking account. Unless you are in Vegas and then it is totally understandable.

Cleveland, OH
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7. Re: This is absolutely horrific.

Yeah, your friends suck. I had my tonsils out as an adult and wouldn't leave the room for a week- and i am a "strong" patient! As for the money girl- um....was it a surprise that vacation time was coming???? Still go on your trip and have a blast- and don't worry about either of them! You'd have fun alone! Lay by the pool, hit the nice restaurants, shop, gamble- do it all!!!!!!! Don't let them ruin this for you!

Topeka, Kansas
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8. Re: This is absolutely horrific.

It's Vegas....I'd even go by myself!!! Have a good time, and I hope you win some $$$$$$$$$$$

San Antonio, Texas
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9. Re: This is absolutely horrific.

I'm still stuck on sweetsherry's comment about the adult book stores.

Tallahassee, Florida
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10. Re: This is absolutely horrific.

sounds like they were not into the trip as much as you are.

Can you find replacements?

The tonsil girl is just silly, but if she really needed them out... well... than she did.

The no money girl sounds like she is making excuses because the tonsil girl is sick and she is worried about not having a good time.

You could go to vegas on 450... she just can't gamble... and no bottle service. (ok I am being too optmistic now)

My suggestion.... find replacements or cancel. It sounds like they don't want to be there and they have other priorities and they will not make it fun.