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Trip Report 10/8-10/10 Monte Carlo

Burlington, Vermont
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Trip Report 10/8-10/10 Monte Carlo

We just got back this morning. Thought I'd post a quick trip report before I forget the details. See next post.

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1. Re: Trip Report 10/8-10/10 Monte Carlo

I'm I being to eager or are you teasing us??!!!!! :-)

Los Gatos...
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2. Re: Trip Report 10/8-10/10 Monte Carlo

This WAS quick! =)

Burlington, Vermont
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3. Re: Trip Report 10/8-10/10 Monte Carlo

My sister and I just spent 3 nights in Vegas. Sis is 40 years old and went to Vegas once before for just 1 night so didn't get to do or see anything. I am 47 and this was my 5th trip to Vegas.

We booked a flight, hotel, and transfer package with US Airways Vacations. The package was cheaper than the flight alone. We left Albany NY at 8:30 am Monday and arrived in Vegas on time at 1 pm. It took about 45 minutes for our luggage to show up on the carousel and we waited on the Grey Line shuttle for another 30-45 minutes because they won't leave the airport until every seat is full. There were no taxi lines so we should have skipped the shuttle.

Also no lines to check in at Monte Carlo. I asked for a room away from the construction. Our room on the 30th floor did overlook some of the construction but it was high enough that we didn't hear too much noise. The hotel didn't seem busy so I was a bit disappointed that we didn't get a strip view, but I didn't specifically ask for one so I can't complain. Our room was clean and updated - much nicer than our room last year at Bally's. However, I do prefer Bally's for it's mid-strip location.

Once we unpacked, we went straight to the Paris champage slots where my husband and I won $500 two nights in a row last year. We thought that would be a great way to begn our trip so Sis and I each contributed $30 which gave us 4 pulls - but luck wasn't with us, and our losing streak begins. We aren't big gamblers anyway but it would have been nice to win a few dollars here and there.

We popped in an out of the casinos between Paris and the Flamingo on our way to Margaritaville. Dropped a few dollars in the slots but never hit anything. I wanted Sis to see Big Elvis at Bill's but he was done for the day and we never made it back.

We split a burger and fries at Margaritaville for a late lunch. The frozen margs weren't very strong but the bartender kindly topped them off with another shot, then gave us each one more free shot before we left.

As we were leaving Margaritaville, the Deuce bus was pulling up, so we hopped on. It was dusk and Vegas was lighting up before our very eyes. It was a long slow ride but we enjoyed taking in the sites along the way. My sister loved Freemont Street, and so do I. We saw 2 laser light shows, lost a few more dollars, and took the Deuce bus back to the Monte Carlo. It took forever. The bus would stop for 5 or 10 minutes even when no one was loading or unloading. They must stick to a specific schedule. We should have taken a taxi back from downtown.

We stopped at the food court in MC at about midnight. I'm pretty sure McDonald's stays open until 2 but Subway, and the Mexican restaurant seemed to vary based on how busy they were. There were some other restaurants but I can't recall what they were.

We were in bed by 1 am (which was 4 am to us since we were still on east coast time) and up again at 8. We had previously agreed that we would catch up on lost sleep on the plane ride home since we only had 3 nights in Vegas.

Tuesday we checked out the MGM lions, the dealertainers at Imperial Palace, had lunch at the Paris buffet, went to Casino Royale for $50 free match play which was a big waste of time (Can only be used in one small area and you have to play until you lose it all or win the jackpot.). At about 2 in the afternoon, we tried to buy $32 tix at Tix 2Nite to see Tony Danza in The Producers but they only had $70 seats left which was more than we wanted to spend. We tried Tix 4 Tonight to see what they had but their line was a mile long so we gave up and headed to the pool at MC. There is a pool, a wave pool and a lazy river. We were only there for an hour or so because they close at 5.

I've always wanted to see the masquerade in the sky at Rio so we took a taxi there. It was only 7pm so we also had time to see the view of Vegas from the Voodoo Lounge before the 8pm cover charge. There was absolutely no pressure to buy a drink and I have a major fear of heights so we only spent about 10 minutes, then went down to catch a parade, and hopped the free shuttle back to Harrahs. Sis and I both loved the parade at Rio - then had a great time watching the twins dueling pianos at Harrahs.

We headed across the street at midnight to see the Mirage volcano - which turned out to be the only time I've ever felt a bit unsafe in Vegas. We were standing against he railing. It wasn't very crowded so there was plenty of room for everyone. I held my purse in front of me and suggested that Sis do the same which turned out to be some pretty good advice because a few minutes later, this man came up and stood right behind my sister. You couldn't slide a piece of paper between them - he was that close. I glanced at him (glared) but he pretended not to even see us. We stepped to the side to make more room for him to stand along the railing rather than behind her but he didn't budge. He was with a woman who stood behind me and I felt her brush lightly against my back pocket. Sis said he was brushing against her back pockets too. They had us surrounded. They acted like they weren't together but I'm pretty sure they were a team. I'm also pretty sure that we would be missing our wallets if we hadn't wedged our purses between our bodies and the fence. I didn't feel like my life was in danger or anything, but it was creepy.

We ended the night back in the MC food court at 1 am. McDonald's was the only place open. I've been on trips to Vegas where it was all about the food, but this time, we never seemed to think about eating until it was time to go to bed. Gambled a bit in the MC casino, lost at roulette and slots.

Wednesday I had Sis back up at 8 am to spend some time in the MC casino, also in NYNY, then headed back to Tix 2Nite where we were able to get $32 tix to see The Producers. We went to the pool for a couple of hours, then took the monorail to Harrah's to eat at Toby Keith's Bar before the show at Paris. That monorail station at MGM is the worst station on the line. Last year I thought we discovered a way to get to it on Tropicana without actually going into MGM so we went around to that side and took the escalator up, but it just dumped us into MGM where we had to hike thru the entire casino. It would have been fewer steps to just walk to Paris rather than using the monorail. Maybe I was just cranky because I was not wearing comfortable shoes which is a major Vegas faux pas!!!

Dinner at Toby Keith's was good and the drinks were really strong. The bartender made quite a production out of juggling the bottles while he made our drinks, which resulted in quite a generous amount of liqor. After dinner, we hopped back on the monorail to get to Paris. Sis and I both enjoyed The Producers which was definitely a Broadway quality production, and it was fun to see Tony Danza, but I probably wouldn't see this type of show again in Vegas. Since I've already seen Broadway plays on Broadway, I wish we picked a show we could only see in Vegas.

After the show, we took the monorail back to Imperial Palace. We lost a few more dollars, but enjoyed watching the dealertainers perform - - it's one of those experiences that makes you say...."only in Vegas"!! We planned to go back to Toby Keith's for some nightlife because we heard they dance on the bar and generally have a fun time, but it sure didn't look to wild and crazy at 10 pm and we were heading home the next day so decided to take the monorail back to MC where we lost a few more dollars, then called it a night by 2 am. We gave our 24 hour monorail passes to someone else since they still had about 18 hours left.

Thursday our flight home was at 2:40. Grey Line wanted to pick us up 3 hours early so we took a taxi instead. We arranged for late checkout the day before so we could have the room until 1 pm. We had the MC breakfast buffet for $12 which was nothing special but in the end they took it off our bill due to players club points anyway. We lost a few more dollars in the MC casino, then a few more dollars in the airport slots, then the fun really began.!!

Our flight home from Vegas boarded on time, but we spent at least 30 minutes on the runway. We only had a 45 minute layover in Philadelphia so we were cutting it close, but I thought they would make up the time during our 5 hour flight. However, we arrived in Philadelphia 45 minutes late, then our gate was already occupied by another plane which caused further delay. In addition, we needed to catch a shuttle to another terminal, and to make matters worse, after we ran, and ran, and ran to our gate, this flight was leaving 1 hour late anyway and they just made us run all the way to the wrong gate. On the other hand, this new delay gave us time to grab a slice of pizza. It was midnight now and our last meal was breakfast. We got back into Albany at about 1:30 and spent another 30 minutes dealng with the lost luggage claim. So once again I am arriving home from a US Airways flight without my luggage. When will I learn?- short layovers are always trouble!

I was in bed at my sister's house by 2:30 am and back up this morning at 5:30 to drive the 2 1/2 hours back to my house in Burlington.

Sorry for the typos. I'm happy to answer any questions.

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4. Re: Trip Report 10/8-10/10 Monte Carlo

Good deal on the Producers tickets!

Overall, excluding the perverted creeps, sounds like you had some fun.

I don't care for the monorail...too much for my feet.

laughlin nv
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5. Re: Trip Report 10/8-10/10 Monte Carlo

very nice report.....i know you got a package deal but missing connections is one reason why we only take direct flights now..if you shop around alot you can get some good deals on direct flights.

Work, Beach or...
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6. Re: Trip Report 10/8-10/10 Monte Carlo

What are "dealertainers"?

Las Vegas, Nevada
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7. Re: Trip Report 10/8-10/10 Monte Carlo

Sounds like a really fun trip for you and your sister!! Sorry to hear the champagne slots didn't remember you from last time!

That is a bit creepy with those people standing right on top of you when it sounded like there was enough room they didn't need to be.

Monte Carlo sounds like a nice room....glad you were able to score your Producers tix the second time around! =)

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8. Re: Trip Report 10/8-10/10 Monte Carlo

Great trip report. Sounds like a good time had by you both. (well except for the creeps).

Phoenix, Arizona
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9. Re: Trip Report 10/8-10/10 Monte Carlo

Thanks for the detailed report. I really enjoyed reading it because with all the details I felt like I was right there. Glad you guys had fun.

I don't know if it's what the cops say to do or not, but anytime someone gets that close to me, I get loud and start to make a scene. This usualy backs them off. I can't stand it when anyone gets that close! You were smart to keep your purses in front of you.

Don't you love the bartenders at Margaritaville? They seem more friendly than other places and the ones we've had seem to take care of you when you talk with them a little first, and then place your order.

Marilla, New York
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10. Re: Trip Report 10/8-10/10 Monte Carlo

Great TR! We are thinking of staying at the Monte Carlo so it was nice to hear about it. Sounds like you had a great time. Just wondering, would you stay at the MC again? What did you think of the location?