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The Good the Bad & the Horrible. TR from Gossyboy

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The Good the Bad & the Horrible. TR from Gossyboy

Well as promised folks, here is my TR.

Travelled from 5th to the 12th December. I am back at work now, but as you will find out later, I almost didn't make it.

Here is the first day, well evening, and I'll do more in between my shifts at work................

First, some background on the intrepid explorers.

Myself, Gossyboy, 41 years young and married to Kaz, 45. This was our second trip to Vegas. We travelled with my sister Pat, 50 and her husband Graham, 60, who will be known in this report as P & G. Also our dear friend Karen affectionately known on this trip as Roomy as she shared our room to keep the costs of single supplements down. It was these threes first trip to America, not just Vegas.

I won’t bore you with travel details. Only that the flight was a bit late. The beer flowed at Gatwick and the Whiskeys kept coming on the plane. The idea was to drink a few so that sleep was achieved on the way, but as usual we arrived in Vegas absolutely knackered and struggled to stay awake for almost a whole new Wednesday.

Kaz and I had booked a surprise Limo to pick us all up at McCarran. Only about $60 paid from home, so I felt it was a bargain. The poor guy had been waiting for 1 ½ hours, as it took us this long to clear immigration. That was a nightmare! We stood for ages and there was no air-con on this rather warm day so when I asked if we could get a tour of the strip before we dropped off he was not very accommodating…………..

Took us straight to the Bellagio but I still dropped him a $20 for his troubles.

The Bellboys immediately took our luggage and gave us tickets. We entered the hotel lobby, stared at that wondrous ceiling then went straight to the desk with no wait (it was about 2pm). The very helpful man dealt with us quickly and efficiently and listened to our requests. We wanted to upgrade to a Lakeview room but of course none were available. So we made it very clear we did not want to look out at the building site next door. He assured us the pool & garden view rooms he was giving us were perfect. So when we opened our curtains to see the pool & garden view with a wonderful building site backdrop, we decided it would do as the mountains and strip could be seen around the half built hotels and condos. Our bags were swiftly delivered to snap us out of our strip gazing stares.

The view was the least of our worries at this stage. There was a dreadful smell in the room. We all looked around but couldn’t seem to track it down. It wasn’t until Roomy sat down that I realised it was coming from her feet. Bless her, she had been all day in a pair of those new fashionable UGG Boots but once she slipped her feet out of those little beauties all hell let loose!! She was very quickly banished to the bathroom, followed by the boots that walked out on their own, to scrub her feet. Five minutes later she came back in laughing out loud and carrying a small bottle of Bellagio green liquid. She had washed her feet in Mouthwash! At least foot & mouth was not going to survive in Vegas!! I called the bomb disposal people to come and deal with the boots and they swiftly passed them onto the nuclear fallout people. The boots were wrapped and sealed and not seen again until the day we returned.

A quick unpack, once we had been revived and down for a quick tour of the Casino. Then across to Margaritaville @ Flamingo. It was one of our favourite bars from last year. We were shown up on to the rooftop terrace where the overhead heating system was actually making us warmer than we were inside. In fact I had to swap seats with Roomy, as I’m sure I could smell my hair burning! The food here was excellent, the drinks were good and the service was superb………….there are great strip views up here too.

P had the first of her many puddings of the week. She is well known for her love of puds, (I don’t know where she puts it?). I think she tried a pudding at every place we stopped for food. Unfortunately by 8pm the group was flagging and could take no more. To be fair it was 4am in England so we had been on the go for 24hrs.

Tucked up the family then I went down to collect my MGM players club cards. The nice lady took her time to explain I must gamble around $25 a hand for about 4 hrs a day. I would get $10 back for a 1000 points and a free buffet at 2000 points. Once I reached these totals I must go back and see her………….. Oh how excited I was…………….NOT. Even if I had the time to gamble for 4 hours a day, I certainly wouldn’t be playing $25 a hand! But she was so nice I didn’t have the heart to tell her that we would never meet again!

All week there was loads of poker being played at the Bellagio. All part of the WPT Five Diamonds event, so there were huge poker stars all over the place. Being a big fan and player myself I spent an hour or so watching the action. Had a quick $20 in a slot and confirmed my suspicions that I would never get any thing free back from the Bellagio when I went off to bed $20 lighter and with a massive 9 points sitting proudly on my card!!

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1. Re: The Good the Bad & the Horrible. TR from Gossyboy

Great start GossyBoy!!

Lmaooooooo about Roomy and her feet!!!!! You have to show her how you wrote that part up...I love it!!!

When you said P was eating Pudding everywhere...do you mean regular everyday pudding? Do you not have pudding in the UK?

Bellagio sounds nice...glad you got a nice garden and pool view!

Keep going....=)

Las Vegas, Nevada
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2. Re: The Good the Bad & the Horrible. TR from Gossyboy

great TR so far, looking forward to more installments

Boynton Beach...
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3. Re: The Good the Bad & the Horrible. TR from Gossyboy

So Far , So Good.

Keep The installments coming, and as always, Thanks for sharing your adventure :)

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4. Re: The Good the Bad & the Horrible. TR from Gossyboy

Okay, Gossy...keep the TR coming! Want to know about the rest. Good, bad or horrible?

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5. Re: The Good the Bad & the Horrible. TR from Gossyboy

"She had washed her feet in Mouthwash!"

too funny..... I hope she throws those boots out :)

Great writing... waiting for more

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6. Re: The Good the Bad & the Horrible. TR from Gossyboy

Good start! You can stop working now and continue with your report, please! The work can wait- we want more!

Sanford nc
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7. Re: The Good the Bad & the Horrible. TR from Gossyboy

First her feet? Then her hair? Too funny. Gonna have to bookmark this report to make sure I get it all.

Moore, Oklahoma
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8. Re: The Good the Bad & the Horrible. TR from Gossyboy

Well, CO....I was wondering about the "pudding", too. Can't be Jello instant, can it??

Great trip report. Love the part about the UGGs!

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for Las Vegas
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9. Re: The Good the Bad & the Horrible. TR from Gossyboy

Nice humor loaded into your report...looking forward to the rest... you have reminded me I must try the top floor at Margaritaville (good to know about heat lamps).

Chicago, Illinois
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10. Re: The Good the Bad & the Horrible. TR from Gossyboy

CO and juwel, in the UK "pudding" can be used to mean any kind of dessert..... probably it means she tried a dessert every place they went.