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Your Vegas Preferences

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Carmel, IN
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Your Vegas Preferences

I've been skulking about on this forum for several years. I usually visit when I'm planning a trip to Vegas. I'm always amazed at the number of people who go to Vegas to eat, see shows and stay in the “best” hotel. I realize everyone has their on preferences on vacation. I’m curious do you travel to other cities do these activities as well? Example: New York for Broadway shows, museums and excellent meals.

Another think I'm curious about - how many people on this forum experienced Vegas before the mega resort takeover? I can’t help but wonder if this is going to be the downfall of Vegas. They seem to be pricing the average middle class person out of the market with all the condo development, expensive food and shows. Vegas was built on the casino industry, the gamblers. Yet it seems that most people go to Vegas for other purposes these days. If people are spending their hard earned money on rooms, shows and food (all one time expenditures) and not pumping money into the casinos it would seem that something’s got to give.

I guess I get nostalgic for the Vegas of twenty (plus) years ago when things were cheap and the gambling was good, because the casinos weren’t paying for the mega resorts. I’ve always felt that I could eat, drink, stay in a nice hotel or see a show just about anywhere; therefore I’d rather gamble in Vegas. (My personal preference.) Where else can you go with so many casinos to choose from?

Minnesota City...
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1. Re: Your Vegas Preferences

I didn't experience the Vegas of twenty years ago . . . but I love what's there now.

We go as an escape. There is NOTHING in Vegas to remind me of home and everyday life (well . . . except having hubby with me). I enjoy having a never-ending choice of restaurants, shows, lounges, etc. We enjoy crashing by the pool and having a drink in the middle of the day (or in the morning!). We're not much into gambling . . . nor do we spend large sums of money on the shows, dinners, etc.

Vegas is lots of things to lots of people . . . there's something for everyone . . . and I like that.

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2. Re: Your Vegas Preferences

I cannot agree with you more. I often wonder which will come first... will they price themselves out or run out of water. When I visit Vegas I stay at Terribles for under $50 per night. I spend very little time in my room and only require it be comfortable and clean. I use Tix Tonight to see a show and eat at the less expensive restaurants or buffets. I would love to dine at one of the upscale places but I have to choose... gamble, show, or eat! I cannot imagine spending $300+ per night for a room and $100+ for dinner. Guess I'm still looking for the cheapy Vegas of years gone by. Do you think it will come back???

New Richmond...
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3. Re: Your Vegas Preferences

I could not agree with you more. I see so many posts of people that "tried one slot" and spent the rest of the time walking around, swimming and eating.

Per the Las Vegas Advisor, the trend for the first time in many years is that the overall "take" is on the increase downtown and falling on the strip.

These companies cannot sustain these mega resort/hotels without the slot revenue. That is why we see $100-$300 room rates all over the strip. They have to make the money somehow.

I, like you, very much prefer to play games, etc. I like cheap food, the cheaper shows and staying away from the strip.

If you want food and posh arrangements, go somewhere else. The first wrong Vegas made was introducing the "kid friendly" theme which quickly died. The mega resort and $250 rooms will be slower to die but will certainly have impacts all over the place.

This post on my blog kind of sums up the kind of travel I like and the second link specifically refers to my last trip in November with our coupon use.



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4. Re: Your Vegas Preferences

Look at it this way - Fewer and fewer people are coming to Vegas primarily to gamble, because the gaming conditions are getting worse. Pick any table game you like, and you can probably find better rules and lower limits in Biloxi or Tunica. As for the slots, they are now available in many people's home states so no reason to come all the way to LV. Personally, I do far better at the casinos in Connecticut than I ever do in Vegas. But Vegas offers me so much more in other forms of entertainment and the hotels are much cheaper. Also, keep in mind that more and more of LV's visitors are from other countries. They are on a major vacation, not just a gambling jaunt, and they expect hotels and

restaurants of a certain quality.

If you want people to come to Vegas to gamble, get the casinos to stop perpetrating lousy games like 6:5 CSM blackjack. Who likes being ripped off?

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5. Re: Your Vegas Preferences

My vote also is for the "old days". We started going to Vegas in the early 80's and boy do I miss the cheap eats and smaller casinos. We go to gamble. We do like to have other things to do but certainly not the high end shows and meals. We are considering changing to downtown for future visits. I really like the atmosphere (less pretentious) down there. Just my opinion.

United States
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6. Re: Your Vegas Preferences

Another thing to add is that the Keno odds seem to be getting worse.

Park Forest...
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7. Re: Your Vegas Preferences

I don't stay at the best hotel anywhere! I look for the best bang for the buck and I work the different discount programs to stay at nicer places for a cheaper price. When I go to Vegas, I want at a Vegas experience. Seeing a Broadway show and eating at copycat celebrity restaurant in Vegas wouldn't be satisfying to me.

As far as the mega-resort strategy, at the end of the day it is working. You only have to look at the fiscal reports for MGM to see evidence of it. The casinos will just become a smaller profit centers for a larger entertainment companies. There is too much planned on the high end, though, and I don't see it all getting built or surviving. I do think that the dining/shopping thing has the potential to go bust on Vegas - another city can emerge as the place to be for those things and there is already backlash from the convention sponsers that Vegas is getting overpriced.

As a middle income person, I don't like all the ways Vegas is changing but that has just made me more curious about other gaming destinations. No, I can't visit fifty casinos in a day, but my tiny budget goes farther and I get better attention and service. I am planning my fifth trip to visit St. Louis now and I don't see Vegas happening for me this year.

New York
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8. Re: Your Vegas Preferences

I have been going to vegas for the last 20 years, and you are right, there are alot of changes. My first time, I stayed at the MGM Grand(which is now Bally's) None of the mega resorts were there yet. Over the years I stayed at Bob Stupek's Vegas World(now stratosphere) Barbary Coast(now Bill's gambling Hall), the Westward Ho(now gone) The Riveira(still here for now) and lately Imperial Palace(also still here for now).. I have settled on the Imperial Palace as its the best price for the location. I used to take the bus up and down the strip, but now the bus is a joke, it takes an 1 hour to get from one end to the other. The monorial is much better, but you cant get downtown with it, so a taxi or the bus is the only option. There are still a few small casinos to go to, that you can get value, but there are fewer and fewer... on the strip you have casino royale, O'Shea's and slots of fun for cheap gambling and drinks. Off the stip Ellis Island is also very reasonable for food and drinks. Other then that, the mega companies have gone to the mega resorts, which are pricing out the average person.

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9. Re: Your Vegas Preferences

I totally agree. Vegas was always my favorite place to go many years ago. The change to mega-resorts, expensive food and shows has taken away my enjoyment of this once fun city. After my last visit (last May) I was cured of my desire to return there.

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10. Re: Your Vegas Preferences

I too agree with Leo... I look for the best buy for the buck. I remember how in the 80's the cocktail waitresses in the casino's were almost a bother constantly asking me if I needed anything, and now they are hard to find. And I've noticed the "free" drinks I receive while gambling aren't all that great. I would never spend big bucks on a room in Vegas, because I don't spend time in my room - other than a few hours sleeping - so a clean, great location at a lower price on the strip or just off of it suits my needs. But different strokes for different folks. My favorite pastime in Vegas is and always will be people watching! And if I break even or win on the slots or tables, it's icing on the cake!