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Ladies, would you do this?

Eugene, Oregon
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Ladies, would you do this?

I've been totally at sea about what to pack(for tomorrow!). The problem is we LOST so badly on our last trip (February) that I just decided to believe it was something I wore. (I also believe my team wins or loses depending on which team shirt I wear that day) (I'm very superstitious).

So ladies, would any of you be brave enough to do what I just did...? I told my HUSBAND to go upstairs and pick out 4 outfits for me - 2 day and 2 night...and no matter what he picks I will wear.

I have not gone up yet to see what he has chosen.

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South Carolina
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1. Re: Ladies, would you do this?

I might do this, but I sure hope what my husband picked fits!

Good luck, and let us know if it works.

Moore, Oklahoma
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2. Re: Ladies, would you do this?

You are so brave, brave, brave. Nuff said!


Sanford nc
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3. Re: Ladies, would you do this?

I'd sure trust my husband...but yours may be mad at you (LOL)

I always wear my jade bracelet to gamble so I know how important these things can be.

You'll be fine and feel that you're looking great..after all...it's clothes your husband likes seeing you wear. Good luck

Durant, Ok
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4. Re: Ladies, would you do this?

I would do this because for one reason, I have all of my outfits paird up. So it should't be to hard for him to pick them out.If I have it in my closet I naturally like the outfit or it would't be there. So yes I would. Good Luck lol!!!

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5. Re: Ladies, would you do this?

Warmwinds, tooo funny. I always want to blame my losses on 'somethin'! Did I wear gold and silver together?, was it my (un)-lucky purse? Good idea about hubby picking out something 'special". I am sure he'll end up with something neutral and that he's seen you with, relax. If not it's "his fault"- not yours if you lose.!

Chicago, Illinois
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6. Re: Ladies, would you do this?

The only guys I'd let pick out my clothes are my gay friends. My husband can't even dress himself, let alone pick out my clothes. Good luck crazy Warmwinds!

Henderson, Nevada
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7. Re: Ladies, would you do this?


I dress my husband but he does not dress me. When he has tried to buy a piece of clothing it is usally not my style or color..or something. He is great at jewerly but not clothes.

Instead I would pack his clothes and buy one new outfit to wear to LV. I would buy the two day and two night outfits after I got to LV. Any excuse to buy new clothes that are free of bad JuJu. :->

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8. Re: Ladies, would you do this?

Perhaps your husband will do well. However I'd NEVER ask mine to pick out outfits for me. He does not care about fashion at all and most likely things wouldn't match. I'm sure he'd open one draw and grab whatever's on the top and say this is fine and throw a few pairs of pajama's in there thinking they looked like good comfortable outfits for Vegas.

No thanks, I'll pack myself.

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9. Re: Ladies, would you do this?

No way....

My husband thinks he is funny and definitely would pick out something that resembled a clown outfit :0)

let us know what it picked out.

Raleigh, North...
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10. Re: Ladies, would you do this?

Wow, now that is TRUST! I use our 3rd bedroom as my "walk in closet", and it is so jammed packed that my boyfriend would probably be lost for days if he had to search for outfits for me. More likely he would just grab the first 4 pairs of pants and first 4 tops he found, wad them up and shove them in a suitcase. First pair of tennis shoes he found would be thrown on top! He's not much into clothes, if you can't tell.

I don't leave anything to chance, for our upcoming road trip for 10 days (last 3 days in Vegas) I've listed out 22 total outfits, plus 5 extras, and "only" 14 pairs of shoes. Thank goodness we aren't flying, I don't pack light! But if I'm not feeling lucky with what I have on, it's back up to the room for a change! Last time in Vegas I did that twice, and after each change, within about 15 mins I was up $100+ on dollar slots!