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Our Mega time in Vegas Report

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Our Mega time in Vegas Report

Thursday 19th June

Arrived at PH, straight up to check in. "Hi its just like being back home, we got married here last year, and we are back for a big Meet and Greet on Tuesday right here in the Pampas Grille. Have you heard of TA?"


"Oh well its a whole group of people across the world who are coming to Vegas to meet for the first time, there is going to be about 100 of us turning up"

"Wow, what here at Pampas" starts letting those fingers type on the keyboard.

We wait a few minutes, BINGO, got upgrade to a newly refurbished room with view of the Bellagio fountains. No $20 needed here. It pays to chat.

Dropped off cases, checked out room, straight to sign up for players cards and gambled, we had finally arrived in Vegas.

Bed at 2.30am

Friday 20th June

Slept 4 hours.

Up early grabbed a sandwich at the Earl of Sandwich in PH. Then headed to the shopping mall to get some bargains. Got quite a bit, cheap, but thats why we Brits love shopping over there with the £ against the $.

Stopped off a TI as needed a drink, played on the slots for a while drinking bloody marys and mamosas.

Dropped off the shopping, then headed to the Bally monorail and went to The Hilton. Picked up Big Bazza (Barry Manilow to yous lot) tickets. Then took my picture of the Elvis statue and then back inside for slots and more drinks. The CW who served us was of the older generation, funky and loved to flirt with Al, she was a character, and a great laugh. Hence we weren't short of getting drinks.

Al was getting hungry and decided to treat me to a slap up meal at the greasy cafe (by the sports bar). I wasn't hungry so just had a few chips, which were chunky chips not those skinny minnies.

Headed into the theatre to see Big Bazza, was given some glow sticks on entry. Had great seats. I had the biggest Bazza fan sitting next to me, and when he asked a lady to dance she was wetting her pants.

He put on a great show and I never thought in a million years I would be up and whopping and shouting waving glow sticks at Big Bazza, but I am NOT ashamed to admit that I did.

Headed back to PH and yes you guessed it gambled and more drinking. Bed about 3am.

Saturday 21st June

Slept 4 hours

StCornwall came over to PH and we played a few slots (St found the wizard of Oz) he loved this machine, I hated it. First drink of the day. Shrek was picking us up to go downtown. Now all these great people we have never met but when we finally met them it was like we had known them forever.

Shrek and Fiona picked us up and we headed downtown to Freemont to meet others for the Champagne Buffet. This was a great buffet, but again I wasnt very hungry but the mamosas were going down well. VV had just finished her drink of many, turned to Al and said "are we all out" whereas Al signalled to the waiter and in a bat of an eye lid her glass was full again and she was contented.

Benny was there, in her gold hat, and presented each and every man a present. It was an envelope and on it, it said rattlesnake eggs, when they opened them, the men jumped as it was a prank which Benny is very good at playing. Gave us all a giggle. She also presented the women a mug each. Benny thank you very much.

StCornwall (Stu) Al and myself stayed DT for a while and yes played on the slots and had a few more drinks. Shrek met us and took us over to Rio to see if we could spot Buggy in the Poker tournament. It was like looking for a needle in a haystack. We spotted a mohawk and went charging over but it wasnt Buggy. After about an hour Shrek and Fiona headed off and yes we went and did more gambling and drinking. Left, cab, driven by Gary, he was a character, think we all knew his life story by the time we got back to PH. Think Stu wanted to get out with us after Gary told us he has had 19 crashes (right offs) since driving cabs, but Stu left with him in the front seat looking a bit green around the gills. Arranged to meet him after a quick freshen up.

Got a cab "Palazzo and 4Q please" headed off and next minute we are near MB, "where are you going" I ask, "4Q then Palazzo, it will save you money" came the reply.

"We are picking someone up from the Palazzo to go to 4Q, thats why I said them in that order" $40 later and 45 minutes we arrive at 4Q.

Meet a few more new faces and yes you guessed it gambled and drunk a bit more. Most people were tired so retired early, so Stu stayed DT and Al and me headed back to strip and gambled and drunk a little more. No surprises there then.

Bed 1am.

To follow Zion and party party party.

Acton, Canada
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1. Re: Our Mega time in Vegas Report

Wow Kaz great start!! Glad to see ya got an upgrade! I had fun at the Gn with ya.. I hope I wasn't oo silly though!! Lol look forward to more of your tr!

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2. Re: Our Mega time in Vegas Report

Pook when in Vegas baby. Do you remember the bit when you took your top off!!!! You werent silly you were having fun and thats what it was all about.

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3. Re: Our Mega time in Vegas Report

Pook took her top off? She didn't get to that part in her TR! lol

Kaz- sound like you had a blast and I heard you and your husband were so full of fun everyone enjoyed being with the two of you. But that comes as no surprise- it comes through from your posts! Continue, please!

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4. Re: Our Mega time in Vegas Report

Sunday 22nd June

4 hours sleep.

Up at 5am, Shrek and Fiona were picking us up at 6am to head off to Zion National Park. Head down to the lobby and hey presto they arrived. These two people are great, we got on straight away. It was about a 3 hour drive. On the way we stopped at a Walmart, Shrek got baggles and Al was looking for a sandwich. When all of a sudden he picks up the biggest sandwich in the world (thats how big it was) unbelievable, only $4. It was obscene.

Anyway get to Zion and off we go, it was stunning the views were amazing and we did a few treks, the company was perfect and a great day was had. Thank you very much Shrek and Fiona we will never forget this day. And dont forget Shrek our deal, we shook on it, to do the water walk next time. Are you up for it, aswell well as Angels nest.

We get back about 5pm, I am really excited, rush upstairs, showered changed and hair perfect for my date with Loomis.

Head DT for 7.30 El Cortez. Sat at bar having a few drinks talking to Issac the barman. Spotted BrokenAlice and a few others. Whilst talking to BA, Loomis walks in, OMG its Loomis, I head over and give him a big cuddle my fantasy has come true. He is everything I had imagined, fun, good looking and a polite, down to earth guy.

We have a drink and chat for a while, then headed to Robertas with the rest of the crew. I had Al to one side of me and Loomis opposite me, what a perfect way to have dinner. I had steak mignon, with a baked potato, with green peppercorn sauce. Lots of drink including a bottle of red wine for $3. The atmosphere there was great and the food was excellent. Supershe (Sheila) what a gal, I love this woman, she is the best, a party girl knows another party girl when she sees her.

After dinner, Sheila is on her scooter, giving us backies (piggy backs) on her scooter, she decided she didnt like Al, did a Dukes of Hazzard halt and skid and threw him to the floor. This was the night I got to meet Shannon and Spike, what a great couple, saw the engagement ring, Spike you have good taste on both women and rings.

Headed to GN to some bar, but was too loud to talk, so headed to GN, Dive Bar. We all got on great and had quite a bit to drink, come 2am we got kicked out for closing. Ok where next! Ended up at 4Q bar. Foxy is a foxy lady, love this woman, Oxy is a perfect gentleman, Loomis well you know about him, and then there's Al. We all sat and talked and drank. Next Al needs the restrooms, so the lads point him in the direction where to go. He is gone forever, when he returns, he starts to say he started looking for the restrooms, so he asked a guy who pointed to some silver double doors. So Al in his drunken state, goes where he is directed and ends up in the kitchen, surrounded by pot washers and chefs. Al says he is looking for the pi@@er (scots slang for restroom) but he didnt understand, so Al looks over and sees the pots and asks does he have a pot to pi@@ in, to which he replied, when did you start then. When relaying this story we were in hysterics and Oxy was literally crying, Al will never live this down. 5am it was time to throw Al in a cab and head back to PH.

Bed 6am.

Monday 23rd June

4hrs sleep for me Al was suffering and had 8 hrs.

Whilst waiting for my DH to get his arse out of bed, I went down and played the slots. Eventually got DT and met up for the DT crawl. Went to the Bunk House, Atomic and The Western and then El Cortez. Whilst in Atomic, Oxy, Loomis and Al got they're arses kicked at pool by some woman, cant remember her name. She was a pool shark, very hot at it. She also got this man to make a name stand from copper wire made for me and Kate, this was not the sort of place you would want to go on your own, but we had a great time and made to feel very welcome. It reminded Al of old pubs in Glasgow, you cant get in without ringing the bell.

Now who ever has spoken to Reh on here, let me tell you, he is hard on the outside, but soft on the inside, he is a great guy, and he is gonna kill me for telling you all. He has a reputation, you know, in more ways than one, and we shall leave it there.

Some wanted to head to Carnival Court and others wanted to go to a cocktail bar with Reh DT, so we split for a while. Met Cat her husband Steve, Aria, and First timer.

Cat was fun and bubbly.

Al, Reh and Foxy went to the cocktail lounge and Reh told Foxy to try and get in, it was all glass panels, after many attempts and bouncing off the windows like a pin ball Reh finally told her how to get in. Al says it was very 70s retro and great for chilling and the cocktails were great and friendly CW.

We all met up at Carnival court, but after purple reign it got a bit too loud, so Foxy suggested Karoke at IP, Cat was, lets just say, a bit worse for wear for the drink so they departed. We headed to IP, Foxy got her name down to sing but I was disappointed as they said they were closing. But I wasnt too disappointed, Loomis asked me to dance highlight of the night lol. Al is trying to win on the slots, but think the drink may have had something to do with him losing, hence I had to take the rest of his money off him before he bankrupted us.

This is the night I found out Oxy likes a little pain every now and again, something to do with an elastic band!!!

We took Aria back to The Wynn, and walked around for a while, being followed by security. When we left he was outside, Foxy is shouting, (sort of like) its ok we are leaving, we wont be coming back. Then headed for Casino Royale for a nightcap. Its 5am again so we head in our seperate directions.

Bed 6am

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5. Re: Our Mega time in Vegas Report

Tuesday MEGA Day

5 hrs sleep for me 7 hrs for Al

Mega day, met Reh, Oxy, Loomis, Adrixa and bff, Sheboy(B), who is really tall, blimey o reilly is she tall, at Heartbar in PH, oh and Saint and Kate too. I had a t-shirt on with a picture of Loomis on the front (the one on the mega forum) and on the back it said Loomis No 1 Fan. Gave everyone a chuckle.

Al had a contract written up for the Mega Kiss, saying something like, we can kiss at the mega on request, but there were rules, no tongues or bodily fluids, no sneaking off to the restrooms etc, but rules are made to be broken right.

Head to Pampas Grille and it was great meeting everyone. We had stickers on us so we could recognise people and the drinks were flowing, and the food, so I am told is great. I hardly slept or ate the week in Vegas, must have been all that Loomis excitment. Madoka, Spike and Shannon really had excelled themselves it was a perfect afternoon.

I won a certificate for 10,000 post and also got a tiara (I had a few by then) but I said it was because I was the party queen!!! Then Spike called up Loomis and myself, read out the contract that himself, me and Al had signed and the KISS happened, boy I was not disappointed. To think this all started out as a wind up on Loomis' part, he was a real good sport and threw himself into it. The flashing of cameras did not put me off getting locked onto those lips. After the kiss, Al then presented him with a certificate.

Must mention Camille, a great lady, and 2b and Gerry who I felt I had known forever. Lots of others but soooo many to talk to and have a real good chat.

People started to head off, some of us headed DT to GN pool, very relaxed night, just kind of chilling and drinking. 2am kicked out again, headed off back to PH.

Bed 3am

Wednesday 25th June

5 hrs sleep for me 6 for Al

I head off and play slots, Loomis texts, ring him who says will pick us up in half hour. Kick Al out of bed head down to Lobby and get picked up. Head to fat burger, trying to get hold of Foxy, she had given me her number the night before, so I am ringing and leaving messages and texting for her to get in touch. Find out she is at Bobs bar, so we meet her and finally get to meet Bob. I plunge over the bar and give him a big kiss from Carol. What a great guy.

We all then head off to Red Rock, omg this place is sooooo cool. Just chilled by the pool sipping cocktails with 2 great people, Foxy and Loomis, oh yeah and Al was there too hee hee. Head up to Loomis' room, get your mind out of the gutters everyone, Al and Foxy came too. What a cool room, let him take his photos, then jump up and down on the bed boy it is sooo soft you hit your head on the ceiling. I then take the liberty of getting a shower there to save time as we were heading to EI, well thats my excuse anyway. Loomis then gets a shower, while Al and Foxy are getting jiggy on the bed, I offered to scrub Loomis' back but no reply came so he missed out there.

But I did get to rub cream in his back and he was pretty red from the sun.

Head back drop of Foxy, then us, Al freshens up, Loomis picks us up, go to get Foxy, not there, I try to ring again, and I get Sorry you have the wrong number, now I know we have been pretty scuppered all week, but come on Foxy. Got the last 2 digits the wrong way round.

Head EI meet up with the rest, and ordered combo. Omg I just ate the sweetcorn, it was obscene, plus the drinks were going down too well for me to eat. Headed into Karoke and completely fluffed up my song, but hey who cares I was having fun, another drink please.

We finally had to bring the night to an end about 1.30am, I had to say my goodbyes to Loomis, it was a sad night. We walked Foxy back to Ballys and again had to say another sad farewell.

We head back to PH sleep for 3 hours sleep up and depart for the airport.

This has been an amazing trip and we have met amazing people, I was tearful before leaving the room, and then again on the plane, I know we will always go back to Vegas, and we hope to meet up with some of you wonderful people again, you really are truly great, and obviously some will always stay special in my heart, and you know who you all are.

Piccies to follow.

London, United...
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6. Re: Our Mega time in Vegas Report

What a wonderful report, what wonderful memories you made! Just reading through all you wrote, the frienships you made, things you did and then the time to go, it made me sad, too! Thank you for sharing some of your special moments with us, Kaz! :-)

btw, since my husband is a Brit, I read to him the part about the pisser, we were both laughing hysterically!!! LOL>

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7. Re: Our Mega time in Vegas Report

Oh, I can't wait to see the photos of "that kiss." Surely it made the local papers!

You and your husband are such fun loving people! Thanks for sharing your trip with us.

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8. Re: Our Mega time in Vegas Report

Vpo I dont have an official mega kiss piccie but there is an unoffical piccie, like I said rules were made to be broken lol.

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9. Re: Our Mega time in Vegas Report

Ok here are the pics, sorry not many at the mega camera ran out of juice!!


Leeds, UK
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10. Re: Our Mega time in Vegas Report

Thanks for posting your TR, Kaz - that was quick!! Mine will have to wait a day or so until I can think straight!

It was great to meet you guys and so many other people at the MEGA, Mark and I had a great time and wish we could have spent more time with you and Al. Hope your journey home was free from hitches and that the dreaded jet lag is kind to you (maybe a few pints of Blackthorn will help!)