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Would you want to live in Vegas?

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Would you want to live in Vegas?

I thought I read in one of the latest trip reports of another TA member who is moving to Vegas. It got me wondering:

How many of you would actually want to live in Las Vegas full time? (this is of course directed to those that don't already live there)

(I personally see it as an escape from my "normal" life and think the novelty would wear off if I ever tried to make it my home.)

Toronto, Canada
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1. Re: Would you want to live in Vegas?

I love to visit Las Vegas, so let's get that up front. Living there for this couple is a whole different matter, because we enjoy the changing of the seasons.

Lilacs in the spring to asters in the fall. Snow country is invigorating if you enjoy the outdoors and are able to dress for the cold weather. Horsebacking is energizing and skiing is a an option.

Grenn grass and trees are really nice to come home to after a week in the desert. We can dress for the cold winter but how do you dress for the dry, windy heat?

You'd live in Las Vegas for the jobs, but it's a desolate terrain, although beautiful for short stretches.

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2. Re: Would you want to live in Vegas?

Nope, I would not want to live there full time. For many years I spent about 3 months per year there and living there(even for those few months) and visiting are two different things. You are not going to be able to gamble as you do now-not unless you want to risk bankruptcy. The strip, casinos, etc. lose their appeal after the first year or two-except when you have visitors. How many times are you going to watch a volcano explode or the fountains "dance?" I found it to be lacking in many respects compared to other big cities-museums, symphonies, ballet, plays, etc.

The school system is not the best and is plagued with problems-overcrowding, poor test results, not enough teachers, poor salaries, etc. People are constantly moving in and moving out.

I felt it somehow lacked "soul." The residential areas are so new they lack traditions, etc. that are found in other cities.

Nope, I will continue to visit but I am glad I don't live there- even for those 3 months a year.

Puerto Vallarta
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3. Re: Would you want to live in Vegas?

I was born in Vegas and I have a lot of family still there since the early 50's. For me, Vegas is an escape,especially when I lived in Minneapolis.

On the other hand, about six years ago, I moved to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico and yes, the novelty quickly wears off!

While I love living here, I rarely go to the beach, rarely swim in the ocean, hardly ever go to bar or nightclub (I think the last time was two years ago!) and after a while you get tired of nutty disrespectful tourists (small percent). I live a pretty normal working life. We spend most of our time at home or working and time with friends, usualy at their place or if they have a business.

Six years later, I pretty much have the same life in so many ways that I had in Minneapolis except I think I have better friends, relationships, peace and tranquility. I am sure the same would happen in Vegas.

As far as my family goes in Vegas, they rarely go to the strip or downtown. When I go stay with them, I could be "Anywhere USA" until I beg-off and hit the strip for a few days.

Irvine, California
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4. Re: Would you want to live in Vegas?

I think that a lot of visitors can't quite grasp that there's an entire city away from the Strip and Downtown and that people who live there lead average mundane lives just like residents of anywhere else.

If you live in Vegas, unless you work in the hotel or entertainment industries, there's every chance that you won't go near the Strip for weeks at a time unless you have a specific to do so.

New Orleans, LA
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5. Re: Would you want to live in Vegas?

I am going to Vegas for the first time next Monday and I can't wait, but I can already answer that question easily, NO. I grew up 40 from Disney World, on a beautiful barrier island on the Atlantic Ocean, lived and worked on a cruise ship for nearly 5 years, and from experience, everything loses its magic after the humdrum of normal life invades. I want Vegas to be my playland, and for that to happen there is no way that I could live there. I also love rain, so a desert is out of the question.

all over
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6. Re: Would you want to live in Vegas?

I agree with a lot of what vp had to type. I would also not want to live there. I've been to Vegas 100's of times over the years. I've seen all the dancing fountains and uber resorts I need to see. Although I still go to Vegas 5 or 6 times a year my trips now are mainly to visit with friends I have made thru the years. I mainly visit places where I know people to catch up on lifes experiences. I do not go there to ooh and ahh over the opulence of the strip resorts. I may retire in Nevada but if I do it will be in a place like Tahoe, not Vegas.

Winchester, Virginia
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7. Re: Would you want to live in Vegas?

my wife and i plan on retiring there as long as it does not change to much-----25ish years from now but i am sure it will

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8. Re: Would you want to live in Vegas?

I tell people all the time that I would love to move to Las Vegas (well probably Summerlin or another burb).

I love the weather and am tired of snow.

However, the reality of that (moving) is slim to none!

Calgary, Canada
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9. Re: Would you want to live in Vegas?

I couldn't keep up with myself.

My LV self, lets loose, drinks and eats what I want, doesn't get enough sleep and shops like a fiend.

I like that... once in a while, it is nice getaway from the responsible, mortgage paying, 40 hrs work week person that I also enjoy being.

I think I would bore of it quickly I'm afraid.

Acton, Canada
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10. Re: Would you want to live in Vegas?

My bff (Jenn) moved there in October, not only does she want me to move there... she's threatened to kidnap me and move me there! Lol I love the climate, many loved ones live there, so yes I would. Now that I know locals my view of Las Vegas has changed. There is so much more to Las Vegas than the strip and downtown. Now when I go to visit I really don't care about the casinos, drinks, pools etc... It's all about seeing the friends I love... The rest is kinda a big bonus.