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Bellagio Dress Code

Pismo Beach, Calif.
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Bellagio Dress Code

I'm arriving by car and intend to wear shorts, aloha shirt, and Keen sandals because it's so hot in Nevada. How formal is the Bellagio? Are shorts acceptable in the lobby for check in?

I know that one sees every style of dress in Vegas. But, I'm willing to put on long pants if that is the custom.


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1. Re: Bellagio Dress Code

you'll be fine in shorts. It's only the Bellagio. The fancy restaurants and clubs are places to not wear shorts. Every place else is fine.

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2. Re: Bellagio Dress Code

There is no dress code period. All they want is your credit card or cash

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3. Re: Bellagio Dress Code

Like VHB said. Actually they want your credit card, cash and first born. You may find that the hotter it is outside, the colder the casinos seem, so some people actually wear warmer clothes when first coming down into the casino. Bellagio is upscale but jamned with tourists at the conservatory and they are dressed or undressed in all manner of garb.

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4. Re: Bellagio Dress Code

The only place in the Bellagio tha would positively have a dress code would be the Bank nightclub. The upper crust restaurants might have some desired dress. not sure on the Fontana since most of the time its a poker room and poker players do dress wierd and different.

Bath, UK
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5. Re: Bellagio Dress Code

I think we only wore trousers (jeans for me), or anything less casual than shorts, on two nights while we there. The rest of the time, we were in shorts and t-shirt. Nobody cares, you'll see every type of clothing being worn at every time of the day. Wear what you want, when you want. Even in the casinos, even at the tables, it really doesn't matter. You're money is as good as anyone elses.

When we arrived at the lobby to check-in, we joined one of the regular queues. To our right was an empty 'Invited Guests' check-in desk. The lady at the desk wasn't busy, to called us over. We were only in shorts & t-shirts, looking a bit rough after a day of travelling and sightseeing in Death Valley, so even she obviously didn't care about what we were wearing.

Go and enjoy yourself, and wear whatever you feel comfortable in.

Bend, Oregon
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6. Re: Bellagio Dress Code

I'm going to respond carefully to this post - my opinion is different from the others who responded. I'm 46 years old, and I've been going to Las Vegas since 1964 (yes, my parents took the kids with them on family vacations). I miss old Las Vegas - I miss the glamour. It wasn't that long ago that you would walk into the casino at Caesars or DI or just about any other place and see people who were really dressed up. I miss that, and I think a lot of other people miss it, too.

I'm not suggesting that "shorts, aloha shirt, and Keen sandals" aren't classy. I am suggesting that slacks, a polo shirt, and loafers are more classy. There was a time for a few years when I wore shorts in the casino - I don't do that anymore and I notice that I get treated in a much nicer manner by the casino staff.

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7. Re: Bellagio Dress Code

Can't speak for everyone my age (34). I appreciate people who *act* like they have some class (treat the dealers/CWs nicely, don't yell across the casino floor, etc.)

But dressing? I'm supremely glad that the days of dressing up in the casinos are over. I dress for comfort. Now, my shorts and casual shirt are always clean -- I'm not a slob. But when I'm in Vegas, I'm on vacation.

To me, vacation means dressing comfortably. Especially when I'm there solo. When my wife comes with me, sure we dress up a couple nights to hit a nice restaurant or a bar. But sitting at the blackjack or roulette tables, or a slot machine? Forget it. Comfort all the way.

Eugene, Oregon
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8. Re: Bellagio Dress Code

Wear what you want in the lobby and casino, it depends on the restaurant as to what you should wear other than that.

My husband had on a t-shirt that is not offensive, but Bellagio security stopped him, and we thought it was a problem, but the security guard stopped him to tell him how funny his shirt was and stood there cracking up for a minute.

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9. Re: Bellagio Dress Code

I stayed at the Bellagio last year and wore shorts the whole time except when we went to shows at night. We didn't have any problems.

I did notice that the casino at night had many people that were dressed up. They were at the craps tables and higher dollar tables though. We didn't really hang out at the Bellagio's casino much at night. We are low rollers!

Not everyone was dressed up there though. I recall seeing some really drunk guys in shorts and t-shirts playing blackjack. We watched them for a few minutes because I thought security was going to kick them out sooner or later because they were screaming and cussing, but security never came around.

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10. Re: Bellagio Dress Code

I'm going to gently agree with ASU Sundevils - Vegas (like everywhere else) is what you want it to be.

You will surely see all manner of dress at all hours of the day and you can bet (!) the casino/hotel employees have witnessed millionaires in rags and the hoi polloi in their finest. My husband and I like to dress a little nicer, more upscale, classic with a bit of trend thrown in ...but that's how we usually dress. In Vegas we might push the envelope a bit - showing up for breakfast at 4:30 AM still dressed in cocktail attire from the night before - I'd like to say that happens a lot but it's pretty much reserved for Vegas, lol.

As everyone has mentioned, your money will be gladly accepted whether it's pulled from an encrusted money clip or a plastic cup. The rest is up to you.

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