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Wanting to get married - Please Help!

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Wanting to get married - Please Help!

After months of planning a big wedding and then scaling it down some and having the price just keep growing and growing, I am so ready to just come out to Vegas and do it without anyone except maybe we each pick one person to tell.

I know that this must have crossed the mind of every couple planning a wedding, but am I crazy if I actually do it? Am I going to regret not having everyone that I have ever met in my life there on that day because that is what it feels like is happening!

We can get all of the deposits back except for $400 at this point because we are still so far out from the time we actually had planned. So we wouldn't be losing out on much at all financially, except for not having to feed hundreds of people we barely know.

I just need someone to tell me I am not crazy if I do this! I also need some advice on how to coach my finance out of the big wedding, because as girly as I am, he is the one who seems to want the princess wedding!!!!

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Brea, California
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1. Re: Wanting to get married - Please Help!

i have been to a couple of weddings in vegas and i can honestly say that they were the most fun of any other weddings. this is done all the time, so no you are not crazy. vegas actually has some great wedding venues at the hotel and nice chapels. my friend had her ceremony at the bellagio for about 50 people and the reception at this italian restaurant in the venetian. or if you want more budget, my other friend had hers in the treasure island, with the reception in the buffet.

this should be your fiance's dream. i keep jabbing my wife saying that we could've had an awesome wedding in vegas and still made a large down payment on our house instead of having the larger wedding at home. you can also knock out the bachelorette/bachelor party while your there. talk to him about how he can still have a great wedding in vegas, just more scaled down and you'll save a bunch of money.

Acton, Canada
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2. Re: Wanting to get married - Please Help!

I think that you should not "coach" him into anything.. this should be something you both want. How imortant is a large wedding to you? Is eloping going to be okay for the both of you? I know wedding planning is frustrating.. but don't rush on choices.

Las Vegas, Nevada
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3. Re: Wanting to get married - Please Help!

You are not crazy.You are just as married if you spend $100 or $100,000. Save your money. Come here with a friend or 2 and have fun. There are the usual wedding chapels on the strip or every resort has a wedding planner. Big wedding are highly over rated. I had one, I know. Wish I had the $60,000! :)

London, Canada
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4. Re: Wanting to get married - Please Help!

We're doing the same thing, you're not crazy, you're smart for choosing Vegas... maybe crazy for getting married, lol... but enjoy! Have fun! We're doing the same thing, going to Vegas in September to get hitched, instead of 1 big party here we're having a week long party in Las Vegas for way less money and way more fun!

Detroit, Michigan
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5. Re: Wanting to get married - Please Help!

Hi QueenJamie

what is going on?? Hey I look at it like this, when you "get married" the actual day is supposed to be about the rest of your lives, not just that particular day. All the stress of a large wedding (have participated in plenty) was not for me, and I always wanted to wed in LV anyway. Luckily our family was supportive and most everyone made the flight out from Michigan. We felt truly blessed but an actual wedding seems more to be about pleasing the guests and family of the happy couple than celebrating the love the have, and the reason why everyone is there in the first place.

I don't blame you for wanting to run away, what can anyone say anyway? You two are grown adults, just have a backyard or park reception after you get home. If someone doesn't like it, have them pay for a wedding planner for you so you don't have to stress so much. Yeah, didn't think so....

Everyone should be happy for you no matter what mode you chose to exchange those vows. If not, oh well.

I say DO IT!!!

Phoenix, Arizona
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6. Re: Wanting to get married - Please Help!

We were planning a wedding but it became so stressful! It seemed that everyone was arguing over every detail. It was supposed to be our wedding, but since the parents were paying for it, each had their own ideas of how it should be.

Finally, about 2 months before the wedding, my husband and I decided we would elope instead. We flew to Lake Tahoe and got married at a wedding chapel there. We've never second-guessed that decision. That was almost 17 years ago.

I had been married once before and had a big wedding so I've done it both ways. Eloping was so much more fun and less stressful. I'm so glad we did it OUR way.

Portland, Oregon
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7. Re: Wanting to get married - Please Help!

A big wedding ceremony is only to fulfill (perceived) obligations to your family and friends - i.e. THEY want to see you actually get married. At least that is what I think in my own situation!

My husband and I went to Tahoe to get married, any immediate family members and close friends who wanted to join us were welcome to come. A month later we had a reception/party back home, and one of our party favors was a DVD of our wedding pictures.

So, no, I don't think you're crazy at all! It's about what the couple wants.

Phoenix, Arizona
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8. Re: Wanting to get married - Please Help!

QueenJamie-- Maybe your fiancee is afraid that you will have regrets if you don't have the big wedding??? Personally, I don't think that most men care as long as their bride is happy...just my opinion.

vancouver bc
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9. Re: Wanting to get married - Please Help!

we had the option of a big fancy wedding but decided to get married in LV....17 friends/family came down and we had a blast... have never had a regret we did it our way...and the funds saved went to the mortgage

San Diego...
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10. Re: Wanting to get married - Please Help!

My DH and I had our wedding in vegas two months ago and it was the best decision we could've made. We had 75 of our close friends and family come out and everyone had a blast.

We had been to really large traditional weddings felt like it wasn't for us.

My advice...figure out what you and your fiance really want and then do it. If you want different things, find a compromise. If you want to come to Vegas but he still wants your families and friends to be there, have you wedding in Vegas but have a more traditional reception. It will save you alot of money.

OR, come and get married in Vegas (there are many options - not just cheezy chapels), hire a photographer to take you on a strip photo tour, and then have a large at home reception to celebrate with your families.

Good luck with your decision.