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High cost of Vegas

harker heights...
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High cost of Vegas

My wife and I have been to Vegas 10 times since 1994 and we have seen the costs for tours, shows and food more than double and even triple in some cases. Our last trip was in 2006 and because we are now on a fixed income it will, most likely be our last. we are saving a little each month so we can take a nice trip on our 50th annversery in 2012 but, we may not beable to afford Vegas. Most of our friends say the same thing, so as far as seniors with moderate income goes, most can not handle the high prices. We really miss going because we always had a great time. We think that our age and income group, that use to go and spend $1500-$3000, can no longer afford yo go. Maybe they need a hotel for the Silver Hairs that has reasonable prices, with a card memmbership, to get the special prices. Like that would ever happen.

Well I've vented but I'll sure miss VEGAS BABY.

Frank in Texas

Irvine, California
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1. Re: High cost of Vegas

Everything's relative. Yes Vegas is more expensive than it used to be but where isn't? Provided you avoid weekends and busy convention times the hotels are still amazing value when you compare them to those with comparable accommodations and amanities in other cities.

You can find plenty of places to eat with reasonable prices if you do a little research on forums like this before a trip. I agree that the cost of show tickets has gone into orbit over the last decade compared to where they were at previously but that's just down to supply and demand - if people are happy to pay the higher prices than that's not going to change.

I'm sorry you feel the way you do but it is possible to visit Vegas on a budget. Don't say goodbye just yet.... :-)

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2. Re: High cost of Vegas

I think you can have fun in Vegas no matter what the cost-inexpensive or expensive! There are still bargains to be had if you take the time to look for them. Go during the summer or in December after the rodeo but before NYE. Go Sunday to Friday. Stay off strip or downtown. You don't have to eat at expensive restaurants- there are plenty of moderate ones around. Don't go on tours- they are almost always more expensive (and less conevenient) than just renting a car for the day. There are many inexpensive shows around- look at the discount kiosks on the strip.

You have no control over how much the airline tickets cost although if you are flexible you can still find some inexpensive fares. Only you can decide how much to spend on gambling.

As long as you don't want luxury- Vegas can be great even on a limited budget!

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3. Re: High cost of Vegas

I hope this doesn't come off as mean, it's not meant to be...but Las Vegas doesn't want "seniors with moderate incomes". They want visitors in their prime earning years with plenty of discretionary money for gambling and shows and dining out, and they want retired folks with tons of money socked away.

These places are in business to make money, not to provide reduced prices to lower the profits for their shareholders.

Having said that, I think Las Vegas can still be a bargain destination with some planning. Maybe a stay at Bellagio isn't in the budget, and maybe a Cirque show every night isn't feasible, but there are plenty of other options out there.

Pierre, South Dakota
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4. Re: High cost of Vegas

Vegas can be done as cheaply or as expensively as you choose to do it. My wife and I went to Vegas exactly a week ago today. We stayed at the Stratosphere, and through Allegiant air, got our airfare/hotel package for $540 TOTAL. We took $1500 cash for spending/gambling/etc, and returned home with nearly 2/3's of our budget, and we ate well, gambled several hours every day, saw a show, etc. We didn't eat lavishly, but didn't eat McDonalds either. Its simply a amatter of adjusting your activities to your budget. No, we weren't playing blackjack at $100 or even $20 a hand, but nor were we even remotely close to being bored, either. Granted, this WAS our first trip, but I just don't see how you could NOT have a good time with a budget twice of what we were willing to spend. No, appearently Vegas isn't the bargin land it once was, but its still one of the more reasonable vacations we've taken. With the economy being what it is, what hasn't gone up in price, not only in Vegas, but in your own backyard? The truth of the matter is Vegas KNOWS people are watching their money a bit more carefully, and are extending some amazing offers if you choose to look for them and utilize them.

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5. Re: High cost of Vegas

$1500-3k is what many posters here spend. I think for those on moderate incomes, to use your words, that is the norm.

Your age is irrelevant - many people are on fixed incomes or cutting back or are seeing themseleves visiting less - there ahve been a few threads on this recently.

Surely by 2012 prices will be higher, as they should be, no much goes down in price over 4 years, and that will be a time when the economy has been rebounding. I'm a believer in dollar cost averaging, applaud your saving some each month for the trip - what everyone should do. No people with huge debt should be going to LV on a pleasure trip.

Although some prices have increased, the relative value of LV is quite high - not many destinations offer some of the deals LV does.

A hotel as you suggested wouldn't be too profitbale - the reason for being in business. blue hairs can, and should, go anywhere they want in LV. Your age does not drive your decsions - like most of us it's your budget. Many visit LV for less than $1500-3k, you can too.

Happy 50th

Providence, Rhode...
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6. Re: High cost of Vegas

I do agree that Vegas is expensive, but aside from airline costs I think you can make it as expensive or inexpensive as you want. I don't find it any worse than going to Orlando. Theme parks can make you burn through your budget just as fast. When I feel like the higher prices of the Strip are getting to me, it's time to head Downtown. I was surprised how much I liked some of the Downtown casinos on this trip.

And to disagree with another poster - I think Vegas wants money from anyone it can get it from.

Amarillo, Texas
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7. Re: High cost of Vegas

I quit my job last year to help care for elderly parents and took a part-time job typing for a transcription service from home so our Vegas "budget" was severely lowered. Instead of going 2 or 3 times a year, we will only be able to go once but that is okay. We have an account that we deposit money in every month that is separate from everything else and when we have extra money, i.e., extra paycheck every few months, stimulus check, etc, we put them in that account. Granted, we don't spend as much when we're there but we still have a great time. We play with our players card mostly at the hotel we're staying at and we still get rooms comped. There are coupons all over the place for food and we get some of that comped. I think if you really want to go bad enough, you can find a way and you can still have fun without spending as much money.

harker heights...
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8. Re: High cost of Vegas

All of the posts sound like they were entered by the LV Chamber, I still say its to expensive.

Tottenham Court...
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9. Re: High cost of Vegas

My girlfriend and I returned to the UK from Vegas last week.

Now I know that the exchange rate is in our favour at the moment, although that seems to be changing daily, but even so it was very good value.

We stayed at South Point which is a very nice hotel.

Admittedly it is some way from the strip, but they run a free shuttle which we used every day.

There were some nice restaurants in there & even the gambling was good value.

I was so surprised how much money I came home with, that I'm going back next month.

Charleston, South...
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10. Re: High cost of Vegas


I agree with some of the other post.

If you truly want to go you can save up to do so.

I was a little amazed at how many people do save for this purpose. (there have been several post telling how they do this)

Last year we optd to go to a lake in Georgia for a week (instead of vegas :( ). Now this simple vacation cost as much last year as we are paying for airfare and hotel this year. The cost I refer to is just the gas to get there and paying for the cabin, so as with vegas food and entertainment was an add on.

(Also this trips air/hotel is cheaper than what we paid in 2006 by about $1,000 - 1 day less and no limo this trip)

I hope you can figure out a way to make a trip to vegas. We are not rich and don't get the comps others do, but we still go and have fun on a small to moderate budget - after airfare and hotel spending less than $1,000 and we still have a blast. There is sooooooooooo much to see and do in vegas other than shows and gambling. Although I do love love love those slots. ;)

Good Luck and I hope you make it soon.

(Oh, one way I go home with money - what ever I may win(if any) I keep and do not respend - so atleast feel like I won something) and can put that in my trip jar for next time...... I know, I know, my husband and dad laugh at me too, they don't understand my math.

(It makes perfect sense to me :) )