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Because I care!

South Carolina
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Because I care!

This might be the hardest thing I’ve ever written outside of the soliloquies I did for my siblings. It isn’t travel related, but certainly Vegas related, so hope TA will not pull it too soon.

I love Vegas and all it has to offer, but will probably not return. It isn’t because there are too many children, too much smoke or too much vulgarity. It isn’t because I’ve been long hauled by a cab driver, not compensated for some slight by the casinos or because I’ve done all there is to do there and am bored with it.

The fact is, I am one of those people the warning signs are aimed at, a problem gambler. I am coming to terms with it and Ray is very supportive. I’ve fought the battle before and, like anyone with an addiction, thought I could continue with some control. It worked for a long time, but when things in my life got too stressful, I escaped to the slots and lost control. Now, when you find yourself going to the ATM and looking over your shoulder to be sure your spouse doesn’t see you, that’s wrong! When you are not honest with your spouse about how much you lost or won, that’s wrong! When you spend more at the slots in an hour than you make in a day, that’s wrong! When your brother has to forego eye surgery, because his fixed income doesn’t provide enough for him to afford it and you have gambled away more than it would have cost, that is wrong! ...and that is ME! I was well on the way to putting us in severe financial jeopardy, but gratefully have come to my senses.

I am not looking for any sort of sympathy, of course, but wanted to share with those of you I have come to consider as friends. That will be my greatest loss of all, not getting to meet with you in Vegas. If, however, you plan a trip to New Orleans, I will gladly meet you somewhere other than Harrah’s. Just let me know when. I will still be on this forum, occasionally, but will be planning trips to places like Nashville and Orlando.

As I said in the beginning, this hasn’t been easy to write, but I do care about you and don’t want you to fall into the same trap. Those of you who can set a limit and stick with it have my greatest admiration. I, also, didn’t want any of you thinking that I had ditched you and this site because of any experiences I have had on the site or at our M&G’s. I didn't want to be like many regulars who just seemed to disappear after awhile and we never knew why.

I feel better about myself, now, than I have in a very long time. There is life beyond gambling.


Topeka, Kansas
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1. Re: Because I care!

Camille...you are ONE CLASS ACT!!!! I admire and respect you, and I will be praying for you and your family, because you are my friend and I care about you!!!!

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2. Re: Because I care!

Camille you are well loved on this forum and will be missed.

I'm glad I had the chance to meet you and loved every second in Vegas last June. I hadn't heard from you since New Years.

The first step is admission. Good for you.

This is a good Vegas thread because it shows the rest of us, what can happen if we lose control. Thank you for taking the time to share and maybe help some of us stay focussed on having a great time in Vegas, without losing control

you will ALWAYS be in our hearts.

Beach Haven West...
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3. Re: Because I care!

I never meet you, but respect you for coming to grips with and admitting you had a problem. My prayers will be with you and I hope you find true happiness in your future.

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4. Re: Because I care!

Camille, good for you. That's hard to have to admit but you already know your life will be better for it.

I'm really glad I had the opportunity to meet you and Ray.

London, United...
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5. Re: Because I care!

We've never met but I know your pain....very well.

I now restrict myself to gambling only in Las Vegas...it's the only way for me. I save up all year for my Vegas trip and go mental when I'm there letting out a years worth of pent up gambling jonses!

I am fortunate that I now live in the UK where slots aren't on every corner like they are in Australia, where I'm from.

I LOVE playing the slots and I am fully aware of just how dangerous of an addiction they can be. I have been where you are now. I commend you for coming to terms with your truth!

I hope you find the answer for you whether that be total abstenance or a controlled gambling only....like saving up for Vegas and going crazy once a year only like me.

It's a hard addiction to beat and or control. Best of luck to you and yours Camille.


Sartell, Minnesota
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6. Re: Because I care!

I also have never met you, but have read so many of your posts. My prayers are with you, and I wish you nothing but the best!

Las Vegas, Nevada
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7. Re: Because I care!

Thank you for that heart felt post. As a counselor I realize how difficult it can be to deal with this. I know your post will help others. Best of luck to you. Have fun on your new travel adventures.

Alexandria, VA
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8. Re: Because I care!


The main reason that I tend to spend more money outside the casinos than in them is that I'm concerned about becoming addicted to the gaming myself.

Actually there's a fair chance that my lady and I will be coming to New Orleans this June so hopefully we'll see you more often in that forums. :)

I admire your honesty and wish you well in your other travels.


Negaunee, Michigan
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9. Re: Because I care!

I've also never met you but I certainly admire your honesty and resolve. I wish you nothing but the best in all areas of your life. I certainly hope that TA doesn't delete your post.

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10. Re: Because I care!

Camille i admire your courage to come out to share this with your fellow posters,these days things are not easy look at the economy,but i have total respect for you just as others do,good words of advice too, hang in there Camille.